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Monday, May 9, 2011

Violent Weekend in Guadalupe, Nuevo León

An intense shootout and chase occurred in the town of Guadalupe, Nuevo León at about 1100 hours on Sunday.

A group of police escorts to the chief of police in Guadalupe were able to detect the presence of a group of armed men who were in the process of attempting to carry out an attack against them. Once the gunmen saw that they had been seen by the police escort they fled, which prompted a pursuit and subsequent intense battle that included the explosions of grenades that sent panic among the neighbor.

During the pursuit the vehicle belonging to the gunmen that was travelling at high speed flipped over in the HEB store parking lot located on Avenida Juarez and Lazaro Cardenas. This caused panic and terror among the thousands of customers who were shopping at the small mall.

Following the accident police managed to kill three of the gunmen during a shootout and wounded another that eventually died from the injuries he sustained. Forensic medical personnel transported the dead sicarios to the Forensic Service Center, the identification of the dead men it's still not known.

Inside the Honda CRV police found an AR-15 assault rifle, two AK-47 assault rifles (cuerno de chivo), a .38 caliber handgun, among other things. Official sources said that the gunmen were on their way to a mother’s day event that was being organized by the city of Guadalupe, where mayor Ivonne Álvarez was scheduled to make a presentation but had to cancel due to fears of another attack against her.

Minutes later police found a silver Malibu vehicle that had been abandoned by several gunmen who were also injured but managed to escape.

The car was found on the streets 20 de noviembre and 5 de mayo, inside they found personal items and clothing.

Nothing is known of the gunmen who were in the vehicle, which was secured by the authorities.

But violence would not end for the town of Guadalupe because at around 1330 hours a new round of violent would occur, this in the same street Avenida Juarez, where a chase and shootout took place between elements of the Municipal Police and a group of sicarios.

That action injured a police officer that also including the unfortunate injury of three innocent civilians, among them were an 8 year and 13 year old girls, along with a 25 year old woman.

Police managed to apprehend three assailants, who are yet to be identified. The three arrested included two gunmen and a "halcón," and police seized weapons and two Nextel communication devices.


  1. I love the fact that they arent taking prisoners. notice they were shot while trying to get out of the sardine can, the bullet holes
    on the car are located around their bodies.
    Save a Maruchan, kill a Zeta!

  2. great job! good to see they killed/caught those scum

  3. The sicarios were probably trying to shoot as they were exiting the vehicle that rolled. Surely that's why they were shot. Kudos to the officers.

  4. I'd like to take the time to commend those soldiers for a great job done!! Altough personally, I'd prefer to just shoot to kill than actually take prisoners, they did as much as they could and took down a couple bastards!! Keep em coming!!! =D

  5. I hope this is a sign that 'authorities' are getting a bit more proactive toward watching these scum and attacking first. Shouldn't there have been some intel everytime they confiscate cell phones and other stuff? Fingerprints? Aren't authorities trying to go after these bastards? If not, why waste US dollars pissing down a sinkhole?

    BTW, anon, I love your comment about shooting first--ask questions later approach. '...Climbing out of the sardine can!' Just like cockroaches, eh?

  6. notice the ak-47's right beneath the childrens toy cars.

  7. Good job Officers.....make them fear the law again

  8. Theres a video on youtube where you can hear the guy in handcuffs screaming like a Bitch before he dies.

  9. don;t know about the story but its sad with so much violence around...RIP


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