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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two men hung from bridge in Monterrey, one survives.

Gunmen identifying themselves as CDG (Gulf cartel) hang two men from an overpass Wednesday morning in Monterrey in full view of hundreds of witnesses.

Gunmen identifying themselves as CDG (Gulf cartel) hang two men from an overpass Wednesday morning in Monterrey in full view of hundreds of witnesses.

At approximately 10:00am this morning in Monterrey a group of gunmen travelling in a van stopped at an overpass on the intersection of Avenida Revolucion and Chapultepec in heavy traffic and over a span of 10 minutes committted an act of brutality before an audience of hundreds of terrified witnesses.

Three badly beaten males were removed from the parked vehicle and while two of the men were tied by their hands to ropes attached to the railing and thrown over to hang over a crowded main thoroughfare the third attempted to flee but was shot and killed by his captors.

While hundreds of pedestrians and motorists looked on the gunmen then shot both men hanging from the overpass, which led to a panic at the scene. The gunmen then quickly fled the area.

One of the men left hanging survived the shooting and was rescued by authorities who arrived minutes after the gunmen had left. As hundreds of people had witnessed the incident, many calls were sent out to the police.

The survivor was taken aboard a state police vehicle to an ambulance, where he received medical attention.

A narco banner hung at the scene was signed by the Gulf cartel and contained a message that this would happen to people that supported Los Zetas, especially “halcones” (lookouts/informants) and “tenderos” (shopkeepers, or those who sell drugs from houses called “narcotienditas”).

Both men left hanging from the overpass had communication devices taped to their hands which symbolize that the men were “halcones.

After the arrival of police and the military shots rang out several blocks away where a kindergarden, elementary and middle school are located but no further injuries or deaths were reported.

Authorities theorize that a criminal group may have tried to drive them away in order to retrive the bodies.



  1. I love it that killers are leaving behind obvious clues for us public to determine that the victims are scum bag narcos..... its much easier to not feel bad for those hanging from bridges. These "victims" and their work as halcones (look-outs) most likely resulted in others meeting the same fate.... what comes around goes around

  2. The real victims are the terror it brings to the streets. People want to live in green areas, where they do not feel threatened. I'd hate to wake up and see that. I mean, where the #### is the security?

  3. Yeah, this is crazy, but really just another day, just a little more extreme then the last. CDG is in Monterrey, I hope we aren't going to see another Juarez, with both groups fully integrated into the city and slowly fighting to the death.

    The halcones are little more then kids half the time, while I am not defending their actions, I don't think I'd want a child (hypothetical) of mine hung from a bridge because he was a lookout for criminals.

  4. snitches get more than stitches in mexico

  5. The most messed up thing is how little the halcones would get paid by the cartel to be a lookout. So these guys die just trying to get an extra 30 or something dollars.

  6. good...less zetas ..i am not a cartel nut rider..pero cuando CDG ran Monterrey it was mas seguro ..the pinche zetas fucked it all up ..and it will be good when they are all exterminated..hand them all from a bridge ..Monterrey has plenty

  7. these recent bridge hangings in Monterrey really reinforce what T'ardent says about the safety factor in Monterrey...

    they serve to fully discredit all the chicken littles who were previously posting comments condradicting the assurances by T'ardent that Monterrey is totally safe and anybody who disputes him is just running scared


    so what do you have to say now T'ardent ?
    monterrey is safe and we are all just making it up?..

    i hope this reveals the true ignorance of you pooh poohing the danger

  8. @ anon

    have you ever carried a dead body..they call it dead weight for good reason..

    i have worked as an ambulance driver .. and have lifted dead bodys, it is amazing how much they weigh..even a small person is heavy ...better to walk them...

    too bad one got away..but he is dead he don't feel so tough now

  9. Hearing about this makes me feel really bad, I hope the violence in Monterrey ends one day, like it was years ago...

  10. I wonder why they were not neck hung...almost sure death that way

  11. I don't care if these folks were criminals or not, they don't deserve to die like that, no one does. The culture of saying it's ok to be tortured to death if you are a criminal is the exact same culture that will turn a blind eye when it happens to non-criminals. And whose to say who these people are, we have only the word of the killers via their banner, hardly the most honest source. Calling every murdered person a Zeta or CDG or other criminal, whether or not true, is mainly a way to both strike fear into the general populace and nurture a sense of 'this couldn't happen to me because I'm good' kind of non-action. It's a classic guerrilla move for a power grab. Make no mistake, this is and has been for awhile pure terrorism for power. The drugs are just a means to an end.

  12. 9:39 makes a good point.

    Also, you never know which body hanging from a bridge is there because he was intimidated by one cartel or another.

  13. yeah ..yer right anon...give them a helado before you shoot them .. a little better si?

  14. Brito, CDG never ran Monterrey. That was El Chapo that ran Monterrey not CDG.

  15. Halcones average salary....about $35 dollars every two weeks.Haha.

  16. @ regio...

    deveras?..hmmm...mebbe so..but i was told it was CDG like two years ago...just before the Z hang the banners to recruit ex militares y policia...

    but i will take your word..i am not a regio..y you probably know your hometown better than i do

    PS... they givn you hell in the forum huh?...trolls ...jajaja..i do think swanka has returned as spacyo

  17. 'lito brito' eres un pendejo or like you would write it with your poor "riding" or writing, damn you are an idiot.

  18. @anymouse

    how about this writing..beso mi culo.tu estupido pinche madre..that better?

  19. Hasta donde se a llegado...que bajo han caido, quiere mas el presidente FeCal, para seguir diciendo que le esta haciendo la guerra al narcotrafico? Que verguenza! Que descaro!

  20. Puro piche CDG!!!!

    They rape, steal, and cheat the innocent.
    There is no pride in being a ZETA! they recruit anyone and force the innocent illegal imigrants to work for them.

    Not like the original cartels who take pride and tell everyone to fly straight, dont do your own dope and actually remember where they came from and help the poor

  21. @june 11 5:37
    There is no pride in a cartel they all deserve to be locked up in PRISON.
    they can all turn into ashes for all i care.

    U say puro CDG? well buddy they are also killers they kill the innocent..they start blasting a zeta and a innocent by standard GOT HIT!
    then what? woops sorry i shot you? no!
    Take down all cartels!
    Mexico needs a new form of government what they have no is a complete and utter JOKE!


  22. this shit happened 2 mins from my house

  23. wow i just read some one said it was better when one cartel ran shit as opposed to the new one running shit? christ! what has happened to the motherland? now i dont think being hung from a bridge is justice by any means. some of these guys dont have much of choice there poor and crime is payin them... but none the less they are criminals. shit is really jacked in mex it like the wild west....


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