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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gatilleros Kill Cop in Monterrey

Around 2300 hours on Saturday an armed group attacked a Regia (Royal) police officer when he was parked outside of a Super 7, located on Avenida Revolucion and Jesus Cantu Leal, just south of Monterrey.

The officer was left dying on the floor of the parking lot next to his patrol unit number 345. People in the store immediately rushed to the dying officer to tend to his aid, they used the radio equipment to summon medical help and requested police assistance who arrived within minutes.

Security to the scene was provided by the Regia Police, State Agency of Investigation, state police, Federal Police and the Mexican military.

The sicarios were said to be traveling in an unknown car in which they carried out the attack, and then fled the scene.

"They fired at the officer from inside the car then they sped away down the avenue, I approached the officer, took the radio that was next to him and I told them they had an officer that was shot. The young man had several gunshot wounds and he told me to tell his wife to take care of his children," said a young man who had provided assistance to the down officer.

Local paramedics soon arrived and provided medical assistance to the uniformed officer, who was immediately taken to a local hospital.

The officer received at least eight gunshots to different parts of his body and is reported to be in serious condition.

Update: The officer identified as Marco Antonio Salazar, 28 years of age, died on Sunday afternoon, this after spending several hours in the emergency room from an attacked by an armed group on Avenida Revolución.

Public Safety in Monterrey
In 2005, Monterrey was ranked as the safest city in Latin America and Mexico, and one of the two safest in 2006. However, since 2008 the city has experienced violence related to turf battles between warring drug cartels in Mexico. Right now Monterrey is suffering a huge security crisis. The year 2010 has been the most violent in history. Drug dealers are a major concern, although military offensives and police captures of important drug-cartel chiefs have weakened drug cartels trying to settle in the city. The city is safe to travel by day and night; nevertheless, precaution and common sense should be considered in certain districts at night.

There are two police departments guarding the city, the Police of the City of Monterrey (locally known as the Policía Regia), dependent of the municipal government, and the State Public Safety. The Policía Regia protects the city's downtown and main areas, while the State Public Safety is in charge of the farthest areas.

The state governor is considered the "mayor" of the metropolitan area of Monterrey (A group of several municipalities, forming Monterrey city) since the city accounts for about 87% of the state population.


  1. Killing a police officer,any police officer is totally uacceptable. This was a hit just like the one in San Antonio Texas a week or so ago,they use the same MO. A place like Monterrey can afford a decent REAL police force, or at least a Group of 2-300 men who are trained dedicated honest,is that a impossibility in Mexico? The attempt at law and order in Mexico has been met with a counter attack from criminal gangs,Media is screaming about violence,Gangs step up killing to make media and human rights people squeel even more, Pres. elections looming Narcos need relief, will they get a walk with next Pres. ?? I SURE AS HELL HOPE NOT!!

  2. Monterray a "New City"; the Pride of Mexico is withering on the vine and nothing is being done
    about it! All the Foreign National companies,
    the Schools,the Hospitals, the type of things that makes this city prosper. The security of
    Mexico is being played out in this city. If
    Monterrey the City of the Millenium dies; Mexico
    Dies! Can not the Govt. as well as the armed force's not see this? What kind of world do we
    as Latin Americans want for Our Children? Do we not care about mankind? is the mighty U.S.Dollar
    worth selling our souls? The Maya's say 12/21/12! Are they Right?

  3. He was only 28 years old. Sad.


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