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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sinaloa Bans “Narco Ballads” at Bars, Nightspots

The governor of the western Mexican state of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, has issued a decree banning songs recounting the exploits and travails of drug lords, known as “narco ballads,” from being performed or played at bars, taverns, nightclubs and banquet halls.

A top state official, Bernardo Cardenas, said that the decree conditions renewal of those establishments’ liquor license on their “not having sold, exhibited, shown or played music, videos, images or concerts that glorify criminals, anti-social behavior or illegal activities.”

The measure is aimed at eradicating the so-called “narco-culture,” which justifies and extols violence and is even more dangerous when mixed with alcoholic beverages, Cardenas said.

He said establishments that do not comply with the measure will not be fined but inspectors will take note of the violation and that will prevent them from renewing their liquor license.

It is worrying how deeply the “narco-culture” has penetrated Mexican society, Cardenas said, noting that polls show that when asked what they want to be when they grow up children say drug traffickers.

Confronting the drug-gang problem therefore involves promoting other values, sports and especially job creation so youth have other options besides organized crime.

The Sinaloa government had already signed an agreement with the Chamber of the Radio and Television Industry to remove all programming that promotes “false idols” and fosters or defends crime and violence.

Sinaloa is part of Mexico’s drug-trafficking golden triangle along with the neighboring states of Durango and Chihuahua and is considered the cradle of the country’s most notorious capos.

Source: EFE


  1. That´s funny because most of the bars, tavern and nightclubs in Sinaloa are owned by drug dealers, along with every other business in Sinaloa...

  2. I wonder if it is just narco corridos or if gansta rap will be included. Gangland criminal activity is glorified in many of the songs.

  3. Senor del ArranqueMay 19, 2011 at 11:02 PM

    Don't blame the music... Blame the actions.

    The songs NEVER say go out and kill somebody. They only talk about how this person does this and that. Ok they do promote the narco culture. But it is up to you if YOU want to take action, and do the crime. People listen to rap, rock and other music that promote violence... Ban thoses as well?? I listen to corridos and I can tell right from wrong. These are the same kind of people, who blame mc donalds for being overweight. If you don't like the music change the station. If your parents raised you right, and taught you morals, taught you how to be strong minded. And raised you to be a hard working person. Then Los corrridos will only be they are already just words.

  4. Texcoco Mex said.

    This is good, but we also need to change our laws. Narco music don't lure people to became Narcos. The easy money, and the fact that a lot of people get away with a lot of shit here in Mexico is what lure people to be a Narco.
    Capital Punishment is what we need.

  5. I suspect if they only played Celine Dion, the murders would triple.

  6. How Are Sinaloa Gonna Get all their antrax and gn now?

  7. If they played only Celine Dion, suicides would triple.

  8. This is the type of "law" mexicans love to pass and the mexican police love to "enforce" Lots to talk about, nobody really gets too upset (like the criminals) and no risk. "Action" that really isn't action - it's play-action.

    Yeah those narco-corridos are a real problem, let's ban them. Summon the press, pass out a press release, make an announcement, get busy.

  9. corridos will always be around people are just trippin just cuz dey say that they traffic and kill and have guns dont mean u gotta do the same yall should just really worry bout the war between all the cartels instead of the music. yall will never stop em so dont try and dont take music especially our corridos away from us PURO TWINS CULIACAN SINOALOA!!!!!!!!!


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