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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Hanging of Two Men in a Familiar Bridge in NL

Sunday morning Monterrey, Nuevo León, was transformed in to a grisly scene, no doubt, it reminded everyone of the case of Gabriela Elizabeth Muniz, aka "la pelirroja" or "the redhead," who woke up the morning of December 31 hanging from a footbridge located on the busy Avenida Gonzalitos.

During Sunday morning, at around 0600 hours, motorists travelling about Gonzalitos Avenue managed to see a group of heavily armed men who were on top of the bridge carrying two bodies to string up on the bridge. This is the same bridge, which is located between Lincoln and Ruiz Cortines, where they hanged La Pelirroja.

Witnesses said there were approximately 20 sicarios, some of the witnesses also included several municipal police officers who happened to be travelling through the scene, but they did not intervene, they acted as if the armed group was invisible. Witnesses said that even some state police officers passed by and went their merry way, after observing the whole thing unfold.

What did all the witnesses see? They saw the armed sicarios hang two men from on top of the bridge using heavy chains instead of rope which they placed padlocks to secure them and they also left two narco banners. One of the victims that was hanging in the middle of the busy street had one of his legs cut off. The whole process from the sicarios lasted about 20 minutes.

Around 0700 hours the authorities decided to show their faces at the scene, and after several minutes they were able to free the men that were suspended from the bridge. The piece of mangled leg that had been removed from one of the men was in the middle of the street.

At approximately 0730 hours the Forensic Medical Service personnel transported the bodies to their facilities to conduct the necessary autopsies. The identity of the men was unknown.

La Pelirroja in December 2010


  1. We,, I guess this means that Monterrey is officially lost if police officers ( both local and state ) see this scene in progress and do nothing to stop it. What a complete and utter shame. COWARDS, every last one of them!

  2. Hearing this just makes me extremely sick. If this drug war was never launched (and it never should have been), shit like this wouldn't be happening in Monterrey, I guarantee it.

  3. who cares, like they didn't know what they were getting into? La verga los dos


  4. What were the messages? CDG or Zeta's? If people are going to say Zeta's are taking Reynosa, the same has to apply to the Z's, as the CDG makes more advances into Zeta plazs.

  5. The cops who walked away need to be arrested, tried, and there no one good and honest man in government in monterrey? may God help my countrymen!

  6. Surley Monteray has some form of Law Enforcment quick reaction team SWAT anything?? This guy saying that the criminals would not be fighting each other and intimidating wht Mexicans call police is BULL SHIT.

  7. They should have mobilized the cops and army and taken them down with MORE WEAPONS and MORE MEN.

  8. Well we knew the cops are worth shit since 1910. Call the Army.

    @9:58 - Of course, just leave the criminals alone and they will leave you alone. But they won't, silly. They will kidnap your father and extort your business and murder your kids and steal your last peso.

    They are like cockroaches. They have to be exterminated.

  9. Mexico is screwed screwed screwed!!!!! Pray for the good people to give them the will to survive. And let the scum kill the scum!!!

  10. La única cosa necesaria para que el mal triunfe está para que los buenos hombres no hagan nada.

    Su una vergüenza que la gente mexicana no se levanta y no defiende su propio conseguir matada.

  11. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

  12. Anonymous said...
    The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

    In that case, we look doomed in both Mexico and the uS.

  13. Why don't these dumb Mexicans do something to stop all this shit!!! I mean start a revolution against the lousy government that does nothing but talk crap saying everything is ok. Things are ugly in Monterrey and will get even worse once they remove the army off the streets. Who will you have at least a little confidence on now???

  14. @4:09
    A revolution? Do you know what that would be like, really? You fail to take into account the grim reality, that while fighting for a new government, Mexico will suffer with increased
    violence, murder, killings, and corruption. Crime will rise to an all time high. Why? Due to the fact that only the government is fighting the cartels. They are not fighting an insurgency, or a militia, or terrorism. This a war on one front, cartels. A revolution would spark fights everywhere in Mexico. Everyone is tired of being poor, feeling unsafe, and exploited. The indigenous would launch their rebel groups for years to come, even after the revolution, the nationalistic groups will take over political systems and well groomed corruption paths to gain power on municipal, judicial, and federal levels, the commerce and banking systems will channel their billions, not to the cause, but offshore accounts hiding it for generations. The military will launch an all out offensive against the republic, war will ensue. The US will stand at it's border, ready to repel any "failed state fighting" away - they will not help.And the cartels will double their efforts in killing not only those involved in the drug trade, but ANY citizen that opposes their views, tactics, and objectives. Drug kings will take over vast regions of Mexico's rural areas, creating their own laws, borders, and war machines. Countless ex-patriots will join these ranks for land, money, and power. The religious groups will step up their effort to gain power, within warring parties, political powers, and power players - oh wait, they already do that. Well, they'll promote their apocolyptic take on this revolution, misleading a new generation of revolucionistas. Revolution huh? That is ALL your revolution is good for. All governments are lousy, and they're all the same, left or right - government is government. The US cannot control the drug influx, gang violence (the US has the most gangs and members than ANY other country), corrpution on Capitol Hill, scandals, treason, State sponsored torture, police abuse, foreclosures, economic meltdown, unemployment, etc etc - and THEY are the world's leading global power. Revolution...really?

  15. 9:58pm, your attitude is part of the problem.
    "If this drug war was never launched (and it never should have been), shit like this wouldn't be happening in Monterrey, I guarantee it."

    Seriously? Do you actually believe the shit you write or are you just poking to get a reaction?

    The PRI wrote Mexico's death sentence by collaborating for decades with the cartels, lining their pockets and turning a blind eye as they got stronger and stronger and stronger.

    Someone else said it very well. Before the war started, there was corruption and kidnappings and extortion. And people just didn't report it. But it was rampant.

    To suggest that the government trying to enforce the rule of law is responsible is ludicrous. Too many people buried their heads in the sand for too long and ultimately created this monster.

    Now someone has to deal with it. The alternative is to have let the cartels take control of everything.

  16. What a shameful event! They all are, but for these "narcos" to do this sh*t like they own the place,...well..they actually do....of course, they already disarmed the local since the cops do nothing, what can the civilians do now....way to go pinche Calderon!

  17. Ardent:

    The USA is Light years ahead of Mexico. Cant even compare.

    USA= Primero Mundo

    MX= Trecero Mundo

    If the US got involved in your Narco Insurgencey, The War would be over in a week.

    With the Cartels swimming with the Fishes in the Ocean.

    The Mexican people should re-take their villages, towns and country from these pinche Cartels de Campesinos.


  18. @4:09
    You said "Drug kings will take over vast regions of Mexico's rural areas, creating their own laws, borders, and war machines. Countless ex-patriots will join these ranks for land, money, and power."

    You are PERFECTLY decribing MX the way it is NOW. The Only Institution NOT Corrupt in Mexico is the Church that about it.

    Mexico is a Failed State.

    And yes...It is a NARCO INSURGENCEY.

    When you have Entire Municipalities, Police Depts. Towns and Regions, run by the Cartels, fighting the Army. You HAVE AN INSURGENCY.

    When You are Forced to WEAR A MASK, you are LIVING IN AN INSURGENCY because you do not know WHO you can Trust and who will Kill You.

    Thats an Insurgency! And we as Mexicanos are Living in that right Now! Contrary to what Pinche Calderon is willing to accept as the Truth.

    He must realize that he crossed the Rubicon when he challeged and took on the Cartels. He needs to finish this Drug War.

    We as Mexicanos should request Military Asistance from the United States. Only then will this Drug War be over with.

  19. It just keeps on keepin on! No one give a s--t anymore; the world knows who runs Mexico and it's Not the Elected Officials or the Police or
    Even the Military! It's the MONEY! People Are Greedy By Nature and KILL FOR Power and Money since the Dawn of Time!!


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