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Friday, June 3, 2011

Police Sergeant Executed in Chihuahua

Minutes before 1900 hours on Thursday Gerardo Hipólito Hernández Ibarra, 42, a Sergeant of the Municipal Police in Chihuahua was chased down by an armed commando and killed.

Initial reports say that the officer attempted to counter attack the aggression, but was executed in his attempt to defend himself. After killing the officer the sicarios poured gasoline on the police truck and set it on fire.

Police immediately conducted a massive operation and the police forces managed to locate those responsible for executing the officer that prompted an intense firefight, which resulted in three gunmen being captured.

The criminals were in possession of three assault rifles, a handgun, a bulletproof vest, and other items. The items seized and the suspects were turned over to the proper authorities for prosecution.


  1. Sadly the final comment about being "turned over to the proper authorities for prosecution" is the kicker.

    There will be no prosecution, and if there is, there will not be a conviction. And even if convicted, they will live like kings in prison for a couple of months before "escaping"

    This is the sad reality of the rule of law here.

  2. not true Mexico/USA are revamping the justice system. the hay day for these people are over.

  3. Even if it is changing it will take years if not decades.


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