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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Armed Commando Interrupts Restaurant: Seven Killed

A new attack against police was registered this week in Ciudad Altamirano, Guerrero. The uniformed officers were having breakfast in a diner located in Cipriano Jaimes street.

Suddenly, a heavily group of armed men stormed the place and massacred seven people, among them four policemen and three civilians. In addition, two other people were injured and were taken to a local hospital.

Witnesses said the attackers consisted of at least 12 heavily armed men, and were traveling in three late-model SUV's, and without saying a word, they started shooting at the people who were eating.

Authorities identified the executed as Pedro Ochoa Araujo, head of the Municipal Police, along with police officers Manuel Maldonado Castañeda; Fortino Alcaraz Reyna and Javier Miranda Ortiz.

Also killed were Yolanda Carreño Jimenez, owner of the small restaurant; Otoniel Valle Domínguez, taxi driver and customer of the place, and Facundo Morales Muñidez.


  1. Probably the police were the targets and the civilians collateral damage. I still don't have a real clear picture of who is fighting in the area, CIDA is apparently the dominant group at this point, which is surprising, or maybe not, considering Beltran Leyva's are about done, and La Familia took some heavy hits late last year.

  2. I do not pretend to be rude or mean to this tragedy but,if this coast is in heat why this comandante was so naive to put down his guard. and talking about guards what where they doing eating all at the same time don`t you think it should be at least one on a look out just for their own safety and peace of mind...

  3. Texcoco Mex said.

    Fucking people men, the things they do for money.

  4. These narcos are macho when they are heavily armed and in much greater numbers. The classic bully.

    They are cowards for engaging in this activity rather than something productive.

    And where are their wives and families telling them to stop? They are just as guilty for profiting off the misery of others.

  5. Killing police is TABOO,Mexico Officers get no respect,Make an example,look what happens when they kill a American Federal Agent,all hell breaks loose ,or at least it Should,same for any Officer--RESPECT is earned thru FEAR.


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