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Monday, June 27, 2011

Chief of Police in Nuevo Leon is Executed Inside his Office

A heavily armed commando executed the police chief of Santa Catarina, Germain Perez Quiroz. He was gunned down inside his own office at the police headquarters of the agency located in community of Infonavit La Huasteca.

At 1530 hours about 15 masked men on board at least three late model trucks and two cars entered the front door of the police station and threatened employees inside until they located the police chief.

Witnesses mentioned that the attackers were wearing badges similar to those used by police.

In an unofficial report it was also mentioned that another person was killed inside the same office, however that fact has not been confirmed.

Following the murder the gunmen took three municipal police officers hostage and were ultimately abducted at gunpoint, their whereabouts are presently unknown.

After the incident about 100 elements of the Federal Police, military and Marines took control of the police facilities in Santa Catarina, a municipality located just west of Monterrey.

The Mayor Gabriel Navarro sent condolences to the family of the police chief killed who he described as an honest man who performed his duties in a righteous way on behalf of the police agency and warned that crime will not scare the municipal authority.

Later, in Monterrey, at around 1600 hours four young men were "executed" against a wall in the back of a shopping center in community Florida, south of the capital.

During an interview, the Mayor could not provide any type of detail of the incident and appears the feds were keeping him out of the loop, suggesting a sign of distrust of the municipal authority.


  1. The regios used to be so proud of their city and now look at the shit it's become.

  2. interestingly they needed the chief to be pointed out, so apperently they didn't even know what he looked like. Secondly the whole incident resembles more an act of despair than an act of power to me.

  3. It seems that El Arqui is getting tired of these happening going "unnoticed" and is beginning to call them out on it. I wonder how long until something happens to this man?

  4. This is just massively disgusting to hear, I feel sorry for all the victims and the fact that Monterrey is continuing to spiral out of control... is there any end in sight?

  5. Why was there not a resistance out up by the armed and on duty officers in the building? What sort of authority does the police have if they wont even stand up to armed men. The Chief should have had an automatic weapon with him at all times and the station should have been better secured.

  6. definition of anarchy

    1. A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority

    2. Absence of government

  7. This is so ridiculous and so sad! I was going to blame the police station for not having police officers guarding the office, but what difference does it make if they are all in cahoot with each others to kill somebody? RIP chief.

  8. Very poor internal Mexican police security, particularly within a police station. There is more to this! Until the corruption amongst police, military and govt is stopped, the carnage will continue unabated. The membership of these cartels is staggering. The military cannot be pulled out. Law enforcement cannot handle cartels. This is a war zone being used with military grade weaponry. Law enforcement in Mexico must do a better job of internal building security and officer safety out on the streets.

  9. This isn't about weapons and guarding police stations. Yes, this is very sad and disgusting. But 100 yards from the Federal Police station, come on. This hit squad had protection. This is about the Feds and the Military supporting one side while state and local government support the other. And guys, it is not by choice. Supporting a cartel there is purely survival. This was a professional federal hit squad that is exactly like the ones that have been terrorizing Juarez for 5 years. The feds there are aligned with the big evil (Sinaloa) and the state and locals are supporting their local cartels as they have for years. This is not only a cartel war, it is a class war, and a political war. Calderon hates the people of Northern Mexico and will do anything possible to take power away from them. He has literally ruined Juarez with his support of El Chapo and he is making a bigger mess is CDG/Zeta areas. It is all about attacking PRI states, taking any power possible away from northern states, and giving El Chapo free reign. This is becoming a cleansing of all political opposition through murder, fear and intimidation by the military and federal police.

  10. They operate with impunity because they are the government. Watch, I doubt they even arrest a poor unfortunate scapegoat because they are so arrogant. The message is clear to the state and local people. We the feds are in charge and you are small and poor.

  11. For all of us Americans, I ask you, what should we do? Seriously, What is our role in this so-called drug war? Is there anything for us to do or is it up to our local authorities to handle 'the situation'? What would you like to do? How would you like to help? Is it off our hands? Are we in any way responsible? Think about it. If we don't consume drugs and are not part of the drug trade why should we get involved? If we don't, are we in effect, turning our backs to the innocent who are dying? Why should we care, besides the fact that we still have relatives over there or have a soft spot for that country? If we recognize that it is not just the drugs and mayhem but the lack of education, lack of decent employment, lack of infrastructure, lack of morality, lack of respect and solidarity that has plagued it still our joby to help them get back on their feet? The violence is, no, has been spilling onto our side for a long time now and we notice nothing's being done about it. Sure, we see the news on tv how the police, border-patrol, and sheriffs chase these scum-bags down but we also notice it getting worst and worst every day. Would you advocate more border security? Using what means, what department or departments? Would you advocate the use of our military to safeguard our borders? Should we use our military? Is there any way we can just re-vamp our efforts all along our fronteras? Why can't we just set up more boat patrols in our river and coast, more air surveillance, better border inspections, better internal investigations, and on and on. Don't we have the money for all this? Are we that poor of a country that this is an impossibility? Or would you guys rather have our troops march across and start taking heads? If we had an actual war or 'conflict' as they like to call them nowadays, would you sign up to get rid of these bastards both here and across the river? What would be your motives for serving? Blood-thirst? Revenge? Redemption? Justice? Duty? Or should we just legalize drugs and avoid all of this?

  12. Has it occured to anyone that SEDENA confiscated their weapons while they are being investigated?

  13. @ anon June 28, 2011 1:44 PM

    i think you make a good case..the whole thing is all about PAN kicking asses into line to take the support /dinero that used to go to PRI...politics explains the selective prosecution of the drug war

    nothing else makes any sense

    otra anon...i fear as soon as our ZOG brings the soldiers from Afgannystan..they will start looking for another victim...Mexico is primed for greater US involvement...paving the way for a NWO Mexico...first a little more destruction...and a stable two party democratic dictatorship..and then the big loan from the IMF/worldbank screws to rebuild and develop...first they need to get control of all that lucre from the drug business...what next ?..the North American Union?

  14. Anon 4:20 PM Lots of insightful questions. But it seems like you are taking it from an outside looking in perspective. That is far from the case. The US has been in a recession for 4 years and is getting very close to a great depression. The national debt is so great, it will break our backs and unemployment is at 10% "they say." We can no longer afford the high costs of the "war on drugs." As responsible citizens, we must do what we can to make the US public understand drugs must be legalized and controlled. El Chapo said it himself, the US war on drugs is his best friend. The states of Texas, California, Florida, and New York all have higher inmate counts than any other "nation" in the world. We can no longer afford this ridiculous approach.
    We must legalize, regulate and redirect our government. Let the DEA regulate use and distribution. Retrain other governmental agencies to bring manufacturing back to the US. Put another agency in charge of developing a nation wide energy grid to promote, wind and solar energy.
    "Made in the USA" meant something at one time. It meant it was the best. We could train exiting inmates with wielding skills, oil field skills, and other useful trades. We have allowed the ultra rich to convince us that offshoring is good for us because it generates more profits for the rich. It was the worst thing that could have happened and ultimately could cost us our middle class.
    We need to promote legalization and regulation of drugs "not" because we think it should be a personal choice but because it is the only viable option for the US if we want to pass America and the great middle class on to our children. This would take all the power away from the drug cartels. If this occurs and it will, probably later than sooner, Mexico will need our help too. We must put pressure on our leadership for responsible change.
    One simple mans opinion.

  15. Just another day is in North Americas "Mexican Congo"!! Nothing out of the ordinary. Just regular daily Bullshit!!!
    Stay tune for more of the same tommorrow....

  16. Dear Mexician Cartels,

    Please go back to making necklaces and chess boards. I have been working really hard these days and would like to use up some of my vacation time. I'm having a hard time convincing my wife to go for fear that you may rape her, hang her of a bridge, set her on fire, put her in a oil drum full of chemicals, chop off her limbs, decapitate her, beat her with a nail bat or pit her against me in ring to the death.



    P.S. It's super cold here. You wouldn't like it.

    P.P.S. Sorry Border States.

  17. they need to secure this friggin border, i hope eric holder and obama are indited for this "gun cover up" lets expose the mass arming and perputration of all the wars in history wether it be a sword or a m107 barrret, lets end this redic program, smoke a fattie legalize and toughen the streets with more cops/pay them more on both sides.

    its fucked up and disgusting what happened, and unfortunately those 4 individuals who were kidnapped will most likely be tortured. karma will catch up with them all.

  18. The police chief was clearly a dead man, no matter were he would have been.

    One thing is perfectly clear by this brazen act, the government at all levels seems to be complicit, in fact it's almost as if the government is fighting amongst itself via these cartel proxies.

    As somebody in the above comments pointed out the Feds seem to be supporting Sinaloa, and the local and state governments seem to support their local cartels. This is/was clearly the case in Chihuahua.

    With all the armament that is coming into the country this will sooner or later spin out of the governments control and turn into a more widespread conflict within Mexico that does not center on drugs.

    I suppose it has to happen and there is no other way as the high class in Mexico refuses to acknowledge the vast social problems and lack of opportunities for the Mexican people at large. It's too bad thousands more will have to die before the country even inches towards the right path.

    I remember when Fox was elected, I seriously thought democracy was here at last, the guy had his faults no doubt, lot's of corruption with his wife Martha, but it was nothing to the blatant corruption with Garcia Luna in the Calderon admin.

    Sad to see my country go trough this.

  19. I feel for all Mexicans with these crimes going on. I was in Mexico from Europe in March and fell in love with the country because of how genuinely friendly the people were. I also met some soldiers and police officers and all of them were extremely helpful. Mexicans cannot apologise enough for the troubled times - even though they are not to blame.

    The people make Mexico the great place it is and I hope that the government does manage to rid the country of the dealers and mass murderers. Monterrey is a city I would love to visit very soon.

  20. @ johnny walker

    good question..who is behind all the wars all over the world ..down through history...follow the money trail...

    behind the curtain the hidden hand is counting the gold

  21. why are you guys getting so slow to update your postings? Its been 2 days.... el blog del narco updates constantly... why cant you just translate their blog for us english speaking readers?

  22. @ beamsly

    yeap is a real shame ...Mexico is so beautiful...and the vast majority of the people are so great...

    that magnifys the will love Monterrey ..truly a great city...beautiful...the mountains..the people ...the life

  23. Brito, the anti Semite, continues to rave at Jews....

    'good question..who is behind all the wars all over the world ..down through history...follow the money trail... behind the curtain the hidden hand is counting the gold'

    Oh, well..... The drug warriors are certainly a fine lot, are they not? Adolph lives on!

  24. @4:20
    Pose these questions to your governor, state representatives, congress, president. American people need to pester them about this like we pester them about the budget deficit and spending. They listen when enough people speak out.

  25. Where's the protection and support?? Looks like Military take over in Tamps and NL is justified. These police chiefs need protection especially if they are honest and trying to clean up the place. Should focus on those who perp these deeds--Sinaloa??

  26. @Layla2...Wake up, the Military and Federal Police did it. Their office was 100 yards from the police station that was attacked. SEDENA took the police forces weapons during an investigation. Then they sent a professional hit squad to murder the chief an abducted 3 officer. This wasn't cartel hit men, it was a federal police hit squad. Treacherous, ruthless, clean, professional, cold blooded, and the best of the best at what they do. This is a governmental hit squad!!! Read the earlier posts before you post.
    Wow, can you imagine what this police force must have felt when the feds took their weapons. Wow, what would it be like to wait on what you know is coming, a certain and ruthless death and the government is doing it.

  27. And therein lies the problem Complete corruption ,a national heritage,Mexico is in need of a complete overhaul,is this being attempted, I HOPE SO ??

  28. @ anon 309 ..Layla2, Wake up the military did it... Just wonderin' how you know? When did they come in and take their weapons? I missed it.

  29. i am not anti-anything except greed and murder..and in your case ..ignorance

    And thats why I support CDG and I hate the zetas for " personal reasons"

  30. @ brito
    The term "anti-Semitic" (or "anti-Semite") overwhelmingly refers to Jews only. It was coined in 1879 by German journalist Wilhelm Marr in a pamphlet called, "The Victory of Germandom over Jewry". Using ideas of race and nationalism, Marr argued that Jews had become the first major power in the West. He accused them of being liberals, a people without roots who had Judaized Germans beyond salvation.

  31. @ brito
    are you so stupid to propose that the hidden money men are not behind most of the evils on this earth

    WTF? And that is not being anti-Semitic? Dude, you are sounding more and more like Glen Beck

  32. HEY ANON(S)



    most middle eastern people are Semitic peoples..including the Palestinian and Lebanese people

    it is not the exclusive provence of just one small but very vocal and influential group..i don't care what some old German guy said

    second : i am not the only person who has concluded that there are a group of unscrupulous financiers who manipulate economies from behind the scenes

    no amount of abuse , criticism, or accusation will ever convince me otherwise

    there are riots in Greece, Portugal and Spain right now that are connected with my beliefs...the world bank..IMF etc.
    would it be so impossible for it to be true?

    mebbe you should open your mind to unlimited possibilities...people will do anything for money and power...

    and this :

    @ brito
    are you so stupid to propose that the hidden money men are not behind most of the evils on this earth

    show me just exactly where in these words
    there is any reference to... anti or ...semite ...i just don't see it

    i mean i guess you could take enough letters and spell it ...?????

    you seem a little hyper sensitive ..why?

  33. @ brito
    Where to start? Ok:
    1." FUCK ISRAEL let the Jews deal with the Palestinians" you remember that classic post? That my friend is ant- semitic. Because you are aledegedly a semite ( acorroding to wikipedia) does not mean you are not being ant- Semitic. By your logic you are not only NOT anti-Jew but you are wishing war on your own people since you claim to be lebanese and therefore a "Semite"
    2. Hidden money men. If you meant the IMF or world bank, say so. Don't use cryptic phrases that can be interpreted othewise. What do riots in Greece and Portugal have to do with this? And FYI the riots are not soley due to those organizations.
    3. What about CDG? You support them?

  34. @ brito what about the CDG? You support them when you go down to Monterrey?

  35. @ brito actually it was

    Translation according to you ... Let the Semites work out their own problems with the Semites.

  36. @ brito

    1. the state or quality of being Jewish.
    2. anything typical or characteristic of Judaism, as customs, beliefs, influence, etc.

    an·ti-Sem·ite (nt-smt, nt-)
    One who discriminates against or who is hostile toward or prejudiced against Jews.
    anti-Se·mitic (-s-mtk) adj.

  37. hey there anon

    damn right... let the nation of Israel work out their own problems with their neighbors..without our blood and treasure being expended all over the middle east

    if they had to stand alone ..they would either have to make peace ..or cease to exist


    Translation according to you ... Let the Semites work out their own problems with the Semites.

    yeap..thats right ...and let the best Semite do you construe this to be anti?

    more accurately... non-interventionist

    you are foaming at the mouth.. BUT now that you have said jew..

    are you one?..

    or are you a paid shill working for AIPAC?

    i am of Semitic heritage and proud of it...

    how about Mexico..right next door ..descending into turmoil..while we are fucking around in gannystan an libya????

    do you ever wonder why?...why hundreds of people are being killed every month right next door and so little coverage ..this si the only day to day English translation news coverage that i know of...why?

    why is there so much emphasis on a place thousands of miles away..and the American public is kept in the dark about a place we can drive to..why?

    i care about Mexico ..and any oppressed people ..what do you care about ?

    i am trying to get people to look away from the msm promotion and misdirection of the attention of the American public towards the "middle east" and try to direct more focus on MEXICO..our cousins , neighbors,and yes friends right next door ...what are you doing?...trying to obfuscate that effort ..WHY?
    why don't we invest more in Mexico and less in other places so far away? are trying to obscure my message by accusing me of being an anti -Semite

    pero no bueno pendejo..esta pero no baile

    follow the money trail and there you will find the criminal ..wherever it leads ..maybe it leads to you? that why you protest so much..tu culpa culero?

    why don't you spend some time trying to find some answers instead of wasting your time in futile, childish, irrational, hysterical, negative attacks on waste your time ..and you are out of your league

    why don't you ever talk about Mexico ?

    ..the only thing you ever talk about is ????????

    and hide behind anonymous..cobarde?

  38. @ brito

    That was a classic straw man argument. Your rants are filled with illogical falacies. You don't know what you are talking about brito.

    why don't you spend some time trying to find some answers instead of wasting your time in futile, childish, irrational, hysterical, negative attacks on waste your time ..and you are out of your league

    I'm not attacking you I'm just calling you out when you are wrong. Don't take it so personally :)

  39. ok anon fly

    it is not a debate is my opinion..i don't have to make any arguments, raw straw faux or otherwise

    and you are the one slinging red herrings and ad hominems

    do you confuse semitics with semantics?

    what is it that scares you so much when i say follow the money trail?

    why do you object when i say ..ask why?...see for your self..ask questions answers...

    you persist in asserting that the only semitic people are the jews..correct?

    but that is not are wrong

    ..quote me a source pertaining to your assertions that i cannot cannot by default ..i am correct

    why is it so important to you to deny the rest of the middle eastern people status as semitic people ..and reserve it only for the jews?

    so just what are the rest of the middle eastern people?

    now that i have led you around by the nose sufficient to demonstrate the illogical, morally corrupt and overtly discriminatory attitude people of your persuasion seek to impress on the public at large concerning the other middle eastern peoples

    i will also point out that you are totally reactionary, and posses no capacity to originate thoughts, proposals, or opinions of your own...

    like a parasitic fly you exist only to circle around my comments and try to land and derive some sustenance from the opinions i generate

    you possess no oeuvre of your own ...and only exist as a shadow

    now finally... at last ...CAN WE TALK ABOUT MEXICO?...FLY

  40. your venomous hatred betrays the fact that you are in truth an ignorant mind controlled idiot..held in thrall by mass media generated propaganda

    like a trained dog have reacted on cue to attack anyone who is the perceived enemy of your master

  41. I'm not attacking you I'm just calling you out when you are wrong. Don't take it so personally :)

    calling me out ?..but not attacking?...okie dokey

    ard..come on out from under the bed pendejo

    by reposting my words you have revealed yourself ...again

    is that all you got? sound down for the count

    now i know are a crypto huh?

    an overt idiot..and a covert AIPAC shill

    and you can forget trying to weasel some personal info...i smell you tool

    neva gonna happn...u neva gonna win...pretty sad to be a fly huh?
    nutridin yourself is sad erny...onan

  42. @lito brito, you are mostly correct about the "hidden hand that counts the gold" except for one thing, and that is that they call themselves jews today, but they are not...
    ....There is a book called THE THIRDEENTH TRIBE by Arthur Koestler, and in these book it traces the history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in the Dark Ages became converted to Judaism, Khazaria was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but evidence indicated that the Khazars themselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Jewry..... The author of these book was warned not to publish these book, and did so anyway, and soon after meet an untimely death....
    ....These same people today are the main characters envolved in the "drug trade"..They control the media, banks, wall steet, governments, education, everything..!!!Better known as the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN rev 2-9....
    ..........things in mexico, u.s. or for that matter anywhere in the world will not get better, but the total opposite will happen and people in their depraved nature will continue to devour one another....And the proff is in our face is that MANKIND needs a HIGHER-CREATOR TO GOVERN THEM...Until then, we will continue to see the evil that is evident in mexico, and the world...r.

  43. @ brito you sound paranoid and delusional. Save your energy for when you go back to your hometown Monterrey and you can tell us all about it. I am just a fly I assure you I am not who you think I am. I WILL reveal myself soon.
    In the meantime have a safe trip.... Yeap..... Creamcicles are delicious. If you look at el cerro de la silla you can see the virgin Mary. ..,,,,No Im not a Semite puro vasco. Euskal herria. Stay away from the hidden...... money men. La coyotera es una colonia peligroso. Mejor no ir. Allah Akbar death to the infidels pero.... Arriba el CDG

  44. Nice try brito like it's not obvious that that last post was you. 4:39. You know how i know? .... And caps. Thats how. Sad you nut riding yourself that's sad!

  45. ANON.. WOE DUDE...

    man what you got? nevilles haze?...white widow?...damn homie, you high vato...shroomin..o what?...shheeeiittt!!!!

    no dreamsicle cabron... puro azteca chaparita

    tambien cuidate don't go out ..stay on the hacienda too high

    but yeah man..the snake has almost crawled thru the whole planet ...only N.Korea..Cuba ..and Persia to go

    2012 is coming quick//// the Maya knew the stars

  46. Wow that tottally sucks that they killed this innocent police chief. I hope that these idiots are caught and brought to justice soon. Poor Monterrey and it's metropolitan area. Can't wait to see you again

  47. @june 28 11:05 I really hope you don't convince your wife. It's really warm in Mexico, you wouldn't like it either. Chess boards? I wonder if you would be able to play.


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