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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shootout between U.S lawmen and Mexican drug cartel in Texas.

June 09, 2011 11:51 AM
By LAURA B. MARTINEZ, The Brownsville Herald

On the banks of the Rio Grande in the Chimney Park area where the incident occurred Thursday morning

The Texas Department of Public Safety is reporting a shootout occurred this morning between U.S. law enforcement and a Mexican drug cartel.

The shootout happened as a multi-agency Texas Ranger Recon Operation were attempting to interdict a large drug load along the Rio Grande, the DPS is reporting.

The incident happened in Mission, near the Chimney Park area.

Authorities said three suspected drug runners were injured in the shootout.

A "suspicious" vehicle on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande along with two "cartel drug recovery boats," were spotted by U.S. lawmen.

As three law enforcement patrol boats approached the groups, the came under heavy gunfire from the Mexico side, the DPS said.

Among the agencies involved in the shootout were U.S. Parks and Wildlife, Texas Rangers and the U.S. Border Patrol.

DPS spokeswoman Lisa Block says one agent suffered only minor injuries. Spokeswoman Tela Mange said the agents came under "heavy fire" but would not say how long the ensuing shootout lasted.

Mexican authorities were notified of the abandoned vehicle and boats. They are on the scene.

In a statement, Border Patrol Chief Rosendo Hinojosa said his agents were fired upon and returned fire.

"A multi-agency investigation is currently under way and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the FBI, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Government of Mexico are working closely to determine the complete circumstances of the shooting," Hinojosa said.

"U.S. Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas said in a statement, "Despite the repeated assurances of President Obama and Secretary Napolitano that our border is secure, today’s brazen attack on law enforcement provides further evidence for what Texans already know."

"Cartel-related violence along our border is real and escalating, and the Administration cannot continue to deny it when American lives – particularly those of our law enforcement – are directly in harm’s way," Coryn's statement said.

It is not the first time shots have been exchanged along the Texas-Mexico border. Since January of last year, DPS has tracked at least a dozen incidents of shots being fired from Mexico and into Texas, with U.S. officers shooting back in some cases.

No U.S. authorities have been reported hurt in those cases.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)


  1. this is how wars begin...for real.... time to coordinate some close air support to waste these assholes matter which side of the river they are on..

    can someone wake our president up and tell him that there are foreigners firing on Americans on American territory


    we need to pay attention to Mexico

  2. I wonder which group it was? Zetas or CDG..

  3. John Cornyn needs to quit acting like a spoiled Bitch and do something positive
    instead of blowing smoke out his ass!

  4. Uh Oh... DFL has temporarily lost his caps sickness, but now Brito, the BB resident anti Jewish Aryan Nationhood spokesperson, has caught the CAPS virus. It must be a genetic disease in that crowd?


    Brito, the Great Defender of the Arab World? (LMAO at the thought of that one!) Next we'll here that Brito is on a new Free Gaza flotilla, ....NOT!!!!!!!!!! He's actually way too busy pretending to be a Latino here on BB. Calderon needs him here, too. So does Obama!

  5. no doubt the stupid culeroZ

  6. Current US administration is so, so bad. All politics aside, I don't understand how they can turn such a blind eye to this. This story plus the other one about more than 800 investigations into US border agents is frightening. People think it can never happen in our society, but if it continues escalating, where does it stop?

    I am disgusted with our administration. They are all crooked, slimy sleazeballs. Too busy sending pictures of their wieners to random women, lying about their income, participating in insider trading (which is legal for members of congress) and intervening in LIBYA.. WTF? No wonder they are all jumping ship.

  7. It is time to call for air strikes. To hell with diplomacy, because it doesn't work. Survival means killing the enemy.

  8. This is CDG territory so we know who it was! This is great, one step closer to the US sending in troops!

  9. Rangers and Game Wardens need to leave the job of border enforcement and interdiction to the pros...This is Rick Perry's "Ranger Recon" unit grabbing headlines to further the political ambitions of their boss in Austin. This is all about Rick Perry trying to become president and has nothing to do with border security.

  10. its prolly only a matter of time before the hellfires start flyin from above

  11. @ brito, funny but there's enough to go around, cartels are Mexicos problem right now, I'm sure they try not to piss off the U.S to much, it's don't bite the hand that feeds" policy.
    Battles will break out time and again and it's turn and run, it's not a war with them it's about money.

  12. Guess where all the goddamn bullets and guns came from, hillbilly ass us of a.

    A true shame. All to supply pigs like Charlie Sheen, lindsey lohan, and all the other piece of crap drug users


  13. ROFL, invading Mexico will only make you even less relevant, but go ahead,
    Borrow 2 or 4 Trillion up front from china,
    and while youre at it order thousands of body bags,
    This will be a great Vietnam for you warmongers.

  14. i doubt this assholes were trying to shoot at the agents, they were trying to scare them off to be able to cross the drugs back to mexico..but still this is unacceptable shit and the U.S. needs to show these bastards a lesson by shooting them dead.

  15. The U.S. needs to invade Mexico NOW! Someone needs to save them from themselves!

  16. "Guess where all the goddamn bullets and guns came from, hillbilly ass us of a."

    I would say its the HillBillies who are the ones that wouldnt stand for this crap happening in their town. More likely the ammo came from California, since the only people with guns and ammo there are the criminals.

    Country boy can survive and kick ass.

  17. @rr3633,

    Your an idiot! It is the job of the Texas DPS or any other Texas Peace officer to enforce the law...that includes drug interdiction, moron. What you think DPS is supposed to say.."hey it's not our problem the FEDS are supposed to take care of this..." Get real! Freaking, Rick Perry is not even in the running for the Republican nomination for the's just political speculation and rumor, since Newt Gingrich's campaign staff resigned. It amazes me the thought process of some people..maybe you should look at it like the state troopers and game wardens were doing their jobs, as peace officers, not supporting someone's political agenda, as you imply!

  18. @rr3633-
    Dunno if you can read or not? The article clearly states this was a multiple-agency effort, to include US Border Patrol and US Parks and Wildlife Agents. I don't see how Governor Rick Perry is involved in this incident, and even if he was..he should be he's the Governor of the state!

  19. Stop reading into everything..bottom line a shipment of drugs from Mexico to the United States was stopped! This is a good thing and no Law Enforcement personnel were killed! Another good thing! The fact is this type of shit can be expected to happen..hello..drugs being smuggled into the United States from Mexico is nothing new! This is the first major incident being reported that I have heard of in awhile..I'm sure it happens frequently (under reported) but until the drug cartels start beheading and dismembering people on the U.S. side on a daily basis like they do in Mexico not much is going to change.

  20. @ Anonymous
    I may be an idiot, but i do know for a fact that this incident is being blown out of proportion by state-level agencies. As more FACTS come out, people are going to realize that this IS about political sensationalism. Yes, DPS and TPW do have a duty to enforce laws, but in reality, they are being used as pawns in Rick Perry's political theater. Im sure it's just a coincidence that he was down here a week ago with Fox News reporter Greta Van Susteren talking about how the border is out of control and attacking the administration and DHS for not doing their jobs. What he is doing in this case is insulting to the agents on the border day in and day out.

  21. It doesnt matter who is in office as long as the money is being handed to the right people to look away this will continue. This is all about profit both from the drug dealers point and the politicians point everyone has a hand out to get something and the regular everyday person suffers because of the grandiose ideals of the pampered few. If the powers that be on both sides of the border wanted the job done they would take the neccesary actions to get it accomplished. As long as money is to be made then this will continue the innocent and those trying to do a legitimate job to fight for whats right will suffer.

  22. @rr3633,

    I respect your opinion, I don't agree. Anytime there is a border shooting between two countries it is a serious matter! You can't blame the Governor for wanting to draw major attention to the incident..especially if it results in the Federal Government taking some kind of action (which I don't believe is going to happen anyways). It's funny..on one hand you have people saying our border with Mexico is secure and there is no real threat, and on the other hand there are people saying things are out of control..which is it? Any extra border enforcement that may result should viewed as a positive thing. I mean the people in Arizona are crying about the same thing are they wrong too...who over in Arizona is running for president?

  23. Agreed. Political hyperbole just like the " Mexican drug cartel" was responsible for the police officer shot dead in San Antonio

  24. Rick Perry Rules!!!!

  25. Cant we get a couple guys from the army marksmanship unit with some barrett .50 cals and stick em on a ridge, or a building, and pick these fuckers off from our side of the border? Or maybe an AC-130 spectre gunship flying low & slow.

  26. @ bones

    thats where i am at..when some heads start exploding from a mile away...and 40 truckloads are shot all to hell from above survivors, ..that will get some respect..anything else is just pissin in the wind

  27. Rock throwing and (inaccurate) small-arms fire from the mexican side are things that happen quite frequently on the border, they just don't get reported on in the mainstream press very often. (as regular readers of this site know) My problem is that this particular situation so plainly illustrates politicians trying to gain political points at the expense of law enforcement. It's fine for these agencies (DPS, TPW) to operate on the river, but one thing no one is talking about is whats gonna happen when they inevitably get pulled back out after the cameras go away? The huge overreaction is just going to escalate what DHS agents working the river full-time will have to deal with. We all know that CDG, Z's and other smugglers have way more powerful weapons to employ if they really wanted to pick a fight. It is wrong for politicians of ANY party to abuse the LE community in this way....

  28. @lito brito...Leave the Jews out of this and don't look at this situation as an excuse for YOU to show your HATRED. You just reveal your an ignorant FOOL. Obama and CORRUPTION from Mexico is the issue and not sealing the borders. The DRUG CARTELS are taking over the BORDER because the $$$$$$$ is so attractive and their violence is frightening. If ANYTHING , YOU SHOULD BE BEGGING ISRAEL TO SEND OVER SOME COMMANDOS TO CLEAN UP THE CARTELS. ERES UN PENDEJO, LITO BRITO, Y VETE A LA CHINGADA!

  29. @turd bird

    no Israeli commandos for me thank you..but you could look for them as mercenarys in the areas occupied by the elite wealthy of Mexico.. in places and among people untouched by the horror affecting the common citizens

    and that is exactly my point ..leave the jews to their own devices..

    we don't need to be expending our blood and treasure fight proxy wars in their behalf all over the world

    instead we need to withdraw from our involvement in all the affairs of muslim/arab nations the world over, and pay some attention to the danger clearly at hand on our southern border

    are you aware stupid ass?... that the stated reason that we are targeted by "muslim extremists" the world over is because of our defense of the policies of the nation of Israel..

    .especially their genocidal policy towards the Palestinian people

    and that all our attention is directed in that way...

    explain to me fucktard why we are shooting missles at people in Yemen...who are trying to overthrow a dictator

    you can't can you..but it is ok with you isn't it ...moron

    this mis-direction of attention is a large part of the reason nobody hardly knows anything about the war in mexico..which is affecting more people and is right next door..

    BB is about the only english source for any news about it ..other than the occasional short mention on CNN..but the daily reports on the middle east are prevalent

    your venomous hatred betrays the fact that you are in truth an ignorant mind controlled idiot..held in thrall by mass media generated propaganda

    like a trained dog have reacted on cue to attack anyone who is the perceived enemy of your master

    abajo perro... callate tu boca cerra y viete a su verga



  31. oh Fuck isreal, leave them in the Middle east.
    else they find a new Jew_Ruzalem here and then find an old goatskin book to prove it.

  32. Ok, I've never defended Brito the Frito but on this ocassion it seems to me that he expressed no hatred towards anyone except the scumbags in mexico so any assignation of hatred on his part is disengenuous and is just bullying. Does Brito need to get his ass kicked once in a while? Sure but not for this. Now, if only he could capitalize his first words, use punctuation, and write in paragraphs instead of one sentence sophisms the world would be perfect.

  33. Texcoco Mex said.

    A lot of people here talk about invading Mexico.

    People please don't forget what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan 10 years of war and for what?. I understand Afghanistan fuck with U.S, O.K go kill the terrorist and get back why stay there for 10 years?.

    People had said that war is over but in the last two years 646 U.S service men and women have died in Afghanistan and 233 in Iraq.
    I know people will say 40,000 people have died in Mexico's 4 year war on drugs 187 soldiers about 1000 police men and women, about 4000 innocent people and 35000 criminals only about 3500 criminals were killed by the police or army.

    For people who like to compare the war casualties here are some numbers from Iraq war.
    Iraqi troops killed 30,000
    Iraqi troops seriously injured 90,000
    Iraqi civilians killed 864,531
    Iraqi civilians seriously injured 1,556,156
    U.S. troops killed 4,442
    U.S. troops seriously injured 31,882
    Other coalition troops killed 318
    Other coalition troops seriously injured 2,296
    Contractors killed 933
    Contractors seriously injured 10,569
    Journalists killed 142
    Total killed in Iraq 900,338
    Total injured in Iraq 1,690,903

    Casualties in Afghanistan:
    Afghan troops killed 8,587
    Afghan troops seriously injured 25,761
    Afghan civilians killed 8,813
    Afghan civilians seriously injured 15,863
    U.S. troops killed 1,584
    U.S. troops seriously injured 3,420
    Other coalition troops killed 772
    Other coalition troops seriously injured 2,316
    Contractors killed 298
    Contractors seriously injured 2,428
    Journalists killed 19
    Total killed in Afghanistan 19,629
    Total injured in Afghanistan 48,644

    If U.S was to invade Mexico I hope that people who is calling for an invasion will sing up in the military and go fight for the country they love so much. Don't send someone else to fight for you.

  34. The US is in the exact same state of denial that preceded Mexico's current calamity. Years of indifference, corruption and constant infiltration by evildoers into key positions in Government and Law Enforcement.

    The same infiltration is taking place every day all across the US, Canada and many other countries..

    We should stop calling them drug cartels. They are POWER cartels. They are MONEY cartels. Drugs are only one of many tools used to gain power. Money is also secondary to power. It also is a tool used to coerce the echelons of foot soldiers and other co-conspirators, all working to serve the ends of the secret masters, whose true desire, is POWER.

    Can you imagine Mexican cartels when they have won the White House and US Congress?

    Think back to the movies about giant machines stomping around shooting machine guns and lasers at anything that moves.

    Squadrons of F-16s and battleships doing the cartels bidding.

    They will almost surely gain the Presidency in Mexico in 2012. America is next.

    You have been warned.


  35. @ brito estás rependejo. ¿Los árabes y Los judíos? !No mames! Aprende usar ortografía correctamente y vete a ver gansitos.

  36. @ anon June 10, 2011 11:45 PM

    check this site out

    @anon June 10, 2011 5:32 PM

    awww..k dulce...thats the nicest thing anybody ever said to me ass is hard to kick..i am long legged ..and narrow assed ...jajjaja..the way i write is the way i think..i guess one liners..jajaj

    @texcoco mex

    cabron!..don't ever put yourself down...i think your are pretty smart...

    and thanks for posting the some of the real costs of military adventurism ..

    if our army invades Mexico ..who will die?..

    thousands of loyal Mexican patriots/soldiers..mostly the good guys..and thousands of loyal American patriots/soldiers...also mostly the good guys...

    who will escape harm and profit from it? ...yes.. the criminals... both the guys who will smuggle dope inside body bags ...and the banker criminals who will launder the money and sell both sides the arms to kill each other

    maybe you should check this site out as well

  37. @ anymouse June 10, 2011 11:59 PM

    disculpe mi espanol malo..pero
    anymouse..sabes..te necesita aprenda englis ..solo para te la leccion primero por gratis

    shut up and fuck off...

  38. @lito brito(PINCHE COME "MIERDA") & anonymous who BASH ISRAEL for Mexico's woe's instead of the REAL TRUTH....your simply "Anti-Semites" who seem to justify HATRED by claiming that Jews are really the hateful ones - but where is the evidence? The Nazis were by any measure the greatest haters in history.(y USTEDES IDIOTAS TAMBIEN...PURO PENDEJOS)
    The Will to Power:
    The anti-Semites do not forgive the Jews for possessing "spirit"—and money. Anti-Semites—another name for the "underprivileged."

  39. @ badbird

    you are foaming at the mouth ..seeing as you are a woman ..i will not respond to you in a vulgar abusive manner....i will leave it to you to display the coarseness of your bitter hate filled character

    the true criminal nature of the"nation" of israel/unreal is well documented...

    the way you treat someone who is powerless against you reveals your true nature

    your treatment of the Arab /Muslim people has revealed your true nature

    what you people have done in Palestine is a war crime

    this is about Mexico ..and the suffering of the Mexican people ...are you able to stay on topic?..or do you intend to try to frame the debate and turn it into a whine fest about your people ...that would be typical..nobody matters ..nobody has suffered but you...

    if you are able to discuss the problems in Mexico ..and show some concern and heaven forbid, some sympathy for the people of Mexico, i will continue discourse with you ...

    otherwise ...spare me further abuse y dejeme en paz por favor

  40. Anti-Semites—another name for the "underprivileged."?

    Semite Jew-- another name for the "privileged rich."?

  41. @ brito Ohhhhhhhh yeah I saw the links. I guess if it's on the internet it must be true. Ha ha ha!

  42. @ brito
    "this is about Mexico ..and the suffering of the Mexican people ...are you able to stay on topic?.."

    Pendejo you were the one who started this whole post saying :

    Do you even know any history jackass? Why do you think that Israel and Palestine are fighting? Who is a major ally of the U.S. ?

  43. If you really want to get ALL the news that is happening in these border towns download the krgv app. Not everything makes the national news and it's a lot worse than people think.

    Weslaco resident

  44. @ attacking anymouses

    as true as what you read here ..this is the net also ...and as true as what the bible says about rights to the land of Palestine...and as true as any propaganda you have read entitling the jews to Palestine... your comment is illogical

    as for the next idiot..

    yes i know..because the British allowed the jews to occupy Palestine and form the nation of israel

    and because the pro Israeli interests in the US are strong enough to influence The US into backing Israel...

    this results in the USA being at odds with any group that dosen't support the Israeli acquisition of Palestine

    which in turn takes our attention away from the miserable situation in Mexico

    ok does that clear it up for you..and now can you let it rest ..Jesus ..i have never heard such bullshit over such a short comment...say jew one time and it never ends...


  45. sounds like the ADL is all over this site BB better watch it before they are charged with some crime or hacked better never say $$$ in public

  46. @ brito
    Atacking anymouse? Learn to use spell check before you start typing, it will make you sound like you have at least a G.E.D.

  47. disculpe mi espanol malo..pero
    anymouse..sabes..te necesita aprenda englis ..solo para te la leccion primero por gratis

    Not only can you not spell correctly in English, but your "Spanish" is even worse. Well done sir.

  48. Anonymous said...

    @ brito
    Atacking anymouse? Learn to use spell check before you start typing, it will make you sound like you have at least a G.E.D.
    June 12, 2011 2:23 PM

    hey spelled attacking wrong...

    do you feel just kinda stupid..or really funny... trying to school me about spelling ...and then fuck it up your self...jajjajajaj...rico...

    you should quit now ...before i laugh myself to death

  49. @ brito , whatever dude I was quoting you ( and I missed one t) whereas you totally missed the mark by writing anymouses instead of anonymous. Go ahead and laugh yourself to death!


    jesus christos are you ever dense...jajjaja..

    ok nitwit..yo dude..jajajjaaAA

    i always say anymouse .. are my prize idiot...and glutton for punishment...

    ok anymouse ...can you now skip off down the trail and leave me the fuck alone...i think i hear your mama calling you ...

    what a moron..jajjajajaja...jajjajaaaaaa..jajjajjJAJAJAJAJJJAJJAJA...flys ...jajajjaajjajj

  51. Texcoco Mex said.

    Thanks 'lito'brito for your comment. I did look at the web site and I agree with it.

  52. The U.S. invade Mexico? Ha! Thats the most retarded idea I've heard. Our neighbors in Mexico are our friends and "WE" share a common problem that both sides will have to work together to solve. As long as there is a market for drugs there will be suppliers. Drugs are money and money is power, therefore drugs are power. Unless we can eliminate the market, the problem will remain. So, how do we eliminate the market? The dopeheads in the U.S. want their drugs, they don't care about the blood spilled for their dope. The root of the problem is here in the good ol' U.S., and until the dopeheads stop wanting their dope the problem will remain.


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