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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher abducted from school in Tepic, Nayarit.

The lack of security in Tepic, Nayarit was evident this Tuesday morning as six heavily armed gunmen abducted a teacher in the colonia Dos de Agosto neighborhood.

The incident occurred shortly after 8:00 am outside the Ricardo Flores Magon Elementary School, located on Calle Genaro Vázquez and Primero de Mayo where according to witnesses the suspects violently abducted the teacher after she had parked her white Honda CRV.

The teacher, identified as 35 year old Martha Aide, was taken in front of dozens of witnesses, including many children, and driven away in a late model pick-up.

Classes were suspended as parents arrived to collect their children, many of whom appeared in a state of nervous shock.

A shoe and the keys to the teacher’s SUV were left behind on the street, a grim symbol of the violence gripping the small state of Nayarit as rival criminal gangs fight for control of the “plaza”.

Nayarit, whose total population barely tops one million, has already seen 167 murders linked to organized crime in the first four months of the year. April was the most violent month with 50 murders.


Levantan maestra en colonia 2 de agosto

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  1. sort of proves the point that poverty is not the causative factor in Mexico's decline into is symptomatic of the culture of lawlessness and lack of security ..

    no advancement...equals crime and poverty..the narcos want an uneducated young population...with no other option but to take up the gun

  2. @'lito'brito

    "sort of proves the point that poverty is not the causative factor in Mexico's decline into darkness."

    Are you that delusional or just plain stupid. Poverty is the main cause they get into the business!!

  3. All this talk of poverty forcing people into crime is BS. I've traveled all over Mexico and my parents came from Pakistan. The poverty in places like Pakistan, India and other countries is MUCH, MUCH worse than anything in Mexico, yet they do not have people going around, extorting, kidnapping, torturing or murdering others over money.

  4. @May 3, 2011 10:26 PM
    Pakistani no one said forced I said "cause" one is forced but it does offer an opportunity to make some income. Comprehend?

  5. Easy now everyone....lito brito has a point. So many want to blame it all on poverty, but there are millions around the world who experience a poverty beyond anything Mexico has seen who don't fall into a life of crime.

    But poverty is only a part. Endemic corruption in all government institutions and turning a blind eye to the crime for decades has numbed many to the violence and destruction.

    This is not such a simple problem, otherwise it would have been solved long ago. But there is no need to attack people for expressing their opinions.

  6. "Forcing" was not meant to be taken literally. The truth is that Mexican poverty is nowhere as wide scale or as bad as some other parts of the world, so it should never be used as an excuse.

  7. The macho mexican culture is to blame quote alot, but that's only really the fuel to the fire. The real problem is the endemic corruption fueled my billions in narco money and a society with a high degree of wealth inequality. Not much of a police force if cops can't even afford guns.

  8. I wonder if this teacher was la guera or just an innocent victim to rape and kill.

  9. I don't believe this woman was taken in an effort to deprive the children of the community of an education. Rather she may be related to some Narco, and a rival member found out about it. I'm not saying she was involved in anything criminal rather she may related to someone who is but then again who knows?

  10. aww come on ya'll...let me kick this anymess pendejo back into his corner ..he has it coming

    just ring the bell and stand back..i get tired of kickin urhrnys tired old ass...y esta nuevo culero seems to have a little bit of espiritu

  11. Nayarit is run like a feudal state. The governors and power brokers run everything and want a piece of the action. I makes no difference to them whether the businesses are legitimate or not. Everyone pays a tax, or protection money. That has been the way of life in Nayarit for many years.

  12. Unfortunately the innocent teacher has probably been gang raped and then killed by these animales! Why would they go after an elementary school teacher? I am sure she hasn't been taking out sicarios with an AK? Just goes to show that even civilians who are not involved in the narco trafficking are also at risk! Dios Ayude la Gente de Mexico!


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