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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Police chief, bodyguards kidnapped, killed in Chihuahua


A municipal police chief and his two bodyguards were found dead Saturday in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, hours after they were kidnapped, state prosecutors said.

Manuel Martinez and two of his officers were abducted Friday by a gang of gunmen in the border town of Ascension, and their bodies were discovered later in the evening in the neighbouring town Janos.

The region has seen an almost daily cycle of violence between authorities and drug gangs who fight for control of lucrative drug routes into the U.S.

The state's most violent city, Ciudad Juarez is considered the deadliest in the country, with more than 3,100 homicides in 2010.


  1. WHAT HAPPENS TO COP KILLERS IN THE USA?? They are hunted down and usually die during their arrest,if they survive then tne death penalty,if the crime is in the N.E. then life WO parole. What happens to cop killers in Mexico?? NOTHING!!

  2. Isn't this the same Ascension where townspeople took preventative measures against kidnapping--complete with lookouts, etc. Sad.

  3. Of course they were armed, but it's not two or three sicarios that show up to kidnap someone like a police chief, it's 15-20 people armed with assault rifles, not including the people who support the operation with surveillance of the target and of police and military that might be approaching. Are you ready to make the decision to die in the few seconds before those 20 people will be all over you and have you cuffed? In that moment you don't think you'd do anything for just a little more time?

  4. I believe that most people fail to realize is that he was not a real police chief, the community a while back disarmed the entire police force and created a community police run by local citizens

  5. Nope...the only thing you do for more time is open fire. And if you don't have a sidearm and a rifle, then you're nothing more than a target.

  6. I think he knew them and thought he had time to talk/negotiate. Maybe the killers were some townspeople who thought this guy would get with the program. When he turned out to be the same old crook - they took action.

    He didn't think he was in danger at first.

  7. Poor "SOB!" He should have ran for the border and sought asylum in the U.S. like that former twenty-one year old female chief! Not only would he be alive but he would be labeled a hero.. just like her!


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