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Friday, June 10, 2011

Cartel shootout reported near Los Indios bridge

Grenade attack reported on Matamoros police roadblock

June 07, 2011 8:18 PM

Members of the Gulf Cartel and Zetas clashed in a long, drawn-out gun battle Tuesday that began in the outskirts of Matamoros and concluded near Lucio Blanco, a town near the Los Indios International Bridge.

The Mexican military arrived in force at Lucio Blanco, with a large contingent of troops and a helicopter in response to reports of armed civilians fighting each other, a Mexican law enforcement official said.

U.S. authorities could hear the firefight and see the helicopter in the distance. The Cameron County Sheriff’s Department sent out additional deputies to the area as a precautionary measure. The bridge was not closed to traffic.

A source with firsthand knowledge of criminal activity in Mexico said that the firefight began in the outskirts of Matamoros after an apparent attempt by the Zetas to enter Matamoros. The Zetas were met by members of the Gulf Cartel, with the firefight turning into a chase through dirt roads and ending up near Lucio Blanco. The clash was broken up when the military arrived and turned it into a three-way firefight.

The number of dead or wounded couldn’t be learned at press time Tuesday.

The source also said that a group of Zetas threw a grenade at a Matamoros municipal police roadblock in the outskirts of the city Monday evening. The attack took place less than a mile from the city’s airport.

A Mexican law enforcement official confirmed the attack and that a patrol suffered minor damage but would not confirm whether a criminal organization was behind it. No injuries or deaths were reported in the grenade attack.


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  1. Just like Pakistan the U.S needs to enter into Mexico and beat the living shit out of these assholes so that thier stray bullets don`t enter America!!
    Those gangbangers need to be crushed and taught a dear lesson. Its apparent that the Mexican Goverment is incapable of holding its own and is to weak to take them on. They are making a mockery of that country and terrorizing its citizens and leaving them at the mercy of these common criminals.
    Another good option is a 50ft high fence and loud spaekers blasting the U.S. National anthem so that we won`t have to listen to the screams coming from Mexico!!!

    1. Try living 50 feet from the river next to the bridge y'all dnt have any idea just the news being allowed to be giving to you all! Just be glad you don't live here

  2. fence yes..invasion.. no..the Mexican military has the resources...just not the will...i hate to say it ..but from what i have seen ..they are just kind of half hearted about the whole thing

  3. I agree with 'brito. Mexico doesn't need an invasion from the US. The US has helped in the best way we can: training and equipment.

    We could take out every corrupt gov't official, military officer, policeman and such but they will soon be replaced by another one until the Mexican people demand something different in their government.

    I think it's happening slowly, but it is happening. The more active role the Mexican population takes, the sooner change will come.
    They have a pretty hard fight and my heart goes out to them.

  4. I Agree 100% with "Lill borito" Mexico doesnt have the WILL to fight. Then again The USA doesnt want to see the serious border problem which has become a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE. When OTMs are rolling across the Border from Iraq,Iran,Syria and God knows where else, it has become a NATIOANL SECURITY problem which Washington, DHS and Napitalano fail to realize.

    You cant sugarcoat, Spin or traivialize whats happening on our border like Napalitano's DHS is doing, by saying "Our borders are safe" She has got her head in the Sand and acts like problems doet exist.

    Thats DHS's open border Mentality.

  5. Lets hope there was some casualties towards the cartels in this little incident.


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