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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Violent Wednesday claims 36 lives in Nuevo Leon

This Wednesday the state of Nuevo Leon and in particular the Monterrey metropolitan area was marked by violence and bloodshed with the deaths of 35 persons over 24 hours.

This has been the most violent day in Nuevo Leon since the beginning of the year and what was originally reported as 18 deaths at 9:30pm escalated into the late night hours as confrontations flared throughout the metropolitan area.

San Jeronimo 7:00am: An anonymous phone call led to the discovery of a bound and headless body of a woman in the western San Jeronimo sector of Monterrey.

The body was abandoned outside of the Colegio Mexicano at the intersection of San Jeronimo and J.Luna Ayala. The female’s head was not found at the site.

A message was left over the body’s chest but the contents of the message were not disclosed by authorities.

Cadereyta 7:00am: The dismembered bodies of 3 prison guards were discovered 20 meters from the main entrance to a prison in this municipality northeast of Monterrey during the overnight/morning shift change.

The 3 men had been reported missing after completing the Monday evening shift at the penitentiary and not arriving at their homes.

Jorge Domene, spokesman for the Nuevo Leon SSP (department of public safety), characterized these executions as a direct attack on the state by organized crime.

Guadalupe 8:00am: The dismembered bodies of 2 members of Nuevo Leon Governor Rodrigo Medina’s security detail were abandoned at the intersection of Arteaga and Chapultepec in front of an HEB supermarket in this suburb of Monterrey.

The dismembered remains of the bodies were wrapped in plastic and the heads were placed in a bucket at the scene. The gunmen who deposited the remains reportedly riddled the bags and the bucket with gunfire before leaving.

A message left at the scene accused the bodyguards of taking money from Los Zetas and leveled a threat against the Governor.

"Para el Gobernador Rodrigo Medina aquí están dos de tus escoltas, muy buenos para agarrar dinero de la compañía 'Z' y nomás llegó y se le olvidó si siempre vas a estar en el poder, al rato se te acaban seis años. A ver dónde chinendes te metes si no antes"

In a statement to the people of the state, Governor Medina called for a united front to fight the threat that organized crime presents to the stability of Nuevo Leon.

Another body of a male execution victim was found Wednesday morning at the intersection of Vereda Tropical and Dos Rios in Guadalupe.

The victim had been shot multiple times in the face.

Pesqueria 10:15am: The municipality of Pesqueria, located east of Monterrey’s International Airport, was the scene of a shootout between gunmen and Army troops that left 5 suspects dead. The dead included 4 males and 1 female.

3 Suspected gunmen were also detained and 3 kidnap victims, 2 females and 1 male, were liberated from their captors.

The military reported seizing 5 assault weapons and 5 stolen vehicles at the site of the shootout in the colonia Jesus Maria

An article published yesterday in the Mexican press reported that a construction firm, Casas Geo, accused municipal police in Pesqueria of kidnapping 18 masons and 1 engineer from a construction site last week and turning them over to an unnamed criminal group.

Casas Geo sources said that the kidnapping was in retaliation for the firm’s refusal to pay extortition demands for permission to work in Pesqueria.

Last weekend Mexican Army units and state investigative police arrested 20 of Pesqueria’s municipal police officers in the investigation into the disappearance of the construction workers.

Jorge Domene, the state SSP spokesmen, announced that after interrogation of the detained police, 3 of the officers were released and 17 were arraigned and will be held while evidence is gathered for their prosecution

The whereabouts of the construction workers is still unknown.

Monterrey 5:00pm: The bodies of 3 male execution victims were discovered in the Colonia Florida neighborhood of Monterrey underneath a “narco” graffiti message spray painted on a wall.

Witnesses stated that the 3 males were shot at the site on the intersection of Aquiles Serdan and Anastacio Parrodi, in front of Romulo Garza Club de Leones escuela #19 school, and their bodies were then set on fire by their executioners.

The message above the dead victims read: Estos son Z, atte CDG, Saludos jotos (these are Zetas, sincerely the Gulf cartel, greetings faggots)

Guadalupe 9:00pm: the bodies of 3 individuals were found inside of a Nissan X-Trail SUV on Plutarco E. Calles and Calle Mexico, in the La Joya neighboorhod of Guadalupe.

The killings are escalating rapidly during the late night hours of Wednesday, what was originally reported as 18 deaths as of 9:30pm have now increased to between 30 and 35 deaths, almost all at the hands of criminal gunmen.

At approximately 11:00pm in the municipality of Garcia, in the Monterrey metropolitan area, an unidentified woman was killed when she was intercepted by gunmen on the Libramiento Noroeste at Luis Donaldo Colosio.

According to witnesses at the scene, the woman resisted what was apparantly a carjacking attempt and was murdered as a result. Unconfirmed reports state that the gunmen fled the scene with 2 small children still inside the vehicle.

In downtown Monterrey, gunmen traveling in several pickups abandoned the bodies of 3 mutilated victims on Articulo 123 street between Calzada Madero and Avenida Colon.

Ths gunmen left a message directed at a rival criminal group at the scene but the contents were not released by authorities.

At 10:30pm on the streets of the Colonia Moderna area of Monterrey, media sources state that 10 people were killed over a span of 20 minutes.

One person was executed on Peral and Idependencia, 3 people were killed and an unknown number were severely wounded on Laurel and Independencia, 3 people were killed on Granados and Gardenia, and 3 others were killed on Mirto and Naranjo.

There was no information on the number, if any, of innocent bystanders killed in Colonia Moberna.

At 11:30pm 3 more persons were found dead at Puerta del Sol and Insurgentes in Monterrey.

One other homicide was reported in the Colonia Canteras in San Pedro Wednesday afternoon.



  1. SAVAGES- Not a single arrest will happen for these murders. Serial killers on the loose with no one to stop them. Wow!!! What a shame.
    I`m glad that i live in a country where that would never occur. The Americans , unlike the Mexicans would never tolerate shit like that on our land!!

  2. Reading this was really hard for me to stomach... ugh. I fear that the violence is going to continue to escalate (and it's already horrible enough), but that's just me... and it sucks that these psychopathic piece of shit scumbag murderers always seem to get away with it.

    In case anybody's wondering, I don't live in Mexico, but I feel sorry for any innocent victims there...

  3. There's no doubt about it, the situation in Monterrey is continuing to deteriorate.

  4. June 16, 2011 1:15 PM
    Ardent said...
    There's no doubt about it, the situation in Monterrey is continuing to deteriorate.

    Even thought you do not know the difference between a right-winger and a left-winger, I applaud your willingness to finally admit there is a problem.

    After today I no longer care what Mexico does after they are again trying to force the USA to do it's bidding by filing another immigration law suit against Georgia, just like they did Arizona and what ever the Mexican government does, I will never trust again, however I still trust the people of Mexico and down deep inside know that someday they will get so tired of having their freedoms taken from them by these Cartels, they will find some way to fight and end it.

  5. And we ask ourselves just like the people in mexico ask themselves.....AND THE POLICE? What does everybody else think, is Mexico doomed? Abuela, DLF, Brito, Ard, everybody else, do you guys think Mexico is doomed?

  6. You guys don't tolarte this but you do tolrate the most comsuption of drugs and your country is policing the world and never depolying there soldiers to there own border you damn hyocprites usa sucks

  7. Oh, no! The two children in the car! Why can't they just leave children out of it?

  8. @june16 7:29
    you suck bitch!!
    You have no idea what a great country he U.S. is. If you live here- get out - we don't need your kind here.
    we Americans appreciate the freedom that we have and pity losers like you!!
    America is a great place!! We are not perfect, we do have crime and drug consumption however we live in a civilized society and are protected by the greatest law enforcement and military in the free world.
    Amerioca is a very special place and we don't need your kind here-punk!!!

  9. @June 16, 2011 8:30 PM

    If you country is such a great place, then how about you worry about your own goddamn problems instead of being on blog about Mexican problems? This blog clearly says reporting the MEXICAN drug cartel wars, where do you see American in that sentence? All I have to say is stop worrying about our country and start worrying about yours. Nosy ass Americans.

  10. Thank you Ard. Coming from you this single sentence means a lot. You are closer to the situation in northern Mexico than most and your view in that regard is important.

    Your view regarding the worldwide conspiracy is boring and unsubstantiated to say the least. Give us the good stuff re. Mexico please.



  11. Thank you for your kind words, Anonymous 9:50. However, I do not think it a conspiracy theory to notice that the US military is everywhere these days. It is just that sort of background that is important into understanding how the US government is 'helping out' in Mexico. After all, US drug policy and how it impacts Mexico, is not made up in a total governmental policy vacuum.

    My immediate family short myself is in Mexico for another month and a half, and I hope they can keep themselves clear of the fighting.

  12. i think Mexico is got a long dark night ahead..all of Mexico needs to decide whether they are gonna be a country of laws or of anarchy....there is so much distrust of any of the authoritys, that right now it is damn near all out anarchy...that is a hard cat to put back in the bag

    we have some sort of police state here ..but you can expect more or less fair treatment ..and we do still have the expectation of justice through law...Mexico has never really had that kind of system...they have the mano duro system..and that is why there is do much strife ..with luck, boldness and enough cruelty can have it all..i don't see it changing anytime soon..


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