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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mexican Poet, Javier Sicilia, ready to forgive, but demands "justice" for son's killers


Mexican poet Javier Sicilia, who launched a grassroots movement against violence after his son was killed earlier this year, said Thursday he will forgive the men suspected in the murder if he meets them in person but still insists that "justice" be served.

"I don't believe in charity without justice, or forgiveness without justice. They go hand-in-hand, but justice must be (a process of) healing within their hearts because they can't give us back our children's lives," Sicilia told MVS radio.

The prominent poet and journalist said Wednesday's arrest of Julio de Jesus Radilla - leader of the Pacifico Sur cartel in the central state of Morelos - and two others suspected in the killing of Sicilia's son "shows that when the police want to do things they can do (them) very well and do the job people are paying them to do."

"They've just shown what they can do. They have to do (the same) in each of the cases" of victims of drug-related violence, the poet said.

Sicilia, whose son Juan Francisco was killed on March 27 along with six other people in Temixco, Morelos, responded by launching a grassroots movement against violence and impunity.

He already has headed one mass march to Mexico City and next month will lead another from Cuernavaca, Morelos, to the violent northern border city of Ciudad Juarez.

The poet said he wants to see the suspected killers of his son face-to-face and talk to them about forgiveness - a "complex, profound, subject" - and "confront them with his own misery."

Sicilia, a Catholic and advocate of the philosophy of non-violence, said forgiveness in all of its forms is a gift of grace, "something born out of charity," and that he wants to extend it to his son's killers.

He said the six suspected drug cartel hit men implicated in the killings "still have the chance to save themselves" but that will involve "serving out the sentence that corresponds to these crimes, as a means of remorse, expiation, awareness of their guilt, enabling them to truly and sincerely ask for forgiveness and change their lives."

The poet said if he meets with them he will use the oportunity to send a message to their bosses: "to let us live in peace, to stay away from ordinary citizens, from good people."

"We're fed up with the violence and with losing our loved ones. Surely there's still that ounce of humanity I believe must still exist in these human beings. If not, they're already in the realm of the diabolical, in hell, and their horror will keep them there forever," Sicilia added.

"I don't wish evil on anyone, even if it's the people who murdered my son."

Sicilia has become a spokesman for the relatives of thousands of innocent victims of drug-related violence in Mexico, which has been wracked by daily turf battles among drug cartels and clashes between the mobs and the security forces in different parts of the country.


  1. I can empathize with the man, but I have to say his effort is virtually pointless. These guys have probably killed dozens and hundreds of people in the most brutal ways possible, and to believe that he can some how move them with his kindness sure does seem like a long shot. I hope he finds closure eventually.

  2. Javier is a genuine MOONBEAM!! He needs to stick to poetry.

  3. Jesus forgave the very people crucified him.
    Yet most moved on to kill again.
    Javier's point is to show a different path Than the violence and hatred that is destroying Mexico.

  4. Javier is doing what he feels right in his heart. The poor and ordinary citizens of Mexico need a leader that will promote peace and encourage cartels to leave the ordinary citizens alone. Old school cartels did not bother innocent people, go after their enemies families, or harm women and children. He is asking that the cartels adopt their old codes and drop the new. Honestly, I do not understand why Calderon hasn't asked the same thing of the cartels.

    Javier is very intelligent and articulate. He inspires people. He operates on an intellectual level that the war mongers, drug store cowboys, donut chompers, and want to be special forces officers responding on this site can't understand. Isn't peace why we are all active on the site. Why do people slam someone that has finally come forward publicly and pointed at all sides involved asking why, and when will it end. Finally someone is vocal about the suffering and we US citizens criticize him and watch, there will be 5 war monger saying that this is stupid and the only way to address this is with bigger better weapons.

    It is going to take a strong drive for peace and a good military weeding out those who will not change their MO. Trust me, he will do thousands more for the movement to stop violence in Mexico than all of our silly little opinions written on this site. These shot em up, blow em up, bomb Mexico keyboard attacks are not even a grain of sand on a beach. They are very small compared to someone that is genuine, has charisma, and merely asks for peace.

  5. Yea that sounds all well and good but this love thine enemy shiet isnt gonna do our kids or our future generations any good. God only helps those who help themselves, and sometimes you have to put it all on the line for what you believe.

    I see where he is coming from but the passive stance isnt going to help when its against rabid dogs. You gotta put the dogs down sometimes no matter how much it hurts. Now is the time for war. May God bless us all.

  6. Common sence and reality sometimes are not romantic,and quoting religous retoric is equally useless. Mexico is and has been corrupt,everything is for sale,Drug trafficing is only a part of the overall lack of ethics in Mexico,there is no morality or ethics. The Govt must clean up Mexico if Mexico ever expects to improve life for its citizens, poetry,prayer,marches just won't do it. The poet is hurting by undermining the govts efforts an failing to use his apparant influence to generate support for Calderons War on Mexican Corruption( Mexicos rotten heart).

  7. I think Mr. Sicilia is doing his part,and very very big, he cannot control what humans do, but he is certainly move hearts, even if its only one heart it makes a big difference. Mr. Sicilia has started this movement by changing his own heart and using his gifts. Other people will follow him who will have other gifts, gifts that may not be poetic or romantic but necessary to bring peace to Mexico. It does take inspiration from someone like him.

  8. Another cartel financed "peace" march.

  9. Dialogue with "El Kilo" anyone ?

  10. The idea that the drug cartels are funding the Movement that Sicilia heads up now is utterly absurd. Only people totally out of it would ever conjecture that Sicilia was 'financed' after the murder of his own son.

    It kind of makes one sick to think of the mentality of such folk who come up with this sort of rot on BB...


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