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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mission Texas law enforcement exchanges fire with gunmen across border

Dave Hendricks
The Monitor

Drug smugglers opened fire on U.S. law enforcement officers Sunday morning near the Anzalduas International Bridge after Mission police intercepted a 500-pound load of marijuana, police Chief Leo Longoria said.

U.S. law enforcement officers shot back, Longoria said, and no injuries were reported. Details remained hazy Sunday afternoon, and Longoria couldn’t give further information about the brief shootout.

Less than two weeks ago, U.S. law enforcement officers came under fire near Abram and shot back, injuring three smugglers. On June 9, after Texas Rangers, Border Patrol agents and state game wardens were fired upon, they returned more than 300 rounds. The suspects escaped into Mexico on inflatable rafts.

Sunday’s incident began at 9:55 a.m. when a Mission police cruiser attempted to stop a red Chevrolet pickup on Military Road. Instead of pulling over, the pickup fled and a passenger began throwing bundles of marijuana at the police cruiser.

Six police units, several more from the Department of Public Safety and a Border Patrol helicopter were called to assist. As the pickup fled, a green Chevrolet Avalanche with a young woman behind the wheel began harassing officers, Longoria said.

“She went head-on toward a police vehicle,” Longoria said. “We’re trying to see what her intent was, but obviously it was a very reckless action on her part.”

Officers eventually stopped and arrested the woman, whom Longoria described as a 19- or 20-year-old Mission resident with relatives in Reynosa. Longoria said he couldn’t release the woman’s name.

She was likely to be arraigned Monday on charges of evading arrest and possibly assaulting a police officer, among other crimes, Longoria said.

Meanwhile, the two men inside the red pickup drove straight into the Rio Grande, directly underneath the Anzalduas bridge. People armed with rifles waited on the Mexican side of the river, providing cover as the pickup’s occupants escaped into Mexico.

“During that moment, individuals of the criminal element were displaying long rifles and rounds were fired towards the American side,” Longoria said.

U.S. law enforcement officers returned fire, but no injuries were reported.



  1. They say (the Obama Adm.), and others, that this is not spill-over from the Mexico cartel violence, just normal day-to-day stuff along the Border(our Borders are secure). I think it is much more dangerous now on the American side than it has ever been. They don't want to do anything that would lose the Mexican-american vote for Obama.

  2. Details remained hazy Sunday afternoon, and Longoria couldn’t give further information about the brief shootout.

    Here we go again...

  3. I'm just curious, do any of you think the bush administration did a better job at protecting the border than Obama? I mean it was the Bush administration that allowed trucks from Mexico to drive directly into U.S. soil. LOL! I got to admit, Bush did save a lot of American truck driver's lives by allowing Mexican trucks into U.S. soil, but at the same time he allowed them to smuggle drugs freely everyday. Nice job, Bush!

  4. I feel sorry for the border patrol agents they bring a glock to a machine gun fight. It would be nice if we could put the military on our southern border but that might upset alot of mexican-american voters so we can't have that.

  5. The smugglers are getting desperate now to get loads across. I wonder if the young woman was a relative or girlfriend of the smugglers? Probably knows some of those on the other side. She should be full of information.

  6. During WW2 the border was closed,the military would fire a warning shot if the person kept coming they killed them.I have seen numerous videos of trucks boats even Mx military moving drugs across the Rio G all that happened was video was taken?? Whats up, do we now have Politically Correct Law Enforcment?? Why do we not have 20-30 little bird helos with mini guns, Lite them up, get some RESPECT

  7. I hope these people who call for people caught crossing the border to be shot shut the fuck up when illegal american aliens invade mexican territory and end up getting shot by patriotic gunmen protecting their motherland.

  8. @2:38 If there are any illegal American aliens going into Mexico, They should be shot. Simply for being stupid and to prohibit breeding.


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