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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Military helicopter goes down in Michoacan

Mexican Air Force MD530 series helicopter

Sedena, Mexico's Defense Ministry issued a press release reporting the crash of an Air Force MD530 helicopter in Michoacan Saturday morning. Two officers on board were slightly injured.

The helicopter, a light attack/reconnaissance model, was on patrol in the municipality of Apatzingan in suppoort of federal forces in the area when it went down due to mechanical causes. Sedena denied that the helicopter had been hit by gunfire.

Apatzingan is a stronghold of the La Familia Michoacana cartel but the fracture of the cartel into two rival groups has led to heavy fighting in this and surrounding municipalities and in the areas of the state that borders Guerrero and Jalisco.

Sedena has launched an investigation into the crash of the helicopter, which went down in an urban area of Apatzingan. No injuries to civilians were reported.

Since December, 2008, four other military helicopters have crashed in Michoacan. Twenty Air Force and Army troops have been killed in those crashes.


  1. What does the last pharagraph mean when it says 4 helicopters have crashed and 20 something troops have died in those clashes.... eh?

    A Mexican helicopter has never been shot down by enemy fire, so what 'clashes' is this article refering to?

    (Helos have been forced to land though, like the LAPD helo here in L.A. a few weeks ago afyer taking fire)

  2. Texcoco Mex said.

    VAN NUYS (KTLA) -- A suspect was arrested after shooting and damaging a police helicopter early Sunday morning.

    Police received several reports of a man with an automatic assault rifle in the 15700 block of Saticoy Street west of the 405 Freeway shortly before 6 a.m..

    A police helicopter responding to the scene was hit by the suspect gunfire and began showing smoke, LAPD Captain John Eagan told KTLA.

    Several reports said one of the shots may have hit the fuel tank, causing it to leak fuel.

  3. In my world shooting a police or private helo is attempted murder oh I forgot this is Mexico never mind.

  4. In mexico, even the police helicopters bow to the narcos

  5. @May 29, 2011 8:33 PM
    @May 29, 2011 9:53 PM

    What the hell are you both talking about? It wasn't shoot at, it just had mechanical problems. Do you know how to read? Or are you just retarded and illiterate?

  6. Next time they will use a stinger just wait, if the Mexican army don't fight the cartels head on soon the cartels will be the ones with helicopters and tanks it will happen very soon.

  7. They will always say that it was mechanical problems. I don't think they'll ever say a chopper was shot down because if they ever admit that you'll have people trying to shoot down every one they see

  8. Of course they will not admit it was hostile fire. Also, do y'all think in all these battles, there is always 12, 14, 27 cartel members killed but only 2 solders injured. It is always 2 injured no deaths or one death.


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