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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Woman Officer Shot Dead as Juárez Police Targeted

By Daniel Borunda
El Paso Times
A wave of Juárez police killings continued Wednesday when an off-duty policewoman was killed in her home.

Chihuahua state officials said four police officers have been slain since Friday in a series of attacks after drug-cartel death threats started appearing last week.

The latest police homicide occurred shortly after 10 a.m. Wednesday, when Paola de la Rosa Garcia, 33, was shot multiple times in the hallway of her home in the Adolfo Lopez Mateos neighborhood at the foot of the mountain with a sign urging people to read the Bible.

Graffiti have recently threatened new Juárez police chief Julián Leyzaola Pérez, the police Delta tactical unit and officers who "support" the new chief. Leyzaola is a retired Mexican army lieutenant colonel and a former Tijuana police chief with a hard-nosed reputation who was hired last month to pacify Juárez, one of the world's most dangerous cities.
The threats were signed "El Diego," the nickname of Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, a reputed leader of the Juárez drug cartel.

Last month, Acosta was among 35 people indicted by a U.S. federal grand jury in connection with the killing of three people linked to the U.S. Consulate and a racketeering case against the Barrio Azteca gang.


  1. The "promise" is coming true. The Juarez Cartel does not play when it comes to their plaza. Leyzaola had better recognize quickly that the Juarez boy play a little different than the Tijuana boys. I knew this would happen and it came to light sooner than I thought. The Sinaloans threatened Leyzaola with his life. The Juarez Cartel threatened him with his career and his reputation and told us how they would get rid of him. Their usual style, bring his dirty side to light, then kill an officer a day until he is forced internally to change or resign. And if that doesn't work he and all that is close to him will die systematically.

    It is unfolding as most of us thought. Hiring Leyzaola was a directive from the Federal Government of Mexico. This explains the incident that happened to the Mayor with the Feds pulling him over and using intimidation tactics on him. An exertion of power, no doubt directed at local and probably state government whom are alleged supporters of the Juarez Cartel. And the threat on Leyzaola's life by El Chapo was a "Red Heron" sent out by the Feds to throw suspicion from them supporting him.

    This political turf battle is just getting started but you can score it;
    Juarez 2
    Sinaloa 0.
    The plaza is fixing to get real hot again.

    "And the band played on."

  2. Read the Bible?
    Really? Seriously
    That's the best advice Mexicans can come up with under these circumstances?

    There's more massacres, rape, slavery and wanton destruction in the Bible than Juarez, Mexico.

    Read it, sure, but don't freaking use it as a document around which to organize your life and treat others.

    The last thing needed along with all of the lawlessness in Mexico is a bunch of pious jerks telling people how to live their (sadly shorter) lives.

  3. Seems like the juarez cartel is holding their ground good

  4. good post, regarding the Juarez/Sinaloa/political maneuvers.

  5. Lol Sinaloa just made the threat to act like they were going against him and lie to the people like always.

  6. El Diegos family should be arrested and for every police officer that is killed 2 members of his family should be publicly executed in a grisly way and than maybe that worthless lemon fuck will understand that there are consequences
    for thinking that hes above the law.

  7. @DFL

    I am pretty sure that is how Hitler would have done it!


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