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Friday, May 6, 2011

Los Zetas and the Army clash in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon

Torture instruments retrieved from abandoned vehicle at scene of Zeta ambush

An ambush of Army troops by up to 50 Zeta gunmen in the municipality of Escobedo in the northern Monterrey metropolitan area resulted in an unofficial count of up to 4 fatalities and 15 persons wounded Friday at approximately 2:30 pm.

Media reports stated that 1 of the deaths was a Mattel employee caught in the crossfire and up to 6 of the wounded were Mattel and Hersheys employees of plants located near the scene of the firefight.

The ambush occurred on the Libramoiento Noroeste, or northwest loop, in Escobedo when between 1 and 3 vehicles acting as decoys lured an Army convoy onto a roadway where a planned ambush pinned down the troops.

According to witnesses, gunfire poured down on the convoy from an overpass and both sides of the roadway. The attack ended only after reinforcements arrived at the scene and the gunmen fled. Empty cartridges littered the roadway for up to 1 kilometer.

A Chevrolet Tahoe SUV belonging to the gunmen was left abandoned on the roadway. Up to 60 magazines, 3 assault weapons, bulletproof vests, clothing, bats and a “tabla”, or board, used as tools of torture and caps with the Z insignia were retrieved from the vehicle.

Another vehicle, a Ford Expedition, was reportedly abandoned on the overpass and contained more ammunition, radios and vests stamped with “Policia Federal” logos.

There were no reports of injuries or fatalities to the soldiers caught in the ambush.

Later in the afternoon, 4 men were executed by gunmen in the municipality of Guadalupe, another suburb in the Monterrey metropolitan area.

The incident occurred at approximately 4:00 pm when gunmen on board 3 pickups attacked and killed 4 residents of the Colonia Tres Caminos neighborhood.

The Tres Caminos area is considered the most dangerous area in Guadalupe and is the scene of constant fighting between rival criminal bands.

Fallan sicarios emboscada a militares en Escobedo…..

Emboscan a soldados del ejercito…..

Mueren 4 en tiroteo en tres caminos


  1. Sounds like there trying to step up the general concences that it's useless to continue the war, more ambushs are likely to come.
    It's time to step up to the challenge and go on the offense with unrelenting force if this is ever going to turn around, pay the troops what it's worth and give them the training and every resources they need to get the job done.
    How can you ambush an army and get away"?

  2. this will probably help that general get the war he wants or atleast have the Military take the gloves off

    the zeta must be absolutely insane to think luring the Mexican Army into an ambush isn't gonna have harsh change of rules to this war

  3. Good Reporting Gerado, as of tonight the count is 9 people injured and one dead, like you stated 6 were innocent civilians from the companies Mattel and Hersheys employees, 1 was actually a sicario and not a Mattel employee like it was originally stated. The other 3 injured were Zeta gunmen which included one women. The zetas injured and the employees were transported to the hospital. No military soldiers were injured or died in the ambush.


  4. how the hell are you going to try and set up the infantry. people that are trained, ready and pumped up to do damage on scum like zetas. no se claven pendejos. looking at the pics, nevermind. do it more often so they can teach you a lesson called death. pinches vatitos mierdas!


  5. Desperate or seemingly omnipotent? Whats the verdict here?

    When Juarez does this, it's desperation from a wounded and bleeding cartel, what is it in this case?

    Although a 50 truck convoy isn't exactly an example of weakness.

  6. No, a 50 truck convoy isn't an example of weakness. I find it very interesting that so much material was just left behind. The vests, the uniforms, the weapons. That tells me that these things are very easy for the cartels to obtain.

  7. How does all this shit get across the border? Send in the Navy Seals.


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