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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Los Zetas Hang Zetacuaches

By: Manuel Garza
The beat up and dead men found hanging in plain view are part of the previously mentioned smoldering war between the Zetas and Zetacuaches, this last group part of petty punk criminals who they say belong to the "letter," but they do not.

The Zetas who have been displaced and are now starting to look for turf in places where they were once powerful, but now those places are full of Zetacuaches, who have no discipline, they fight for now and end up dead, although they have manage to give two or three blows recently.

Killing them and hanging them in pubic is a way for the Zeats to mark their territory.

This is what they are saying, "We're back", so that perhaps Los Zetacuaches will submit and want to be part of a cell with the "big boys."

But so far there are no signs that Zetacuaches want to submit, and it doesn't seem like they will anytime soon.

Furthermore, they are even turning in the Zetas so they can be taken away by the federal forces.

I am going to repeat it, right now, these places are at high risk, because in these places, the war between Los Zetas and Los Zetacuaches worsens.

Heed precaution, although the patrol of my general Castañeda should yield some results.

The point one of high risk is the region in Valle Soleado.

Fortunately, there is plenty of patrolling being done on the side of the apodaquense and the rats don't dare jump ... but they are going to hit each other hard there.

Point number two is located in Eloy Cavazos, in San Roque.

In San Nicolás in the area of Mezquital it is starting to see a lot of activity.

Towards the zone in Cumbres, there are zones of confluence with Valle Verde, where one can see renounce work, but mostly in part "Los Cleaners," who go there to pay the "halconcitos" in the region.

For sure, it is clear for example the habit in the eastern region of San Nicolas, there by the warehouses in La Fe, it is definitely operated by active police officers.

They bring young ones in SUVs... some boys barely 14, 16 years of age, armed with AK-47s that get together in some deserted warehouses, places where they discipline, beat, cane and torture.

The boys are not really prepared and they are just meat for the cannon.

In this sector, the federal forces are increasingly closer to deliver another good blow "fregadazo," and it better be soon, because there been already too many abusive incidents.

The little petty criminals are becoming less skilled, less and less tactical ... and increasingly more desperate.

The operation to exterminate has resumed, according to the intelligence reports.


  1. who are zetacrunches?

  2. They are small frosted zetas made of whole wheat and in bit sized chunks. A bit like ZETA lite.

  3. Wannabe Zetas or are they renegade Zetas that break off on their own?

  4. The Zetacrunch supreme is even better. its like a zetacrunch but with sour cream and wrapped in a flour tortilla.

  5. What do the Z`s were specting loyalty... wrong they created them and now they turning they back to them because they know the time is short muy mal para el lazca now he has renegates within the Z`s someone in his own innercircle will turn his back on him.and will take over the organization.and it will be a sorcho,chota,judio un fede o un pm.

  6. so nice to see zetas of any sort hanging from bridges ..and not hanging on the corner being little halcones

    i hope soon Monterrey is decorated all over the city by zetas hanging from every high spot...

  7. ZETA WANNABES-are most stupid creatures in this world.

  8. Tachuache means possum i guess they play dead lol

  9. jajaja..and possums hang by their tails...

  10. Oh I get it. A zetacuache is a Zeta pirata.


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