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Monday, May 9, 2011

A letter to President Calderon from Reynosa


I raise my voice and shout from the rooftops so that you will know we are going through the worst days of our lives. I can not believe what my eyes see, what my ears hear, what my mouth says.

I can not believe what my hands no longer do, the hatred, resentment and helplessness that is filling my mind. Especially the impotence I feel unable to do anything in the face of the fear us Reynosenses (citizens of Reynosa, Tamaulipas) live with daily, as we watch the city's economy in tatters, the youth hidden indoors avoiding any life outside of the home, the empty streets after nine at night, restaurants and bars closed, all thanks to the wave of insecurity in which we live.

I invite you and your family, Sr. Presidente, to spend a few days in Reynosa, to stay at a home in any neighborhood that you choose: the colonias San Valentin, Puerta del Sol, Vista Hermosa, Las Fuentes, López Portillo, Centro, Altamira or any other so that during the dawn you can listen for more than forty minutes as soldiers and gunmen fight for their lives: the gunfire, bazooka and grenade explosions.

I invite you, Sir, to stroll through the city, for your eyes to witness what happens at traffic lights: criminals at gunpoint carjack, kidnap, rob and assault the people in their vehicles, take our women the surrounding cars flee, unable to help, the people gripped by fear.

I invite your wife, Sra. Margarita, to attend our next children's party and listen to the “pleasant” chats of ten frightened mothers participating in each table. The central issue is the lack of security, how so & so’s aunt was taken down from her car and beaten at noon in the parking lot of a supermarket, or the unending gunfire and eternal minutes spent listening to the latest shootout, or how you ran to pick up your children after receiving the news that banners are hanging from the bridges saying that "5 children from different schools in the city will be taken hostage", or describing the daily extortion calls you receive by telephone from the person who kidnapped your neighbor.

I invite your children, Sr. Presidente, to experience a shooting like the one at the school located on Blvd. Del Maestro. I get a lump in my throat and feelings of anger and powerlessness when I think of the anguish the children endured.

I heard from my 6 year old daughter of how the teacher locked the classroom door and covered its window with paper, how the children crawled on their stomachs quickly and quietly to hide in the classroom closet, how they sat all squashed and covering their eyes with their hands. My daughter said, "we were was forbidden to push, make noise or uncover our eyes, two of my classmates got very nervous and cried a lot, my teacher hugged them and put them under the desk."

I invite you, Sr. Presidente, to any house and see how for the past year children, ages 5, 6, 7 and 8, run every morning to sleep in the bed with their parents, saying "Mom, Dad, are those bullets I hear?"... I find it unfair that our children do not have pleasant dreams, live in fear and never talk about games.

I invite you, Sr. Presidente Calderon and your wife, to accompany my wife and I as we run from the parking lot to our workplace at 9:00 in the morning because there are soldiers and criminals exchanging gunfire less than 50 meters away.

I invite you, Sr. Presidente, to my city to see how our sister cities are isolated by the violence, how people risk being robbed, kidnapped, raped, shot, killed if they travel from one city to another.

Business people, investors, are leaving Mexico for the United States and Spain, when they are urgently needed to revive the economy.

Our youngsters are becoming addicted, they are bombarded by the dollars of drug traffickers who prey on the ignorance and needs of the people, who take advantage of poverty and the hatred that young people have against a government that does nothing for them.

Sr. Presidente, while you and your cabinet go on tour to other countries, exchanging flags, and during your U.S. visit and meetings and gala dinners with President Barack Obama, Reynosa was on fire and still is.

I raise my voice and shout from the rooftops, for this to end! I raise my voice and shout from the rooftops, and ask for peace!

I raise my voice and shout from the rooftops to ask all the sister cities Reynosa and Rio Bravo, Valle Hermoso, Diaz Ordaz, Camargo, MigueI Aleman, etc etc, that we not shut up, that we raise our voices together until you hear us.

Presidente Felipe Calderon, this time I speak myself, my feelings, my frustration, my impotence, my rage, but I'm sure thousands of Reynosenses feel and live what I do. Please listen to the voice of the people of MEXICO, hear my petition and those of many Mexicans.

And I am writing to you because for our governor and mayor, for them what we hear and see are pure fairytales, they say nothing happens in Tamaulipas, everything is very quiet.

Rodolfo Torre Cantu’s murder and that of other candidates and mayors in cities across the state are the true face of what is now happening in Tamaulipas.

Egidio Torre Cantu, our governor, has lost control of our state and our mayor, Everardo Villarreal, has lost control of our city, Reynosa.

With all due respect because you're the federal executive, please put a stop to the war of words between different political parties, something has to be done in Tamaulipas and other states of the republic.

It is obvious that politicians, government officials and employees of municipal, state and federal police agencies are linked to organized crime and we're angry and shocked of what they do…

I appreciate that you take the time to read it, and I hope to be lucky to talk with you.

God bless you and your family.

Sincerely .-


S. O. S.


  1. Mexico will need to become a police state and those involved in the mess will be made to disappear. That includes the politicians at all levels.

  2. What does that "S.O.S." stand for?

  3. SOS is an international code for Extreme distress or a call for urgent help!

  4. It actually doesn`t mean anything persay in translation of each letter. It is however meaningful in Morse code. It was designed way back before fancy schmancy telecomm was around. It was originally designed to be tapped out to be S O E, but the Military thought they morse code readers might get confused on the last letter, so the changed the sequence of taps to read SOS. They teach this in Captain`s classes, otherwise, I would`ve stayed with my original post of Save Our Souls, which would actually be more appropriate for Mexico.

  5. wow GREAT READ. Very powerful letter. You'd think all these corrupt mother fuckers would have to do is read that letter and realize that it isnt worth lining their pockets. But alas, its not the case. I fear it falls on deaf ears.

  6. Oh Reynosa how you have changed. I remember how safe the city was back in the 90's. I would walk anywhere, go anywhere in the city without any worry at all. I would dance and drink all night at the clubs. It was my safe haven away from the states. Now you could not pay me to step a foot in Reynosa. What a shame.


  7. Hmmm that is odd because I could have swore that CDG does not kidnap, rape, extort, shoot, etc. If they are so peaceful then why so much violence in their stronghold city?

  8. Great open letter! Nothing more to say....

  9. What does the masked thug have to do with this article? I thought he was sending the letter WTF

    And this letter should be addressed to the Narco scum BECAUSE ITS THEIR FAULT!

  10. Pick up a rifle and defend yourselves and your families. It is YOUR duty to defend your self not the government's.

    Your duties/rights come from God, not government. You will continue to be slaves until you realize that.

  11. @El Regio...It is called "heating up the plaza" in case you haven't read about it. Kind of like shitting in someone else's backyard (lol).

    When your idle Calderon quits supporting Sinaloa (laying up with El Chapo) and Gulf (holding hands with Coz), the true battles will begin and end quickly. He has allowed and assisted Sinaloa in heating up the plaza in Juarez since 2007. Then we will see cartel peace and normalcy in the plazas.

    I do have my concerns about the Zetas overtaking the east and that is a governmental concern that has to be addressed.

  12. It is illegal to purchase or posses arms in Mexico which automatically makes it the governments responsibility because the citizens can't legally own them. How would it be for the citizens to try to fight cartels that operate with 50 to 100 men with automatic weapons and bazookas? Not fun.

  13. I live in Reynosa! that is false! It happens some times but Honestly Reynosa is very safe! I do not know the article writer work but may be crazy.

  14. that guy in the picture is el jefe flako or el m11 from los m's de durango

  15. Use to cross the border and party like crazy in Reynosa all the time up until the rumored violence like that depicted in the letter. Hey Mexicans, y'all are really messing up our good time. Y'all can't find anything better to do?

  16. BUGGGS!! PLEASE tag my post for future reference. Next years presidential run in Mexico is being inundated with the organizsed crime news. Very little is talked about the next election. Mexico will succumb to communism. Partido Comunista Mexicano (PCM) has been working up a candidate. Not sure if the PCM will be reinstituted as it was dissolved in 1981-2? Suppusedly there is talk in the political arena that one of the next presidential candidates will have socialist idealogies. In the end it is rumored Mexico will be another Cuba. Mexico will be under communist government and the governemnt will run all of the drug trade.

  17. I know I am a stranger to Mexicans, because I live about 22 hours fly from Mexico, but I think I'm allowed to worry and care for the Mexican children and adults caught in the drug war. I told God that I made a promise: if I win lottery, I will send some money over there. Food, shelters, clothes, schooling, etc for the children. I can't end the drug war, but at least it is something I can do for the children. I fully support Mexicans to end the bloody drug war. I hope one day, it will disappear. Only time will tell.

  18. Did anyone notice that Comandante Diablo (CDG) posted this same picture saying it was him. The Comandante Diablo that posts here is a poser. Look at his 1st posts that he made and you will clearly see that he is BS you guys. This is where he posted his picture....

  19. May 9, 2011 10:52 AM
    Anonymous said...

    Pick up a rifle and defend yourselves and your families. It is YOUR duty to defend your self not the government's.

    Your duties/rights come from God, not government. You will continue to be slaves until you realize that.
    ^^ This!
    The people of Mexico have gotten so used to the government being there to protect them that they have forgotten that every citizen has a right to protect oneself. Right now it seems that mexico has more people who will run only to face the same problem later, than to actually fight for their lifes like the old rancher that killed 4-6 people who were trying to take his ranch. Mexico is short on people like him.

  20. Its not so bad here in Reynosa, compared to Matamoros we are OK.

  21. OMG I knew before I opened this tab that this was what I was going to hear! This makes me SOOO ANGRY -- that so many officials try to hide, deny, cover-up what is going on in Tamaulipas.

    "Sr. Presidente, while you and your cabinet go on tour to other countries, exchanging flags, and during your U.S. visit ... with President Barack Obama, Reynosa was on fire and still is."

    WE ALL INVITE YOU--Sr. Calderon, President Obama, Gov. Rick Perry--WE ALL INVITE YOU TO GO TO Reynosa, or Miguel Aleman, or Matamoros, etc, etc. GO, GO, GO.

    You know what I want to say: "Get off your lame asses and GO to these cities and towns and see how torn up they are." You're afraid. Because you already know...

    I wish I were a journalist instead of just a blogger, but I dare any major Texas/US newspaper to print this letter! I dare someone to send this message out on the internet and U-Tube. Print it! Read it aloud!


  22. You anon moron who thinks these families can just 'pick up their guns and defend themselves' I ask you, when the country has effectively disarmed them, where are they going to get the guns. At one time, it may have been possible for a large enough amt of the population to get the arms they needed--but by now it would be like throwing rocks at tanks.

    These cartel thugs have amassed an arsenal the size of an armys'. Now they have no choice but shout from the rooftops whil their ship slowly sinks into oblivion.

  23. ok so everybody blaims the president but no one blaims the narcos

  24. The snake has turned the table on the eagle. It will take the people to unify to turn the table back! Sons and daughters of Mexico... Do not allow your flag to fall! It is your country take it back!

  25. Reynosa was my favorite border town. Haven't been there in 4 years. We always went to a real classy restaurant called Defwentas [not the correct spelling] it was great. I think about the great people we met there and at the other shops and of course the BAR'S. We even got friendly with some Reynosa cops, unit 57, they would hit us up for money and we would always refuse, wind up in the back of there truck riding around town final offering $20 if they would take us to the bridge and they would and we'd say see you next time and we would and it was all good fun.
    I hope there alright.

  26. Anonymous said...
    It is illegal to purchase or posses arms in Mexico which automatically makes it the governments responsibility because the citizens can't legally own them. How would it be for the citizens to try to fight cartels that operate with 50 to 100 men with automatic weapons and bazookas? Not fun.

    This is true, however I believe it is a human right for everyone to be allowed to preserve their own lives, after all it takes 1 second to kill someone and 20 minutes for the Police to arrive, they simply can not be everywhere.

    In the USA, on average their are 5 firearms per person and I believe this is one of the main reasons why you do not see many cross border killings in the USA, because the Cartels know that Armed Americans shoot back. I know I would and have done so during a robbery, were an armed person tried to kill me.

    You may be one of those that are against owning Guns, thats fine, freedom means you have a right to decide for yourself if you want to own a firearm, however if you look at places like Mexico, South Africa, etc were Guns are 100% banned, you will note that they have more Gun murders than the USA has and the USA has 20 times the population.
    My hope is that someday that law abiding people of Mexico be allowed to defend themselves by any means and anyone using Firearms to commit crimes, be locked up for life.

  27. @May 10, 2011 8:44 PM

    Maybe you should do some research on the subject before you imply that "It is illegal to purchase or posses arms in Mexico " or "Mexico, South Africa, etc were Guns are 100% banned" and come and tell us what the answer truly is...


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