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Monday, April 4, 2011

Six Officers are Executed in Veracruz and left with a Narco-Message

Mexican authorities confirmed that they found six police officers executed, among them a woman, in a village called Vega del Paso, based in El Higo, Veracruz. Authorities said that the officers were attack by sicarios armed with assault weapons type AK-47s.

Mexican military provided protection while police conducted their initial investigations and removed the bodies.

According to official reports the officers executed were identified as Fernando Alonso Cisneros, commander of police and of 31 years of age, Zulema Castillo Fernandez, 33, Armando Tenorio Ayala, 49, Orlando González Aguilera, 45, Leonel Ruiz Pérez, 25, and David de la Rosa Reyes, 23.

Along the dead officers there was a patrol car with a narco-message inside saying; "traitors."

The Government Secretariat said that preliminary investigations suggest that the organized criminal group that slaughtered the officers is believed to be from the state of San Luis Potosi.


  1. Either CDG 'cleaning plaza' or Zeta's cleaning house.

  2. Another group of criminals from San Luis Potosi?! Figures.


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