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Saturday, May 28, 2011

La Familia versus Los Caballeros

A Federal Police operation against La Familia Michoacán which left 11 dead and 36 detained, has provided insight into La Familia Michoacan and Los Caballeros Templarios.

Per PF General Commissioner Facundo Rosas, the operation was in response to a PF helicopter attack on Tuesday, May 24th, in Tierra Caliente. The operation resulted in the arrest of 36 La Familia members, 11 members killed and two federal police injured. An arsenal of weapons and tactical gear was also seized.

Detained were Gaudiyur Ambriz Altamirano, who is in charge of a group led by José de Jesús Méndez Vargas, aka "El Chango.” César Vargas Valencia, "El Caramelo", and Gerardo Fernández Covarrubias, "El Mofles" were also arrested and identified as group leaders (possibly cell leaders).

The group was discovered in a location in Las Lomas, Jalisco, awaiting instructions from El Chango Mendez, for a plan to attack the group calling themselves ‘Los Caballeros Templarios.’

Since the death of Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, aka “El Chayo,” it was believed that La Familia was crippled and had therefore claimed to have dismantled. According to the detained, as of December 2010 there was actually a rupture within La Familia, and since then a dispute over territory with Los Caballeros.

The breakdown of La Familia occurred when Enrique Plancarte Solis, aka “La Chiva”, and El Chango Mendez, took over leadership after the death of “El Chayo.” El Chango and El Chayo, had long co-headed La Familia Michoacan. La Chiva and El Chango apparently could not see eye to eye.

In December 2010, Enrique Plancarte and Fernando Gomez, aka “La Tuta,” collaborated in forming their own organization “Los Caballeros Templarios,” in opposition to the side of La Familia led by El Chango. Sources report that leaders formerly under the chain of command of El Chango defected to Los Caballeros.

Since the May 24th helicopter shooting in Terra Caliente, several surrounding communities reportedly were evacuated due to ongoing gun battles.

Michoacán has been noted as the state with the most reported Federal Police deaths. La Familia has long declared war on the Federal Police in Michoacán, and has led an ongoing media campaign against their alleged abuse of the people of Michoacán.



  1. What a bias article "La Familia has long declared war on the Federal Police in Michoacán, and has led an ongoing media campaign against their abuse of the people of Michoacán." Really? ABUSE? Last time I checked La Familia was the one doing the abuse, not the other way around!!

  2. whats up with the vests? lmao arent those used by the ppl who work on the roads?

  3. I have always said that these are two different orginzations. I feel that la familia will return to their creators, Los zetas. Southern Jalisco is still plaza de CDJNG. I also feel that Los caballeros may try to seek help from CDJ to fight la familia/Los zetas. Im not sure if CDJ would accept these terms since they created la resistencia to try and take the plaza from them.

  4. Another cartel? What are there like 10 now

  5. 1:22 PM...What do you mean bias? When then federal police were sent to Michoacan, La Familia waged war on then. It was La Familia's stance that what goes on in Michoacan is the state of Michoacan's business. The declared war on the federal police, abducting 12 men and women and slaughtering them. They posted propaganda and published fliers that "they" were then ones that needed to protect Michoacan, not the federal police. This writer was simply reminding us of this. Know what you are talking about before you bash the journalists. Seems like most on this site are looking for something in an article to shred apart. Go back to your "Guns and Ammo" magazine.


  6. Another splintered cartel, and more violence as a result of the killing of a leader. Ineffective and outdated strategy, the fallout from this will cloud Michoacan in violence and smaller cartels for years.

    La Familia seemed like they were fighting their way up to become a heavy cartel, but they can't have been as strong as thought if the death of one leader just crippled them like this.

  7. Idk what you've heard but Michoacan has the best training in cop killers the best firearms and the best drugs F*** sinaloa with out michoacan they are nothing...

  8. @TRC

    WTF are you talking about? It obvious you don't "Know what you are talking about" moron. It was LFM that declared war on the federal police when they captured La Minsa and Rafael Cedeño Hernández, El Cede.I said it was bias because its true when it said the following "against their abuse of the people of Michoacán" really? Last time I checked LFM was the one kidnapping, killing, extortion, mutilating bodies, and etc etc etc and NOT the federal police. To mention that was to say that it was true when ITS NOT! And is BS. So much for your masters degree because you still lack common sense!

  9. Viva la familia putos

  10. La familia is long gone.. they have no hope so don't glorify them jajaja

  11. so who is allied with lfm ? the Z or CDG or CDJ it is said that CDS is backing up los caballeros so who knows wtf is really going on?

  12. does any one know if LFM is seeking alliance from the Z ? or CDG or CDJ ?WTF

  13. Just came from Michoacan and noticed that Los Caballeros whom some clasify as outlaws are local heros and protectors of the common people. They have been known for protecting ennocent folks from the injustuces of the federal police/ courts whom sale justice to the highest bitter. The masses love them and invite them to their towns. Most common mexicans think the drug problem is in the U.S.A. They believe today Mexico is the supplier and tommorow another country will set up shop to supply drug users in U.S.A.

  14. @ 3:09 I'm not sure you know that YOUR bias description has anything to do with facts. Michoacan was taken over by the Sinaloa families early in the 70s. At which point, Michoacan became independent with the okay of the cartels in the 80s, but only for crystal meth production. Then in the 90s, the Michoacan groups (trained by their Sinaloa counterparts) splintered and were adopted by the then politically driven "La Familia". Michoacan became the ruler of the meth production and marijuana plantations, next to Colima, their main competitor and rival. Colima was swallowed up by Sinaloa's organization which then put a stop on Michoacan's rivalries. Since then Michoacan has been associated with just about every cartel organization in Mexico at one time or another - switching sides over and over, and thus, are currently allied (again for the 3rd time) with Sinaloa. Why? For protection from Zetas, Beltran Leyvas, and CNG, all of which want their plantations and territory. Check your facts before you speak so dramatically and pridefully of Michoacan, a state better left to the avocado plantations.

    July 30, 2011 1:32 AM


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