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Monday, June 27, 2011

La Familia Sends a Message to Calderón and Poiré

Several narco-banners signed by La Familia Michoacana appeared during the day yesterday in several municipalities of Guerrero that included Teloloapan, Tlapehuala and Arcelia.

The narco-messages were addressed to Mexican President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa along with Alejandro Poire and talks about the Knights Templar (Caballeros Templarios). The Attorney General of the State of Guerrero, confirmed that the narco-banners were seen at different locations and were immediately removed by members of the federal police.

La Familia Michoacana put the blame squarely on Felipe Calderon for all the innocent people that have been killed in different incidents.

Authorities indicates that the message was all the same, it said that Nazario Moreno Gonzalez is in fact alive, and that the government knows that to be true, although the government has publicly maintained that he is dead. The banners also mentioned El Chayo, the leader of the Knights Templar, present rival of La Familia Michoacana.

In other narco-banners it sends a message to Alejandro Poire, who after the arrest of "El Chango" La Familia Michoacana he said that La Familia was completely destroyed, but the message warns him that the criminal group is still alive and are prepared for a war against the Knights Templar.

These were the messages:
"Mr President Felipe Calderón that war that is being waged between La familia Michoacana and Los Caballeros Templarios that is lead by Nazario Moreno Gonzales "El Chayo," who your government declared dead but you know he is alive. . . . But you are embarrassed to admit or do you protect him through an agreement by your government? This is provoking a wave of insecurity in Michoacan of which you are the only one responsible for so many deaths of innocent people. Sincerely: La F.M."

"To society: La Familia Michoacana is united in our strength that is superior to any problem and we are letting the secretary of security Alejandro Poire know that La Familia Michoacana remains alive and prepared for the war against Los Caballeros Templarios. Sinecerely: La Familia Michoacana"


  1. And on it goes, I personally hoped La Familia would go quietly, or the violence would be minimal in the struggle. I am not sure I believe El Chayo is alive, things fell right apart as soon as he 'died'. Is La Familia fighting in Guerreo?

  2. Good translation!

  3. Funny how these criminals say it's the Presidents fault for all of the deaths. Lord knows it isn't their fault, it's Felipe that makes them pull the trigger. lol idiots.

  4. ¿ Y el Lazca? ¿Dónde está aquel hijo de su pinky wamber?

  5. El chayo is dead! Their just trying to install more fear on everybody, but its not going to work. They should just go away quietly and stop making asses of themselves......

  6. These guys are the biggest dhrama queens. They're always trting to draw attention. If they worried more about working instead of drawing attention they would've been better off

  7. As of today part of la Familia has dis- associated itself with El Changos group for allies with the Zetas. You will probably see it tomorrow, but they said they support the templar knights to dis-associate themselfs. Changos group is on their own.

  8. What Stupid Bullshit. These asshole common criminals think that this is a Batman and Robin world, F##k them!!!Arrest thier families and waterboard all of them until they reveal the location of every single one of thoses silly children minded fuckface punks. They should be arrested, Charged with treason , lined up after a speedy trial and shot one at a time tru the mouth. That will cure them of a life of crime and maybe others will see what will happen to them and thier familes when they defy public order and disrespect the law and the national institutions. Hardcore? You bet, but just look at what they are getting away with- Its pure Bullshit that can be stopped, but not by saying Please!!!

  9. CT arriva de lazaro saludos a la pleve de parte grupo los costenos el f2 la jente del senor la tuta y mi tio y el gigante .....mata zetas traidores michoacanos la fm vamos por todos

  10. Oh My God ,the narco gang blames the killing on the govt. HOW NOVEL ??

  11. my how these cartels love writing handwritten signs. invest your little drug money in a printing press. or bet yet, learn from the big boys and create your own website.


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