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Saturday, May 7, 2011

20 Zetas fall in Hidalgo

20 more members of Los Zetas were arrested as confirmed by the authorities of the Ministry of Public Security of the State of Hidalgo, among those arrested were five municipal police officers.

The head of the agency, Damián Canales Mena, said that the arrests were made on Thursday when it was learned that Los Zetas were having a meeting in the community of Pri Chacón.

One of the detainees was identified as Raul Guerrero, person in charged with the distributing of drugs in the city of Pachuca. Also was captured was Carlos Gonzalez, who was in charge of distributing drugs for Los Zetas in all municipalities of Hidalgo.

While the five police officers that were arrested belonged to the Police departments from several municipalities, including those found Chilcuautla, Mixquiahuala, and Progreso de Obregón.


  1. "20 more Zetas were released for lack of evidence"

    The above will be the headline two months from now.

  2. Kill them, no trial, no human rights just death.

  3. Stab,burn,rape,gouge,kick,choke,beat,saw,hack,cut,rip,tear,break,bind,shoot,electrocute,hang,poison,humiliate,and kill all their victims but they will go free for "lack of evidence" like always....

  4. @ 7:39
    Absolutely, start hanging them off of the overpasses like they have done, with signs stating the same, but signed by "Los Mexicanos" (The Mexican People) String em all up! Anyone who wants to step in and defend them, take them out too! PINCHE JOTOS!!!

  5. I was hoping by 'fall' they meant dead. They should've just lined them up and shot them on site, no one would care or miss them anyways...20 less losers in the world that way.

  6. These appear to be low level lackeys and are certainly disposal. It's great they've been caught but let's see if they actually get sentenced to anything or just released a few weeks later, which seems to be the trend when several individuals are caught at a time. Remember, the Zetas number in the thousands!

  7. The Mexican Govt. is a Frickin joke. The zetas are a bunch of punks, cowards and jotos. Send 1 Bn of U.S. Marines to locate, close with and destroy them. Let the Mexican people go back to the way it was prior to their current president who in my opinion is personally responsible for the current situation.


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