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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Retired general who led campaign against drug gangs killed in Mexico

By Daniel Hernandez/La Plaza

A recently retired Mexican army general who oversaw a controversial military operation against drug-trafficking was shot dead in a Mexico City suburb over the weekend, the military said in a statement (link in Spanish).

A tough-talking career soldier, retired Gen. Jorge Juarez Loera was in civilian clothes and in a compact civilian vehicle Saturday when he pulled over after being struck from behind in the Ciudad Satelite area of northwest Mexico City, witnesses told reporters. After exiting his vehicle and confronting the other driver, Juarez Loera was shot and killed, reports said.

Federal investigators have taken over the case from local authorities, reports said Tuesday. One possibility being investigated is "premeditated execution," said El Universal (link in Spanish). The general was considered an expert in drug-trafficking issues and had access to sensitive intelligence, raising the possibility he was targeted in the shooting, sources told the daily Reforma.

Juarez Loera rose to third in command in the Mexican military, and left his most recent post upon reaching the mandatory retirement age of 65 earlier this month.

Near the end of his 48 years of service in the Mexican armed forces, Juarez Loera oversaw Joint Operation Chihuahua (previously known as Joint Operation Juarez), the military-led campaign against drug gangs in the Mexican border state where violence-ravaged Ciudad Juarez is located. Homicide and human rights abuse claims against the Mexican military skyrocketed in Ciudad Juarez after President Felipe Calderon dispatched the army to combat the cartels in the region in late 2006.

Juarez Loera sometimes courted controversy in public remarks (link in Spanish). He once rebuffed critics of rising death tolls tied to the government's military-led campaign by saying that homicide victims should not be described as "one more citizen dead" but rather "one less delinquent ."

Responding to complaints of heavy-handedness in the Chihuahua operation, Juarez Loera once boasted, "Mi orden de cateo es el marro," or "My search warrant is the sledgehammer."


  1. The general who lived by the death squad hit, died by it....

    'La frase polémica que caracterizó a Juárez Loera, fue aquella que hizo a los medios de comunicación para que ya no se refirieran a los ejecutados como “un muerto más”, sino como “un delincuente menos”.'

  2. "Terrorists are motivated by our weakness; they are motivated by the fact that they can be successful." And so goes it with drug gangs. If they think we will succumb to their tactics they are more likely to continue in this manner.

  3. Mexico, the armpit of the world. This is just another sad but highly expected event.

  4. When the cartels repeatedly target the authorities, especially the leaders, they are showing that THEY are the ones in control.

    There is so much corruption, so many safe havens and so many people willing to harbor these terrorists.

    I fear for the future of my beloved Mexico as it approaches the status of "failed state"

  5. how can these guys not realize that they are gonna be a target ...and just cruise around like they have no enemies...amazing

  6. Rollin in his armored Cooper

  7. No ke Muy Chingon El Guey

  8. He made it easy for them. Retaliation is in order get your boots on and get some.

  9. Of all the hits that ive seen lately, this one seems the most professional. Classic move, tap the back of his car, then pop him in the chest when he gets out. Obviously pros, didnt just spray his car & anyone standing next to him. couldnt help but laugh when I saw it was a mini cooper....morbid i know

  10. ardent loves it when someone in authority goes down. he thinks they all have it coming.

  11. First of all, being hit from behind by an unknown vehicle (made to look like an accident) is a known "hit" tactic. Second, getting out of your vehicle to confront a stranger probably wasn't smart either considering the position this former military general held. He should employed bodyguards at the very least. He had to have known he was a target.

  12. Corruption is the root of all evil in poor countries. Low salaries amongst law enforcement is the reason it is easily bought. The governments seem to accept the fact that the officers will "supplement" their income somehow. Everyone knows how it can only be done: Corruption

  13. >>Anonymous said...
    ardent loves it when someone in authority goes down. he thinks they all have it coming.<<

    The pseudo intellectuall ardent lives in the basement in his mother's house. He doesn't pay rent or anything because he has no job. He spends his time doling out his opinion on world events, geo politics, antiterrorism and other shit he claims to be an expert in. Like making up claims about something he knows nothing about; How does he know the General was the head of a hit squad, uh ? He just pulls out strings of crap right out of his ass without knowing what the fuk...They need you back at the 7 eleven, ardent. A customer claims you didn't give him back change !

  14. Ardent thinks that we one in authority openly brags about ordering political assassinations or using torture, then one cannot feel to much for them when they go down because somebody used such on them.

    'ardent loves it when someone in authority goes down. he thinks they all have it coming.' from AnonyMoe May 25, 2011 12:55 AM...

    Let's face it, AnonyMoe, Gen. Jorge Juarez Loera was somebody a lot like our own General Dick Cheney, a guy who has made the use of torture and political assassinations 'respectable' for the US government to be openly using against their political opponents throughout the world. Who really are the cowards here, when we have government and military authorities openly breaking the laws they are sworn to uphold?

  15. yeah T'ardent can feel that way because his baggy ass is all safe and sound living in the USA...

    he dosen't care about the people who live in fear of the criminals everyday...

    and for better or worse guys like el general are at least trying to provide some sort of protection for them ....

    it is all just a right wing /left wing ,coffee shop political debate for him

    funny how he never ever says anything bad about the narcos...paid shill?...moron?...who knows

  16. That's the excuse you use for everything, ard. It's a bogus, bullshit argument and you use it in an attempt to support your ridiculous, childish attacks on any and all authority figures.

    Compare your life accomplishments with those of Gen. Juarez.

    OK support your allegation and answer your question. Back up your assertion with factual references. You can't. Who are the cowards? The ardent-trolls of the world or sicarios who kill for fun or cartels who allow hundreds of women to be murdered in a city they control? Who?


  17. this old general was twice the man prick cheney could have ever have of been

    the prick cheneys of the world wage war by proxy and by using our own blood and treasure to obtain and secure wealth for the money elites, who rule over us all

    this old general was trying to maintain some sort of safety within his own country by combating the most ruthless culeros on earth first hand...

    do you see cheney driving around in a small car ..alone ..unguarded...jajaja

    once again T'ardent



  18. Brito, with as much writing on this blog as I have done, I am amazed that you still think that me and my family are somehow living way out of Mexico's cartel battle zones???? We are not. Please finally get it through your rather thick head that my immediate family heads to the Monterrey area twice a year, and that there are multiple family members in that area and in Tamaulipas close by to Miguel Aleman.

    'lito'brito said...
    yeah T'ardent can feel that way because his baggy ass is all safe and sound living in the USA... he dosen't care about the people who live in fear of the criminals everyday... is all just a right wing /left wing ,coffee shop political debate for him'

    No it is not, and I am not writing as somebody who has never left Manhattan, Madison, or Bezerkley. How many times do I have to write this same stuff to you? We are commenting presently from Colorado but my wife and kid are endangered every time they visit relatives. Get it, Brito? This Made in US for Mexico 'drug war' impacts me and people I know daily. Now stop being so thick in picking up on that simply because it doesn't fit into your personal notions of what 'liberals' are supposedly like!

  19. you know ardent

    ..if you would only make the next step and stop blaming the USA for all the problems ..cheney ,bush and all those turds are only are most nations on earth ...with a central banking system...they bite whoever their masters sic them on..

    our country was sold out again in 1913..and engineered into the 1st world war..and we have been murdering any one the masters sic us on ever since

    place the blame on the REAL culprits...the international money men..the ones who control the minds of the masses ..those who orchestrate and finance and profit from the wars ..the ones who promote their religions and them use them to pit humanity against themselves

    please...please some research on the fed reserve system...look at a dollar says fed reserve should say... us treasury note

    with all your age and is time to advance ..i give you respect for your dogged persistence...but you are barking at the governments ...authoritys..etc...and not seeing the hidden hand that controls these pawns

    open you mind the one time i was at your level...but went really knocked me is at first unbelievable..then as the veil is lifted from your is amazing

    this shit going on in Mexico is all about preparing Mexico for final subjugation...where the state is in total control"police state"...and the people are reduced to industrial peasantry ...where everybody is in debt from cradle to grave...where your credit rating will determine you options in life

    i look forward to welcoming you as a new brother... a nuevo cognoscenti...and then your persistence will aid in resisting the ultimate domination that is planned for all of us

    Mexico is being abused with sufficient violence into accepting peace at any price ...and the carpetbaggers are already moving in ...setting up the systems of economic enslavement

  20. the vast majority of people in mexico are industrial peasents arleady and in debt and when they werent industrial peasants they were agricultural peasants in debt to the landowners history repeats itself and nothing changes yall act like a small plutocracy is a new thing just read a history book for gods sake "poor mexico so far from god so close to the united states"


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