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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pan party leader in Chihuahua explains "sicario" pose.

Hours after Sarah Fuentes was elected to head the Youth Affairs office of the PAN party in Chihuahua this weekend, a photograph spread through the internet showing the newly elected official holding an assault weapon in a pose made popular by youthful drug cartel "sicarios".

Fuentes admitted the photograph was taken five years ago during a gathering of law school students and the weapon belonged to a state ministerial policeman that accompanied a friend.

"Its a photograph taken five years ago when I was 19, and I don't see anything wrong because its a police weapon" said Fuentes.

"For me the picture demonstrates my admiration and respect for our police."

"In any case I feel bad about this and offer my apologies to anybody that may have been offended by this image." added Fuentes.


  1. Don't apologize for exercising your freedom Sarah Fuentes.

    Before you were conceived in your mother's womb the creator knew you. And when he created you he made you in his image. Because he made you in his image he gave you certain rights. Among those are the right to be born, the right to life, the right live freely and not be a slave to the government or mafioso, the right marry and have children and raise your children the way you want them raised, the right to own and manufacture and carry and use weapons to defend yourself, your family and the innocents.

    You were not created by the state, or the mafioso, or the church, You were not created in the image of the state or the mafioso or the church. You do not belong to the state or the mafioso or the church -- you are not their slave. You belong to your heavenly father and his only son Jesus who suffered a horrible passionate death so that you might have eternal life.

    God bless the mothers and the fathers, God bless the children in their mothers' wombs the the children learning to walk and read. God bless the teenagers and the elderly. God bless us all.

    Death to the mafioso and the new world order. Death to the cartel savages. We shall prevail. Learn to stand up and fight Mexico.

  2. replace state ministerial policeman with boyfriend/cartel member and their you go.

  3. Eternal code is a stupid bible thumper and sucks! That picture is so wrong!

  4. God created me with the Right to get stoned, why are you taking my rights away?

  5. Oh man A Xtian talking about God given rights, then goes on to Peddle Death.


  7. Eternal Code is twisted and needs help. Really? God creates us in His image to be able to carry a gun and kill others.

    Your warped logic is made more pathetic by the ridiculous attempt to tie your agenda to biblical teachings.

    As for Ms Fuentes, you have to ask yourself how the PAN did not see this coming. They are going to pay for this photo even if it WAS just the stupidity of a 19 year old at work.

  8. Texcoco Mex said.

    She is not a criminal and the weapon is not hers, so who gives a fuck about the picture. One thing is for sure, the other political party wants to make her look like a bad person. Why? Because they lost the position she got.

    I'm not 100% sure but that gun looks like the FX-05 Xiuhcoatl and if it is, it will make sense when she said the weapon belonged to a state policeman.

    I think is a lot worse when someone is trying to give you a bad image with out knowing the real facts but oh well. Politics is a dirty busyness to many two face MF and a bunch of backstabber just like drug dealing.

  9. I don't have a problem with her posing with an assault rifle, it's little immature. However, I find it a little disturbing she posed with the rifle being loaded considering it was probably the first time she ever held a gun (that's how accidents happen). A better more proper move would have been for the state police officer to be in the actual picture.

  10. Picture this....Being out at a bar or beach area or club that has law enforcement all around in CAlifornia or NY or NJ and going up to a "state trooper" asking, hey can I hold your gun for this picture.

    That's why Mexico is in the shape it's in and will take decades to ever fix. What seems harmless to many of you, is an example of lawlessness.

  11. Texcoco Mex said.

    Hey 'lito'brito thanks for your comment. I did look at the link, and I like what they say.

  12. @ texcoco

    ..yeah..i am always suspicious of any of these groups..but so far i haven't found much wrong with this one..i haven't joined yet...jajjaa...not much of a "joiner"...but they make some good points for sure

    people are so brainwashed in this country is easy to get a negative label ..when you actually try to have an open mind about what really is patriotism..

    a strong country ..that doesn't meddle in other peoples affairs ..and lives within it's means ...AKA balanced budget...seems to confuse lots of people ...

    one rule of thumb i use is ..follow the money trail...99% of the time the end of that trail is the villain...

    and to think we started off at odds ...funny how when people with a little salt calm down and start much they can have in common

  13. Texcoco Mex said.

    Anon June 14, 2011 8:28 AM

    I don't know if you noticed but she said that gun belong to a policeman that accompanied a friend to gathering of law school students. She didn't say were was the gathering and so we know she didn't ask a state trooper on the street, hey can I hold your gun for this picture.

    I went to a party once with a person I used to work with, he was a volunteer patrol in San Diego. The party was at the house of a San Diego police officer.
    The police officer show me his gun collection, I touch the rifles, I held the guns on my hands loaded and I don't see nothing wrong with that.

    Once again it was not a stranger, it was a friend of a friend who was a state policemen and I don't think it was on a public place because I don't see a street or any buildings on the background.

  14. En el 2012 Vota PRD

  15. I find if funny how you all make fun of the Bible thumper and make fun of him or her for their position of posing with a firearm, but I think everyone of you are missing the point here.

    The point is every Human being has natural rights that no man has a right to take away, so lets look at it as nature if you want and not God, we as human beings have a right to have arms to protect ourselves and no one has the right to tell us we can't, this is why we have a Constitution in the USA that gives people in the USA the right to have Arms and just remember for every Cartel member with a gun, the USA has a thousand of them and we are the best shots in the world.

    So for all you bleeding hearts out there, come take my Guns, but remember to an American Guns rights is the litmus test to our freedoms and if you take that right away, hell will bust open.

  16. We have to regular posters on these forums that seem to be the only ones that can see what the heck is going on, thanks Texcoco and Brito.

  17. The Rifle is a H&K G36 in 5.56 mm with a 30 round see thru magazine and a collapsable stock. Its not the type of weapon you buy off the street, most are marketed to law enforcement personel and used by the German Special Forces and Police. Its not a cheap weapon.

  18. This young lady is a politician. When the picture was taken she was an aspiring politician. She was immature and stupid and I would never vote for her. I'm amazed at how so many of you hasten to further your own agenda by (ostensibly) defending "her" rights. I think her political career just took a big hit.

    Texcoco's analysis is out of left field as usual but eternalcode is crazed and dangerous and incredibly condescending. However, you are correct - she has every right to be dumb.


  19. Are people really making a big deal out of this picture?
    I have friends whose parents are in the PGR, and they used to pose with firearms way before the drug war. It didn't have any narco connotations (we are talking late 90s here). Hell, one of those friends used to wear a PGJE jacket to school.
    I would actually commend Sarah for not being an idiot and actually putting her index finger off the trigger.

  20. Dont worry she will soon get her skull cracked open by the force of one of those guns. Mi hita watch out.

  21. Wow, we have whole family albums of us with guns and we are not sicarios. It's a screwed up mentality when you see a person with a gun you think sicario. I go to Mexico once a year and deer hunt out there, anti's would have a heart attack if they saw our hunting photos. Not everyone in Mexico is anti-gun.


  22. after seeing all that i have seen i am more suspicious than i have ever been. having said that i want to see the photos taken before and after the one with the weapon. It would be no surprise to find out that this is a photo of her cartel boyfriends weapon. I have yet so see an officer on duty in the USA turn over a loaded weapon to a teen or other for a photo op.
    I agree with the poster who said "Anonymous said...

    Picture this....Being out at a bar or beach area or club that has law enforcement all around in CAlifornia or NY or NJ and going up to a "state trooper" asking, hey can I hold your gun for this picture.

    That's why Mexico is in the shape it's in and will take decades to ever fix. What seems harmless to many of you, is an example of lawlessness.".

  23. What do us the innocent people that are not involved with the drug idiots yes the USA has a hand in this and no how many guns or the problems that follow each other

  24. I recall an article where some Midland cops got busted on Facebook or some other site for this same thing. so dont say it doesnt happen here.
    The Cops were in Austin for some training and the same exact thing happened.
    they stopped at a bar and let some females handle their weapons. some took photos

  25. Texcoco Mex said.

    Anon June 14 2011 1:22 PM and 8:28 AM

    No body knows if this Policemen was on duty or not or if this picture was taken on a public place or a private property.
    In the way I see it I don't think this is a bad thing but oh well. In the U.S police have a higher level of education but they are not perfect.

    Look at this the police officer was drunk.


  26. Texcoco Mex said.

    Anon 1:17

    When the picture was taken she was an aspiring politician. She was immature and stupid and I would never vote for her. I'm amazed at how so many of you hasten to further your own agenda by (ostensibly) defending "her" rights.

    What do you think of this people? Are this people smart or stupid?

    Karl Rove, Barbara-Rose Collins, Jorge Bush, Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Charles Wilson, Bernard Kerik, Carroll Hubbard and many more. Political Scandals.

    Texcoco's analysis is out of left field as usual but eternal code is crazed and dangerous and incredibly condescending.

    Well I'm sorry if not everyone is as smart, perfect, well educated, and capable of not making stupid mistakes in life as you are my friend. (eternalcode)

  27. June 14, 2011 11:16 AM Anonymous said...

    "and if you take that right away, hell will bust open"

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!

    Having guns in America is our God-Given- Constitutional-Right!!!! How's that for mixing Religion and Politics!! Like it or not that is what we do, and Mexico better catch on SOON!!

  28. @ eternalcode, the problem with mexico is it is just as full of idiots as the mental mind midgets that attacked you for posting more common sense in 2 words than all their attacks put together..thank you for posting...this is why I love bb!


  30. of course she is one of them, how do you think she got "elected".

  31. There is nothing wrong with this pic! Everybody who said its wrong are all stupid! Why is it wrong? She didnt kill anyone? She wasnt even shooting!

  32. Over 30 comments all about the rather pretty cop groupie! I am informed!


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