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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Banners reveal La Familia Michoacana-Zeta alliance

REFORMA Morelia, México

We express our gratitude to all of Michoacan society for granting us the opportunity to intervene with the problems you have had with the criminal organization of Chango Mendez, and we also ask that you pay attention to our suggestions and recommendations that any person who is discovered and proven to be providing support or communicating with the people of Chango Mendez will suffer punitive measures up to the death penalty based on the infraction. For us Chango Mendez and all the group that follows him are traitors to the fatherland based on their decision to unite with Los Zetas.

And we all know that every traitor to the fatherland deserves the death penalty

attn: the Knights Templar GUARDIANS OF MICHOACAN”

Narcobanners that were hung this past Friday morning in public areas and over roadways in Morelia, the state capitol of Michoacan, and the municipalities of Apatzingan, Patzcuaro and Erongaricuaro and several others within the state warn of an alledged alliance between La Familia and Los Zetas.

Some of the banners included a picture of José de Jesús Méndez Vargas, el Chango Mendez, the current leader of La Familia.

The banners, which included death threats to anyone supporting La Familia, were signed by Los Caballeros Templarios, or the Knights Templar, the self appointed guardians of the state.

After the death of La Familia’s leader, Nazario Moreno “el Chayo” or “el Mas Loco” during a Federal Police operation in the Apatzingan region last December, leaders of La Familia loyal to El Chayo and Servando Gomez Martinez “la Tuta” split from La Familia and formed Los Caballeros Templarios.

Rumors persist in Michoacan that el Chayo did not die at the hands of the Federal forces and, in fact, is leading the effort to cleanse Michoacan of el Chango Mendez’s followers.

According to the Mexican Government Zetas were invloved in the battles between Los Caballeros and La Familia in late May in the rural areas surrounding Apatzingan and neighboring municialpities. Ten Zetas and 36 members of La Familia were detained and presented by the Federal Police during the fighting.


  1. Gangbanger punks- thats all they are -Fucken punks!!
    When these asswipes hang thier banners cicizens should open fire on them and take them out. It does'nt matter who is putting them up. Teach them a leson for littering with thoses silly posters!!

  2. Nothing less than Cartel de facto takeover of the State of Michoachan. According to them they rule by consent of the people and have control over judging crimes and the punishment. And if you are on the other side, it could mean death by execution.

  3. they are enemies now allies.

  4. This is an embarrassment to the people of Michoacan, La Familia has been corrupted by Chango Mendez into thinking they should operate like Zetas, La Familia will not get weaker but infact, ore ruthless and deadly

  5. To be fair, this is only propaganda directed at Chango Mendez's faction, from La Tuta's, although I do believe it is probably true. La Familia will go just like Beltran Leyva's, La Barbie is La Tuta, and Chango Mendez is El H.

  6. Both la familia and LCT are fu****. End of story. Let them kill each other, they are bot worthless pieces of trash who belong in the garbage.

  7. You can already see this alliance giving its fruits, look at that nice narcobanner with a logo.

  8. Jumped the gun, obviously those are Knights Templar banners, not LFM/Zeta ones.

  9. doesnt make any sense why lfm would do that. They are allied with chapo, they are paying their way in t.j., and now they are allied with the z. They are def. the most unstable, remember they were taking a break, just doesnt make any sense.

  10. From what I understand they aren't really allied with Chapo, and actually are fighting with Sinaloa in some states. In Tijuana, it is reported that it is the cells of La Tuta that pay to play in TJ, which would be Knights Templars. It is a mess, another result of the kingpin strategy, splintering cells and an escalation of violence.

  11. so are these Templars a para-military group or what? Are they driven by narco money or revenge and law enforcement or what?

  12. The Familia catel is run by El Chango- thats a monkey for all of you "gringos". What would you expect from a little brother of the modern gorilla. Hes a silly F###k with a long 3ft tail that he rolls up and sticks under his pants. whats worse there are people that see wisdom in his thoughts!! A Monkey- can you imagine?
    We all know from Planet of the Apes what happens when monkeys take control and run things!!!

  13. Just another faction of La Familia, same as the La barbie group of the Beltran Leyva's. Same situation.

  14. puto chango vale verga,nomas les diste huevos,a puros putos cobardes,,levantan gente,nomas porque no bajamos la cabeza cuando pasan, chinguen asu madre, prefiero morir,que andar de lanve huevos,,,mataste mucha gente inocente,pero al rato te la vamos a dejar caer ati pinche changillo de mierda,y alos que mueven la cola cuando te miran,,,LOS HOMBRES DE VERDAD NUNCA MUEREN,SON ORGULLO Y EJEMPLO,PARA SUS HERMANOS Y AMIGOS

  15. Chango Mendez Capturado!!!!
    martes 21 de junio de 2011
    "MILENIO Aguascalientes • Agentes de la Policía Federal detuvieron a Aguascalientes a José de Jesús Méndez alias El Chango, brazo operativo de la organización criminal La Familia."



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