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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Recent Zeta arrests in Nuevo Leon

Colonia Villa Mitras, Monterrey. Tuesday June 7, 2011

Six suspects that authorities identified as Zetas were arrested Tuesday evening after a shootout and pursuit in the Villa Mitras area of Monterrey.

The five men and one women were captured after their vehicle collided with another civilian vehicle.

This is the same area where the two “zetacuaches” males were killed and hung from a pedestrian bridge Sunday morning.

Among the items seized from the suspects was a t-shirt with the Zeta logo and the now dreaded baseball bat.

Colonia Alfonso Martinez Dominguez, Montemorelos. Thursday June 2, 2011

Two males and three females that authorities state are part of a Zeta cell operating in the municipality of Montemorelos were arrested by Army troops in a safehouse last Thursday morning.

According to some of the media covering this arrest, one of the suspects, Joe Moreira Torres age 27, confessed to authorities that he is a U.S. citizen from Laredo. Texas.

This cell is accused of murdering an 18 year old student, Joselin Perez, who was attending the Universidad de Montemorelos, a Seventh Day Adventist college.

Among the weapons and ammunition seized were three baseball caps with the Zeta logo. Two of the caps read: G.O.F.E.Z. #11 and #12. GOFEZ are the initials for Grupo Operativo de Fuerzas Especiales Zetas (special forces operations group Zeta).


  1. jajajaja..special forces...special ugly faces..and that is the best they can do for rameras?...ugly fat bitches ..

    ok ... 1=everybody turn around,face the wall...2=short burst of gunfire..3=problem solved

    i really hope this is the beginning of the end of the Z

  2. These sloppy nasty creeps killed a 18 yr old college student,who just might have turned out to be a normal person,what a waste.Good job go get some more!!

  3. Yep these are the special forces just look at them

  4. To many Tacos, the hight and weight regs for Zs appears to have been relaxed.

  5. I remember seeing these exact photos on some other drug cartel news blog. They had some closeup pics of the face/head area of the two dudes. In the pics the "turd" suspects had visible head injuries, LOL. According to the other article, these "special forces retards" put up a struggle during their capture and sustained an "ass whippin." Keep in mind, there are very few ex-GAFE soldiers deserters left out of the original thirty or so. The rest of the these so called Zetas are street level criminals, who are easily replaced.

  6. What kind of idiots print up t-shirts and hats like it's some special community club? This is the problem, the worship of the narco life is endemic in the culture now, it is glamorized. When normal looking schmoes like these fools get caught up then you know there are a whole lot more embedded within the populace. The analogy is perhaps crude, but apt: when you see one cockroach in your house you know that there are 20 more hiding.

  7. So this is this legendary,mythical
    "Grupo Operativo de Fuerzas Especiales Zetas (special forces operations group Zeta)".I thought they were comandos like Navy Seals.These stupid zetas are just ridiculous.

  8. Atleast we know why they kill so manny inncoent people.

  9. Fat ugly fucks are considered special forces ?!?! Are you kidding me !!! Just like the dead POS Bernardo Gonzalez (EL MEMIN),the ZETAS really need a good healthy meal plan for their "special forces",as well as an exercise program.

  10. Big O Fat asses is what i see.... Damn ! these Mariachis really like big Fat Chicks Eh ?

  11. Soooo...Do you have to be fat, dumb and ugly to get in with the Z's?

  12. To Ardent: Are you blind? I'm standing by my opinion of their intellectual worth.

  13. have any one of you seen the photo of the first original ZETA Arturo Guzman Decena Z-1 ? Now that guy was in shape,ripped,not like todays ZETAS

  14. yeah T'ardent ...and the best you can do is reprint other peoples comments...rico...jajaja

  15. @ret-ardent,

    Once again, I don't see what USA has anything to do with this article? The posters on here are just simply making obvious observations. These alleged captured Zetas are overweight and are quite unattractive (ugly). They appear to be in direct contradiction to what the original Zetas were all about: well disciplined, in shape, and elite professional soldiers!

  16. I try to join the party with chants of USA USA USA!, but still just manage to be the BB resident aguafiestas for you guys. Oh, go ahead! Call the arrested 'fat' and 'ugly'! See if I care anymore....? I don't!

    And Anonymous 10:47 is right! The Zetas don't seem to be going on the hikes and mountain biking like they once were. What gives? They should get back in shape if they're going to continue their plan to conquer Monterrey. OOoohhh?? What was that? I think I just heard a gunshot in the background on my last phone call down there!!!!!!!!

  17. The men, The myth, The concept. Finally we get a picture of those rare Zetas, ninjas that moves like a leopard and strikes like a bear. Almost impossible to detect by the human eye because they're so fast...

    ..ah wait..wait..somethings wrong here, that aint no goddamn ninjas, thats just some overweight trailer trash hauled right outta some trash bin...well guess the myth is busted.


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