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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Arrest made for the murder of two bodyguards

The authorities presented this afternoon a member of organized crime, who participated in the kidnapping and murder of two bodyguards who worked for the governor Rodrigo Medina.

The arrest was made in the municipality of Pesquería, where he participated in a shootout with the Army that left 5 suspects dead.

The dead included 4 males and 1 female, and also released 2 kidnap victims.

The detainee was identified as Jesus Carcamo Eduardo Rocha, 18-year-old native of Tamaulipas, who confessed to the murder.

The Attorney General of Nuevo Leon, did not rule out that police officers of Zuazua who were arrested this morning are also related to the double murder.

Bodyguards Found
Police on Wednesday found the dismembered bodies of two bodyguards who worked for the governor of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, the site of a violent turf war between drug cartels.

Authorities believe Gov. Rodrigo Medina's bodyguards were killed by a drug cartel. A message left near the bodies accused Medina of favoring a rival drug organization.

The message also said the bodyguards, members of Nuevo Leon's state police, took money from the feared Zetas drug cartel.

"For the Governor Rodrigo Medina: Here are two of your bodyguards, very good at collecting money from the company Z, you just came and forgot, as if you will always be in power, soon your six years will be over, lets see where you hide if not before."


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