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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cárteles Unidos and Los Zetas Confront Each Other in Zacatecas

The Municipality of Zacatecas, Florencia de Benito Juárez, became a huge war zone when in the morning of this Friday several armed men appeared in late-model vehicles driving in convoys around the city that alerted the attention of local citizens.

The same morning two groups of sicaros triggered an intense, bloody confrontation between members of the United Cartels (Cárteles Unidos) and Los Zetas, who used the town as a battle field, causing terror and panic among the residents. The shootings lasted for several hours were the criminals also used grenades to attack each other.

According to witnesses, the same gunmen picked up their dead or wounded comrades, and the confrontation continued until one group was finished. Hours later after the shooting was over the State Police and the Mexican military arrived to stop the violence, but only found a bloody empty scene.

The officially statement from authorities was that 10 bodies were found at the scene, but reliable sources who witnessed the violent event said that at least 28 gunmen were killed and several wounded.

Police at the scene seized an AK-47 rifle, a fragmentation grenade, a 40mm grenade, a 9mm magazine, a disc magazine for an AK-47, 79 rounds of ammunition for an AR-15, 101 rounds of ammunition for AK-47, several magazines, an armored Hummer, two double-cabin pickup trucks, four armored double-cabin pickup trucks, an armored SUV, among others vehicles.

It is believed but not entirely confirmed that the Carteles Unidos (United Cartels) of Jalisco are made up of Cartel del Pacifico, La Resistencia, la Familia and possibly the Gulf Cartel.

The complete official statement:
The Attorney General, Arturo Nahle Garcia, said that the violence was the results of a group of men calling themselves Carteles Unidos (United Cartels), who have recently made a presence in the region, and it appears that this criminal organization is fighting Los Zetas for control of the plaza.

At least six trucks were left abandoned near the edge of a dam which is located near the center of the town, and the state attorney general said that an investigation is in the process to find out what happened and to determine the identification of the dead sicarios.

The Secretary of Public Security, General Jesus Pinto Ortiz, and the director of the State Preventive Police, General Victor Manuel Bosque, were escorted by a significant number of troops from the state Preventive Police and the Mexican military conducted patrols around the streets of the town to reassure the residents that everything was in order.

General Jesus Pinto Ortiz confirmed that the situation was now under control, and it is so now up to the Attorney General to finish their work in order to determine the origins of the suspects that were killed.

He further indicated that there is a joint operation in place with the police in Jalisco to attempt to locate the suspects that fled in the direction of the municipality of Chimaltitán.

Five sicarios are Kille din Jalisco, authorities secure home made tank.

Jalisco and Zacatecas Authorities are investigating whether the groups were involved in this shooting are part of the cells in Zacatecas that faced each Friday leaving at least 10 dead.

At least two shootouts between policemen and armed groups in northern Jalisco against alleged gunmen left five sicarios dead and three policemen injured.

Eligio Rivera Gonzalez commander of Mezquitic Department of Public Safety, said in a valley adjacent to the state of Zacatecas, officers of the police agency were attacked with gunfire by a commando on board several trucks.

In the subsequent confrontation five sicarios were killed. So far authorities have not been able to identity of the deceased or the criminal organization to which they belonged.


  1. "Hours later after the shooting was over the State Police and the Mexican military arrived to stop the violence, but only found a bloody empty scene."

    That tells me all I need to know about the Mexican Army's strategy on how to deal with violent cartel confrontations. Allow them to kill each other and then show up to clean the mess, the hell with the peoples safety.

    Mr. Matamoros, Tamps.

  2. It is said that carteles unidos no longer exists. CDS is trying to protect Sinaloa from the z, la resistencia paired up with CDG to fight zetas in Michocan and Jalisco, and at the same time take the plaza from Cartel de Jalisco. here in Jalisco la resistencia has been kept at bay by CDJNG. Anyone who believes that CDS is helping out la resistencia (la familia) here is misinformed. at first that was the case untill la familia started to charge plaza in Jalisco and colima, then they were kicked out and CDS stoped funding them and they are on thir own.

  3. In reference to the top doesn't make sense. Why would any law enforcement official wear plain clothes and tactical gear? And standing right next to members of the military? Don't they know that the sicarios wear the same exact style 'uniform'? Seems pretty stupid to me.


  4. So, is there a Carteles Unidos north and a south? I thought LFM, Sinaloa, and Gulf. I'm sure parts of that are true, (above post), but the alliance still seems to stand, I'm not sure how much Sinaloa ever helped the Gulf in Tamaluipas.I doubt Gulf even wanted them there.

    I would want to know more about all those smaller groups fighting in Jalisco, but they must have influence elsewhere, if they are challenging Zeta's in Zacatecas. CDJNG has been quiet for awhile, are they the only one not backed by a major cartel? La Restancia is La Fmilia and Gulf Cartel? The whole thing is confusing, the alliances switch often, and the smaller groups keep coming out of nowhere.

  5. @JB those photos are archive photos from a long time ago haha...

    And second I give the cops props since they confronted the Zeta Tank that took some balls for real. And they still manage to kill five of them good job! Zetas need to go back and take some engineering class to make better armor jaja

  6. 12:38pm
    There are 3 groups currently fighting in Jalisco. La resistencia backed by LFM and supposedly CDG, Los zetas, and CDJNG led by mencho, one of nacho's coronels closest associate and still backed by joaqin Guzman and ismael zambada. All three off these groups fight for the plaza of Jalisco and colima, and their are no truces or allies. La resistencia was created by LFM and whats left of el milieno to take the plaza from coronels people upon his death, they have been rather unsuccessful in that attempt. No one in Jalisco wants zetas or LFM charging them taxes, so most take sides with CDJNG.

  7. Thanks. I remember a poster, who stated they were from Jalisco saying that CDJNG wasn't backed by Sinaloa, and they didn't get along, there wasn't an alliance. But, your saying that Chapo & Sinaloa still back CDJNG?

  8. As long as innocent people take cover then who cares if they just kill each other! scum killing scum. Let them do it.

  9. "Hours later after the shooting was over the State Police and the Mexican military arrived to stop the violence, but only found a bloody empty scene."

    Problem number 1---a really slow response time.

    "Police at the scene seized an AK-47 rifle, a fragmentation grenade, a 40mm grenade, a 9mm magazine, a disc magazine for an AK-47, 79 rounds of ammunition for an AR-15, 101 rounds of ammunition for AK-47, several magazines, an armored Hummer, two double-cabin pickup trucks, four armored double-cabin pickup trucks, an armored SUV, among others vehicles."

    Problem 2--Mexicans aren't scavenging weapons and turning them back on the cartels. Here, somebody could have had a nice collection of:

    AK 47 plus a disc mag and 100 rounds of ammo for it.

    A Frag grenade and a 40mm grenade for a grenade launcher.

    Ammo for an AR 15, plus assorted mags including a 9mm.

    It just blows my mind that this stuff was left lying around for hours, just waiting for the cops to come and pick it all up.

    1. My friends that were there witnessed the whole gunfight. They told me that the State Police and Military took their time getting there.

  10. so who won the battle? who is fighting in Zacatecas?

  11. @ May 21, 2011 10:03 PM

    Yeh they laying around but its not like the Cartels are not already armed to the teeth dude so what difference is it going to make if there left out? I mean maybe even a regular citizen grabbed one before the cops arrived to protect himself at a later time hell I would!!

  12. I dont understand it! Why doesn't someone (a police official) on the ground alert the Army and the Army send in helicopters as well as ground forces to combat this stuff immediately before these thugs threaten the citizens, kill each other, and run off? Can't the 'ground forces' be a decent police unit dispatched from NEARBY?

    In the US the helicopters would be equipped with proper ammunition to stop the granades, etc. before this got out of hand. When confronted with force, you have to meet it with decisively stronger force. Or these people will continue engaging this turf war battle till doomsday. (One of which just passed!)

  13. Anymore info on Zacatecas a family member just came back and said there was fighting in Jerez. I hear its all Zs over there. And its Fucked up they kidnap anyone that looks like they might get a good ransom amount from.


  15. my family live close by there were the gun fire occured. zetas are not allowed to take over there are couple cartels they mention but big cartel is from the chapo he rules there he has a lot power they have eyes watching in every corner jalisco and zacatecas

  16. Total Killed were 60 in the municipality of Florencia de benito Juarez, Zacatecas. The group was traveling on their trucks appearing to be tourist, a police car was parked with the siren lights on, no reason to stop them, but this group of narcotics providers are also using it during working hours. so they staring shooting at the police. Some of this killed are children 16 years old. Coming from tamaulipas and other places from mexico.

  17. mucha corrupcion ya agan algo

  18. if all these cartels are coming together why is it so hard to take out the zetas

  19. Fuck mugrosos. Carteles unidos rifan and they are going to take over all Zacatecas. To the faggot that posted " SCUM KILLING SCUM" fuck you too. Carteles unidos are fighting for a cause and to all the mexican families. We should support them.

  20. pendejos todos cartels unidos para siempre para sacar alos putos de los zetas de ayi porke son por mekos attm. un ANTRAX MAS
    seguimos matando alos lacras

  21. Yo fui en que quebro all zeta picudo ale verga gente cobarde y trasioneros puro pinche michoacan ala verga


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