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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guatemalan prosecutor found decapitated and dismembered

By Martin Barillas
Spero News

The dismembered and ravaged body of a prosecuting attorney was found in northern Guatemala on May 24, just one day after he had been abducted. The victim, Allan Stowlinsky Vidaurre, is presumed to have been murdered by Los Zetas - a Mexican criminal organization that has become increasingly powerful and violent as it seeks further control of the narcotics trade in Guatemala. The same narcoterrorist organization has been blamed for the mass murder of 27 persons on May 14 in a region of Guatemala bordering Mexico.

According to official sources, "the murdered individual is Assistant Prosecutor Allan Stowlinsky Vidaurre who was abducted yesterday (May 23). He partcipated in the investigations into capturing the presumed leader of the Zetas, Hugo Gomez - a.k.a. El Comandante Bruja (Commander Witch)."

The crime occured in Coban, the capital city of the province of Alta Verapaz, north of the national capital, Guatemala City. According to official sources, the murderers left pieces of the dismembered body in plastic bags labeled with a message and signed 'Z200,' This is a short-hand for Hugo Gomez, who leads the cell of the Zetas now raging in the Central American republic. Some of the plastic bags containing the remains of the prosecutor were found next to the main offices of the provincial government, while others were found at a local public market. Stowlinsky Vidaurre was abducted on the evening of May 23 when he went to a sports center in Coban to collect his son from a soccer match.


  1. Another Zeta Scare Tactic trying to keep the honest police and prosecutors from doing anything about the horrendous killings these
    scumbags get away with. They figuire no one will
    dare prosecute if they butcher a few public officials in a place like Guatemala. If No One
    does anything to them, then they figuire who's
    gonna F--k with Us? W'ell just keep KILLIN!

  2. What gets me is how they know where to find this guy , Now that is scary ,people just cant resist money greed ! They (The Government) needs to get rid of these cockroaches

  3. This problem has to be dealt with on our side as well, in the U.S., and with real tactics as opposed to terrifically detrimental schemes like Operation Fast and Furious. It's bleeding over into our country and frankly if our culture is too bent on closing itself off from the plight of other human beings, we're doomed to fall farther to this issue. We're wasting millions upon millions on a mislead prohibition and haven't even taken cannabis off of Schedule I, which it no longer falls under. This country needs to stop struggling against science and trying to impose its personal idea of morals on the citizens. We should be equally free in every state to access this drug for medical purposes in cases which it's a better alternative than heavy pharmaceuticals. And what about the industry hemp could bring?
    It's time to stop talking trash and face the facts that aren't changed by any amounts of speculation. This problem will never leave until cannabis is legalized and cannabis will never leave, period. Outlawing it is simply giving these narcos power.

  4. If you have family in Mexico tell them no to vote for el PRI

  5. What's really amazing is the fact they obviously caught the right guy (Hugo Gomez) because this prosecutor was tortured and murdered! By killing this prosecutor, the Zetas have pretty much confirmed Hugo Gomez's identity within their organization (El Commandante Bruja)!

  6. They killed his son too

  7. I didn’t no they were in guatmala


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