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Friday, May 20, 2011

Juarez Homicide rate drops 60% in 6 months, says Federal Security Spokesman

Mexico’s federal security spokesman said homicides in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez have dropped from an average of 11 a day in October to about four a day in April.

Alejandro Poire attributed the drop to the deployment of thousands of federal police, citizens denouncing crime, and efforts by local law enforcement and prosecutors. But he added that “the problem is not 100 percent solved.”

"You remember days in which we saw as many as 30 homicides," he said. "Eleven on average. Now, it has reduced to four or five homicides per day, on average."

In one particularly bloody month, there were a total of 416 homicides, he said, adding that April's total was 166. "That's still a lot, but that's a reduction of more or less 60 percent," he said.

"We will persevere until we reinstate a peaceful city of people who work and fight to prosper," he added.

More than 6,000 people have died the past two years from drug-related violence in the city, which sits across from El Paso, Texas.

Despite the bloodshed, the state legislature is scheduled to award the city the title of “Heroic” Ciudad Juarez on Saturday in recognition of the city’s participation in the 1910 Mexican Revolution.

Sources: info7, El Universal, CNN


  1. Hell, it has fallen off because they are all dead, LOL. But don't worry, they just fired 400 angry cops for affiliation with cartels. Crime and violence will jump again thanks to Calderon and the new police chief. The feds keep pouring gasoline on the streets of Juarez and lighting matches, and laughing about it from their comfortable palaces in Mexico City.


  2. Maybe this is proof the new police chief, Leazola, however you spell it, that his tactics are working.

  3. good now we know the linea is on its last leg


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