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Sunday, June 26, 2011

El Tigre is Caged

The Federal Police captured Albert González Peña or Franco Bueno Peña, known as "El Tigre" or "The Tiger" who served as plaza boss in the state of Veracruz by the organization of Los Zetas.

Authorities confirmed that the capture took place on Friday thanks to the hard work in the investigation resulting from an arrest warrant. El Tigre is linked to several crimes among them drug trafficking, extortion and murder.

El Tigre coordinated the collection of dues (cobro de piso) of apartment owners from several businesses, including bars, restaurants and street vendors in Veracruz. He also planned and carried out several kidnappings. The 43 year old man would select people close to him for his victims and easier to collect the ransom.

During his arrest police confiscated three cell phones, a radio device, and other relevant documentation.


  1. He wasn't really a jefe de plazas they jus made him belive that so he would do their dirty work... he's a nice guy he use to stay next to my tias house...

  2. He would select people close to him for his victims? What kind of bitch is he? He is not a boss. Only a bitch plays that game and that game is at the bottom of the ladder. He had a name and he was a throwaway.

  3. 3,2,1....he's been replaced.

  4. Mexico needs to stop playing footsies with these scum bags and just kill them, the sooner the better... Allowing them to live is a big mistake...

  5. Mexico keeps arresting smal time hoods that the Zetas put out on front street like they are big time. But why is it that none of El Chapo's boy ever fall. Only the ones that he gets sideways with fall or die. The funny thing is, the Zetas keep mutating and getting stronger.

  6. Este perro solo merece que lo agan pedazos. es uno de los que mas an echo males a familias enteras al sur de mexico!!!!

  7. I don't know, Sinaloa's people get taken too, his whole team in Sonora was arrested this year, like three people. Major operators in Mexicali too.

  8. He's my uncle y'all fucking Pussys better respect him...


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