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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gunmen Kill Veracruz Police Chief


A police chief was killed and three civilians were wounded by gunmen in southern Veracruz, a state on Mexico’s Gulf coast where drug-related violence has been on the rise due to a turf war involving three cartels.

Ciudad Isla municipal police department coordinator Ricardo Reyes Alvarez was gunned down on Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

Gunmen armed with AR-15 assault rifles opened fire on the police chief at a car wash, wounding three employees.

Reyes Alvarez tried to reach a nearby hospital but died before he could get there, officials said.

One of the car wash employees wounded in the attack is listed in serious condition.

Shootouts between the security forces and gunmen working for drug cartels have left more than 50 suspected criminals dead in the past six months in Veracruz, which is in eastern Mexico.

The La Familia Michoacana, Los Zetas and Gulf drug cartels all have a presence in Veracruz, 6th Military Zone commander Gen. Carlos Rene Aguilar Paez said Tuesday.

Los Zetas and the Gulf cartel are waging a turf war in the Gulf state, Aguilar Paez said.


  1. No, Mexico doesnt need a DEATH PENALTY... What was I thinking?

  2. The La Familia Michoacana, Los Zetas and Gulf drug cartels all have a presence in Veracruz

    CDG? What about CPS?

  3. lol at CPS having a presence in Veracruz, they are hardly controlling Morelos. I don't think we will be hearing much more about CPS, they are pretty much finished.

  4. yeah cps is a cell operating out of the state of morelos,it was started by sergio barragan villareal el grande and its primary area of operation is the state of morelos.after the arrest of el grande they probably work for HECTOR BELTRAN LEYVA.and if thats so its name probably changed back to cartel beltran yeah J is probably right its name is finished but not them.

  5. J whats CPS controlling now? i mean i heard that they are still fighting in nayarit/gurrero.

  6. If you don't accept a bribe the cartel will kill you. If you do accept a bribe and work with them a rival cartel will kill you. If you accept a bribe from both then they all will try to kill you.

  7. La Familia does not have an influence in Veracruz! They barely have enough in their own state! Their pretty much done.


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