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Thursday, June 16, 2011

"El Brad Pitt" arrested

Federal police arrested a drug cartel operative accused of attacking a police station with a car bomb and participating in the killing of a man that was then posted on the Internet, authorities said Thursday.

Marco Antonio Guzman Zuniga, nicknamed "Brad Pitt," was identified by police as a leader of La Linea, the Juarez cartel's enforcement arm. He was arrested Wednesday in the city of Chihuahua.

The state of Chihuahua had offered a reward of up to half a million pesos ($42,000) for information leading to his arrest.

Guzman Zuniga, 34, coordinated drug operations in several cities, including Chihuahua and the violent Ciudad Juarez, the Ministry of Public Security said in a statement. He is also accused of being involved in other criminal activities, including car theft and the murder of rivals and police who did not collaborate with the cartel, the ministry said.

He is an ex-policeman, authorities said.

Among the crimes that Guzman Zuniga is accused of carrying out is the July 15, 2010 attack on a police installation in Ciudad Juarez with a car bomb.

He is also accused of taking part in the killing of a man whose death was recorded and the recording distributed on the Internet.

Police also say Guzman Zuniga was responsible for an attack on a police deputy director in Chihuahua earlier this month. Two bodyguards were killed.

"It's a name given to the man by his associates. I guess they think he looks like him," a spokesman for federal police said, referring to the 47-year-old Hollywood star Pitt.


  1. Esta re-feo el guey,
    its like calling an ugly chick

  2. He don't look nothing like brad pitt he's more like the bizzaro version of brad pitt

  3. Spitting image....

  4. If you combined Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, you would have this guy!

  5. JAJAJAJA...Sure, he is Pitts twin...if you have an AK47 pointed at your head

  6. They could pass for twins. Amazing, the likeness.

    I'm also the guy you see stumbling out of the bar at 2am with the fattest, ugliest, pig in the place thinking I have a super-model on my arm...

    1. At least you get someone.....

  7. Brad Pitt! Are you fucken kidding me. More like sack of shit. That is one ugly bastard.

  8. lol at that nickname, and the photo. Probably the dude just thought he was good looking or always dressed up or something, you know how people are with nicknames.

    La Linea maybe taking some hits, the posters for El Diego go up on Monday, this dude is arrested today, El Concord 3 went down in Febuary, wonder what the rest of the year holds for Juarez cartel.

  9. Does Brad Pitt know about this? What an insult!
    They must have run out of nicknames!

  10. Why is it not a very large manatory prison term for Ex-Police to be involved in organized crime?? OH I forgot this is Mexico with a sub 5% conviction rate and Intellectuals clammoring to end Violence by the State walking away and HOPING that the gangs will stop fighting?? Well if the criminals are this bad when they are actually being hunted, Its just logical as HELL that when they are left alone things will be stable, MEXICON LOGIC ?????

  11. Oh yea. They look exactly alike. I could hardly tell the difference. Must be a bitch being a wanted drug dealer and everyone is following you around asking for your autograph and wanting to take a picture with you. Fucken fans!! Life must be hard being the twin of Brad Pitt!!LOLOLOL!!!!

  12. Lawmakers Fight for More Eyes Above Texas-Mexico Border

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Two congressional lawmakers from Texas are working to put more eyes in the sky above the Texas-Mexico border. They want more aerial surveillance for the region.

    There are currently four UAVs, or unmanned aerial systems, assigned to the southern border. Three are based in Arizona, and most recently, one now based in Corpus Christi is classified as a maritime unit.

    The bill directs the Army, National Guard and the Air National Guard to design and build a hangar on the southwest border that would house UAVs. The high-tech systems would support the National Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and other law enforcement.

    Lawmakers say that while Arizona shares less than 400 miles of border with Mexico, Texas has about three times the area to cover.

    Congressmen Henry Cuellar and Michael McCaul sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano urging the agency to station the two UAVs requested in Texas.

    The two UAVs on order per the appropriations bill are to be delivered at the end of the year. The bill now moves from the House to the Senate.

  13. Now that he is safely secured, perhaps someone can break the news to him.

  14. haha @ 8:19, i agree, alot of people are commenting on how ugly this guy looks and how super cute brad pitt is, who gives a sh! long as he got caught.

  15. Kinda like Edgar Villareal looking like a Ken Doll? NOT! That`s more of an EGO thing. I`m betting this guy gave himself the nickname and told his followers to call him that. And furthermore, what the HELL is up with every Mexican having a "nickname" It isn`t enough that they already have four names, they need to add another name? Stupid. The more I read these blogs, the dumber they get.

  16. The real Brad Pitt must sue the ugly Mexican killer for psychological damage !!!

  17. Este guey no nacio, lo cagaron!!! you'll be somebody's bitch.......te espera el siete pilas......

  18. " el Brad Pitt" didn't get the memo. He wasn't wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt when he was arrested. Que naco

  19. to anonymous @2:46am, your right, what the f--- is up with the nicknames? i'm white, but work construction in texas and am frequently outnumbered at work. in fact now i'm the one of only 2 other white guys on our site. i've worked around the border (dimmit, webb, zapata counties) as well.
    but yea, everyone has nicknames. all i ever get is baerro or 'shaggy' from scooby doo, but all i know is everyone's nickname, not they're real name. it's like pro wrestling or something.

  20. this dudes so ugly his nickname was ment in a sarcastic way

  21. He's somewhere between brad pitt and andre the giant

  22. Actually the REAL Brad "Titt" is uglier.

  23. i wonder if he had his SOLDIERS lined up and said. "cartels dont got no humanity!" maybe thats why they gave him the name... Aldo Rain? or Brad Pitt? maybe the guy was unstable and retarded and would force women to bang him and call him brad pitt. i say brad no. pitt yes but pitt of


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