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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mexico Drug War Spills Across US Border

An eye-opening cover story in Newsmax magazine takes an in-depth look at the bloody drug wars raging along the treacherous U.S.-Mexico border and their devastating impact on ordinary Americans.

In a recent exclusive interview with Newsmax, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said bluntly his nation was at "war" with drug cartels.

“Everybody’s trying to deny that we’re going through a war, but that’s what it is," Fox told Newsmax.

By Jim Meyers

“The Collapse of Mexico — Its Civil War Comes to America”
discloses that the battle between ruthless Mexican drug cartels threatens to turn America’s southern neighbor into a failed nation-state — and has spilled deeper into U.S. territory than anyone has imagined.

The drug wars have claimed nearly 40,000 lives since 2006 in a nightmare of beheadings, mass graves, kidnappings, and endemic corruption at the highest levels of Mexican society, as cartels rake in an astronomical $12 billion a year in illicit revenue.

Newsmax spent two months conducting more than 20 interviews during visits to border areas in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, and found that despite the administration’s reassurances, Mexico’s drug cartels have penetrated deep into our nation’s heartland, striking fear in ordinary Americans.

Even a Government Accountability Office official concedes that the United States can prevent or interrupt illegal entry along only 129 miles of our 1,954-mile southern border.

The must-read “Collapse of Mexico” report explores one couple’s deadly confrontation with Mexican smugglers, the truth behind President Obama’s border security rhetoric, the most worrisome sign of Mexico’s escalating chaos, and much more.
Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu praised Newsmax's journalism saying the special report "on the violence that ruthless Mexican cartels have brought into the border regions of the United States is invaluable. They are telling the real story about what's going on near and on the border, the story that the mainstream media just hasn't been willing to report."
Here are several excerpts from the cover story:

No one has to convince Pat and Pennee Murphree that the chaos on the border is spilling over into the United States. A few years ago, the Arizona couple in their 70s retired from their cotton-farming ranch in Maricopa, and built a dream home near the south end of the Sawtooth Mountain range, about 50 miles from the border.

At first, things seemed idyllic there. But gradually, they grew more aware of the traffic taking place all around them. Border crossers would knock on their door asking for food and water. Their fences would get knocked down by the trucks running with blacked-out headlights in the dark. Trucks loaded with illegals would caravan down dirt roads. When a prominent rancher, Rob Krentz, was shot and killed in March 2010, it was a shock to everyone in Arizona’s agricultural community.

But the situation didn’t really hit home for the Murphrees until a few months ago, when a neighbor alerted Pat to a spotter living in a cave on a mountainside about three-quarters of a mile away at an elevation about 800 feet above his house. An experienced hunter, Pat set up a spotter scope in his dining room. For days, he watched as the cartel operative conducted his surveillance. He even saw two other men arrive to deliver supplies.

Despite concerns the cartel could retaliate, he called the Border Patrol and the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department. A few days later, they arrested the drug scout and took him off the mountain. The suspect told police his car had broken down, and he had decided to live out in the desert for a few days.

Now every day, the Murphrees wonder if they’re being watched. They frequently carry guns, and the spotter scope has become a permanent fixture in their dining room. Every day, they use it to scan the mountain that towers above them. The beautiful mountain they chose for their retirement location instead has become a source of constant concern. It never occurred to them they could have this problem some 50 miles inside the U.S. border.

“It’s our own country, and we’re being invaded,” Pat Murphree says. “We pay our taxes . . . right now, you might say we’re protecting ourselves. And our government ought to be protecting us.”

The cartels run human trafficking with the same casual brutality they exhibit in the drug trade. Migrants heading north are encouraged to pay the cartel “coyotes” for safe passage. Getting caught in the desert without their protection is a really bad idea, and rapes and killings are common.

Smugglers crowd the illegals into trucks, throwing away their backpacks so they can stand shoulder to shoulder. Locals call them “French fry loads.” Sheriffs say those who slow the group down — women, children — are left to die in the desert. And just as rival gangs, or “rip crews” as they’re called, try to steal the drug loads that come across, they also kidnap defenseless illegals at gunpoint. They hold them hostage in “drop houses” until they can persuade loved ones back in Mexico to raise another $2,000 or $3,000, in order to gain their freedom.

All of which calls into question the curious notion that maintaining a porous border with Mexico is an act of social justice and humanitarian good will.

Almost everywhere along the border, residents are gradually accepting a “new normal,” where the old assumptions of personal security and the rule of law no longer prevail. In Arizona, retirees open up their morning papers and routinely read of high-speed police chases and rolling gun battles between the drug gangs. These firefights occur not in Nogales or Tijuana or Ciudad Juarez, but north of Tucson, about 35 miles from the nation’s sixth largest city, Phoenix.

Fueled by a seemingly endless stream of money, the drug gangs appear to be growing more sophisticated with each passing month. In March, for example, illegals disguised as U.S. Marines, wearing desert camouflage uniforms and riding in a white van with military tags, tried to pass through the Campo checkpoint in California. Military uniforms seem appropriate considering that the cartels are believed to possess enough weapons to equip an army, including helicopters, armored vehicles, sniper rifles, shoulder-fired missiles, grenade launchers, and plastic explosives.

Nor are they content to ply their deadly trade only in North America. Cartel operatives were recently arrested in several overseas countries, a sure sign they’re expanding their business abroad.

Some analysts worry the cartels may be interacting with Hezbollah, the terrorist organization nurtured by Iran and Syria.

Michael Braun, former chief of operations for the Drug Enforcement Agency, tells Newsmax, “Late last year, the Mexican federal police arrested an alleged Hezbollah cell head who was running a recruiting cell” along the U.S. border. According to Braun, the United States has already arrested a number of Hezbollah operatives it believes were smuggled into this country by the Mexican drug cartels.

Law officers have received alerts from intelligence sources warning that the cartels may start booby-trapping their loads with improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the bombs that terrorists use to devastating effect against American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. That concern grew less abstract on Easter Sunday.

An IED was discovered along Highway 77 near Brownsville, Texas. It took police about three hours to “render the device safe,” and an investigation is underway. All this underlines the 911 Commission’s worst-case scenario: Terrorists sneaking across the southern border to launch an attack, possibly using WMD.


  1. Hezbollah+Mexicans is the only thing that might get reported on outside of foxnews and i hate foxnews

  2. And there is not a thing the USA can do to help.

    We have people in the USA today like Ardent who has advocated for the destruction of the USA for so long, that it is finally happening and as we fall we leave a vacuum of power behind, that leaves our friend south of the Border helpless.

  3. NEWSMAX, WND, and other right wing conspiracy rags? Yeah, righteous news all!

  4. I
    wonder if the refusal of the US Federal Govt. to act and the lack of news coverage RE: Narco war is because the Democrats do not want to offend the Latino population. Obama was in Puerto Rico yesterday campaigning,his recent speech in El Paso,note El Paso is safe because of the Fed. RIGHT,The US Pres Campaign is in full swing ,also politics in Mexico being fueled by all the Articles abuot stopping the clean upm in Mexico?? FACT Mexicos Lawless mess is,has and will,DIRECTLEY create Many problems in all the border states and it will spread to other States as well. If Mexico can become a Functioning State, If it is Reformed and Law and order can be established,Mexico and Border States will Benefit. JOURNALISTS keep trying ton blame the sorry state of affairs in Mexico on Calderon?? This is absolute Garbage,Misinformation and plays into Criminals Interest. The Lack of Order CAN NOT BE IGNORED,You can not RUN from it,IT WILL NOT GO AWAY ON ITS OWN. SOME THINGS ARE HARD, BUILDING A EFFECTIVE GOVT IN MEXICO WILL BE HARD IT MUST BE DONE FOR ALL OF US MEX AND US.

  5. Civil War?
    now i know BB has been hijacked by Teabags.
    A much more fitting title should be.
    Nixons drug war, 40 years of failed policies
    affecting Latin America.


    Prohibition A modern failure brought on by conservatives
    Latin America, The front lines of a Failed
    War on Drugs.
    if this keeps up i think ill go back to Blog Del Narco, BB just plagiarizes everything off of them anyways.

  6. "that leaves our friend south of the Border helpless."

    No, they have left themselves helpless by buying into 8 years of socialism. This is just the end state of leftist policies: poverty and violence.

  7. @ June 15, 2011 7:33 AM
    You mean the Nixon who created the EPA and engaged in wage and price controls (marxism)?

    Alcohol prohibition was pushed by the early PROGRESSIVES. Central control and prohibition of a substance is an aspect of progressive liberal ideology. Conservatives believe in LIMITED and DISTRIBUTIVE government. The Fed gov has no authority to ban drugs (or guns), that lies with the states.

    Nice try in your mis-characterization of Conservativism. Alinsky would be proud.

  8. It's not an endless stream of money from drugs alone, it's just become pure criminal enterprises and yes it's everywhere , let's just say the mentality of Mexico is spilling over, the moral conciseness has been shattered and is spreading like a virus.

  9. "No, they have left themselves helpless by buying into 8 years of socialism."

    Sorry that is 80 (EIGHTY)years of socialism.

  10. So prohibition started 80 years ago by Mexico?

  11. Prohibition in the United States was a major reform movement sponsored by evangelical Protestant churches, especially the Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Disciples and Congregationalists from the 1840s into the 1920s. Kansas and Maine were early adopters. The Women's Christian Temperance Union, founded in 1874, and the Prohibition Party ....

    I guess Libweral Progressives back then were Conservatives huh?
    EPIC FAILO on you Teabags.!!!!!

  12. Why are people making this issue a political problem? This is not about Obama trying to win the Mexican vote, this is about crooked politicians, from both sides, that get thousands for their campaigns to keep this issue on the side. If this was a Democrat problem FOX news would use it to smear the Dems, but its not! American politicians are acting like Mexican politicians "aqui no pasa nada".Both sides are downplaying the problem, Bush did it in 2007 and 2008 and Obama is doing it right now.
    What I dont understand is why the news are failing to report on Mexico's Drug War, they will rather report on the Casey Anthony Case, than on thousands of deaths that are happening .

  13. On December 20, 1989, the United States invaded Panama as part of Operation Just Cause, which involved 25,000 American troops. Gen. Manuel Noriega, head of the government of Panama, had been giving military assistance to Contra groups in Nicaragua at the request of the U.S. which, in exchange, allowed him to continue his drug trafficking activities, which they had known about since the 1960s.[61][62] When the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) tried to indict Noriega in 1971, the CIA prevented them from doing so.[61] The CIA, which was then directed by future president George H. W. Bush, provided Noriega with hundreds of thousands of dollars per year as payment for his work in Latin America

  14. A 2010 study released by Nielsen reported that was the number one site for conservatives in the U.S., making it one of the most influential conservative news sites in the nation.

  15. I live in a rural mountainous area of Pinal County. Every time I have had to call the Pinal County police about something, they have responded professionally and thoroughly.
    I believe that it is our citizens duty to assist out LEOs by being their eyes and ears.

  16. My shotgun is ready... this ain't Mexico... the people here in Texas don't just have guns but balls also! God bless Texas!
    -- Tejano

  17. I live near El Paso and go to Juarez every other weekend. I own 2 red Cadillacs a 2010 Escalade and an 08 CTS, and drive both over with out ever having an issue. Working for the Gov my job has me travel up and down the Mex U.S boarder I have never seen any spill over. Everyone just wants an excuse to close up the boarder. Spill over is all a bunch of bull shit!

  18. This is turning into a political website! Going to stick with blog de narco...real unbiased news reporting! Peace out!

  19. NEWSMAX that piece of Sh!t, are you kidding BB. please report actual news.

  20. Lol @ driving ur red escalade into juarez. Idiot...

  21. June 15, 2011 8:00 AM
    Anonymous said...
    "that leaves our friend south of the Border helpless."

    No, they have left themselves helpless by buying into 8 years of socialism. This is just the end state of leftist policies: poverty and violence.

    Good point, that is why the USA is in such Dire Straits, Leftist policies.

  22. This is purely political. The Obama admin has done more to stop illegals from coming over than the Bush administration ever did. NewsMax is a right wing rag that twists the news to make you think that Obama is doing nothing. Lies, lies, lies.
    If you go to the site put out by the State Department about going across the border you will see that they suggest you not go over there. They can't handcuff you and stop you from going into Mexico.
    Why is Borderland Beat even publishing this BS. When they were just reporting what is going on is when I enjoyed reading it.

  23. @8:00 Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    Roadway firefight kills 1 east of Edinburg; gunmen sought
    Comments 17
    June 15, 2011 9:06 AM
    Naxiely Lopez
    The Monitor
    By Naxiely Lopez
    EAST OF EDINBURG — Hidalgo County Sheriff’s deputies still are trying to sort out a fatal shooting that occurred Wednesday evening on a roadway as they continue to search for several suspects Thursday.
    Investigators identified Edinburg resident Manuel Luna, 28, as a victim of the shooting. Luna was found with multiple gunshot wounds inside a white Chevy truck near the intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 2812 and Uresti Street about 7:30 p.m. Less than a quarter of a mile from the scene, a second vehicle was found engulfed in flames.

  25. Lol @ driving ur red escalade into juarez. Idiot...

    Do you LIVE or go to Juarez? No you prob dont, you sit behind your laptop and act as if you know what is going on. Its not as bad as ppl think or say. PPl are walking around at night having fun and parties. The cartels are going after each other and the punk asses that extort, rob, kidnap, car jack ppl and tell them they are with the cartels. I beleiv this guy has no problem taking his Cadillacs to J-Town just because of the fact that there are alot of them in town along with Benz's BMW's and other nice cars that REGULAR ppl are driving. There is sooooo much military in town that it really makes you feel safe. I live in Juarez and am no longer scared. If this was last year I would think this guy was either part of El Cartel or just crazy.

  26. June 15, 2011 9:07 AM
    Anonymous said...
    Prohibition in the United States was a major reform movement sponsored by evangelical Protestant churches, especially the Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Disciples and Congregationalists from the 1840s into the 1920s. Kansas and Maine were early adopters. The Women's Christian Temperance Union, founded in 1874, and the Prohibition Party ....

    I guess Liberals Progressives back then were Conservatives huh?
    EPIC FAILO on you Teabags.!!!!!


    Sorry but the prohibition movement was a leftist movement, remember it's about making laws and controlling the masses, which is a leftist thing.
    Please read up on the history of prohibition, like Pot liberals thought it caused minorities to commit crimes and out of their claim for "Compassion", they outlawed everything.

  27. @ 3:20

    So now when dumb ass Gangbangers kill one another are we going to call it Spillover Violence? You have got to be kidding me! Just because this crime is near the border does not make it Spillover!

  28. So? Anonymous 3:20pm, why do you link us up to this McAllen Monitor story? Is this, in your opinion, some big evidence of a link up to Mexico's cartel gangsterism? If so, there is no evidence of that in the story The Monitor has...

  29. Spillover my ass. Scare tactics.

  30. No Spillover my ass!! 75% of felony offenders in Montgomery County ,Texas are Latino, 80% of them get court appointed Lawyers, cost 3.5 M a year to the county. Who is paying for this Bull Shit? M/C Tex is 350 miles East of the Rio Bravo ?? What about the other 353 countys in Texas ??

  31. A swift US take over of Mexico is in store, divide it into new states, appoint new governors, make use of the natural resources, and splatter the cartel's brains on the pavement...enforce with the national guard.

    Either that or...

    Legalize drugs in America across the board, everything is legal, the cartel's will have no more income, their bread and butter, being marijuana and cocaine, will reap them no reward. Of course there will be short term terrible incidences for about five or so years, DUI's, overdoses, etc., but as time goes on education about the substances will be known and people won't abuse the drugs no knowing that they will ruin your life. The benefit being no deaths over illegal drugs, a greater awareness about the substances, quality control by the government, and best of all, taxation of the substances...we do want to get out of a recession right??? Both of these options will do that.

  32. No Spillover my ass!! 75% of felony offenders in Montgomery County ,Texas are Latino, 80% of them get court appointed Lawyers, cost 3.5 M a year to the county. Who is paying for this Bull Shit? M/C Tex is 350 miles East of the Rio Bravo ?? What about the other 353 countys in Texas.

    Don't know where you are getting your numbers but just because they are Latino they are somehow drug cartel members? Come on, that sounds pretty far fetched.

  33. You mean 253 other counties, no?

  34. You don't work for the government. Many things gave you away in your rant, but the main one is spelling "BORDER", " boArder"! Loser!!!

  35. You'd be shocked at the masses that either use or sell drugs.


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