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Friday, April 15, 2011

"The Security They Owe Us"

La seguridad que nos deben
El Universal Editorial
April 13, 2011

These are not normal times for Mexico. Contrary to what might be expected, we Mexicans are still shocked as each new day brings forth new ways to unsettle us, to frighten us, to outrage us with episodes of horror and death that ar continually increasing in number and viciousness.

The government is also outraged. Yesterday, President Felipe Calderon launched into another “Enough is enough" moment.

“What is affecting Mexican families is crime, organized or not, big or small, from purse snatchings to the kidnappings of businessmen and the murder of travelers. They are hoodlums, they are criminals, they are enemies of Mexico. They need to be stopped. "

The discomfort of the President is directed toward those who use escalating violence and crime to attack the government politically. From the President’s point of view this is an attempt to divert the public’s atention away from the criminal aggressors as the source of the violence.

He is right, but only partially. Much of the discontent with his administration is not that he is considered the source of the problem, but being in charge of ensuring the peace and security of the nation and its inhabitants, he has failed in containing the criminals.

The prevailing perception is that of a weak state unable to enforce the law. While an unprecedented number of police and military have been deployed to fight organized crime, drug trafficking is intact, drug addictions are on the rise, and related crimes such as kidnapping, extortion and human trafficking are burdening millions of Mexicans who feel helpless, with no one to turn to.

The people’s tranquility, their heritage, their freedom and even their lives are being lost as the authorities appear to be have lost control of the problem. This rewards impunity.

Investments are being affected. Some cities, once strong and industrious, are now synonymous with violence and war. We have roads that nobody wants to move on. So, little by little, the criminals are gaining ground is spite of the massive government effort that does not seem to intimidate. If the strategy is wrong, we must correct it or adjust it, but now, without delay, without obstinately following the path that currently seems futile to maintain. 

The Mexican State is the constitutional guarantor of the nation’s peace and tranquility, it must perform its duty now.


  1. My heart goes out to the good people of Mexico that are stuck having to live in the horrific conditions imposed upon them by the criminals. May you once again find peace in your life soon...

    - Grande Goat Horn

  2. Thanks Gerardo for selecting this piece to translate for us.

    I must say this is load of crap. "Give us what we have coming"...??? Why do you have it coming? 'Cause you got your rights as a human? Your country is what you make it. If you don't like the way it is - change it. 'Cause you pay taxes? Nobody in Mexico pays taxes. They pay bribes.

    I should read this in Spanish before I comment further but I will guess that the tone of the piece is pretty whiny. In any case, good job BB.

  3. This newspaper, along with many other members of the corrupt Mexican media are co-responsible for the current state of anarchy that prevails in Mexico. Years of nonobjective, distorted, biased, slanted and sensationalist reporting helped hide the thousands of victims of political, social and

  4. Except the "they" is "you", Mexico.
    Don't you get it?
    You (the people, la publica) are supposed to be the government.
    The Mexican government is not some big ass building with legs and arms that walks around and does shit.

    You have to take control. It's the only way.

    In other words, you've met the enemy and he is you.

  5. Allot of people blame Mexican Citizens for
    Being born into this system and also for "Supposedly" doing nothing and being idle while the Plan Merida between Mexico and the U.S. is implemented.
    Throw stones all you want, that 14 trillion debt
    will lead you to a worse fate, and then the rest of the world will hurl the same insults at you.

  6. Senor del ArranqueApril 15, 2011 at 5:58 PM


    Nicely put "you've met the enemy and he is you" Im with you 100%. Nothing is going to change unless we stand up. When is our boiling point? When will we say enough is enough? Lets take for example the great men of our country Zapata, Pancho Villa, Miguel Hidalgo. We must raise up and beat the cartels. The cartels have money, weapons. But they will never b able defeat a Nation...Us Mexicanos unidos.We also have our weapons, unity, and we all r fighting for one cause...Un Mexico Limpio. So while the cartels r fighting themselves, this is our chance to take on them.

    Mexicanos al grito de guerra

  7. I constantly hear bitching that the state has not controlled the criminals and a new plan is needed, SO WHAT DO YOU PROPOSE?? IF Mexico can not get er done the GD BEG the US to fix it,Hell the US has at least tried to FIX dozens of third world DISASTERS JUST LIKE MEXICO, spent billions and got not even a thank you out of it. IF MEXICO has made its best effort,then at this point I agree with the critics-- MEXICO CAN NOT REFORM THE TIDAL WAVE OF CRIME,they are trying but they are weak, EITHER STEP UP YOUR GAME OR CALL IN SOME PROS.

  8. Texcoco Mex

    This MF are a bunch of cowards like the gang members I know from San Diego Ca. They men up only in a group or when the have money to buy the way out. They don't walk alone at night and do anything for drugs MONEY IS CHANGING MF AND WILL MAKE A BITCH GROW BALLS. Todas sus cansioncitas me las paso por los huevos you bunch of two face backstabber MF.

  9. Pile of nonsense piece of journalism. Basically it says "we want the bad guys to go away, and if they don't, well, I guess we should accommodate them".


    When will Mexicans understand that true freedoms come from a society that has no toleration for abuse, theft, extortion, murder, kidnapping and rape, all of which, on a macro scale, are not mutually exclusive.

    Freedom is not won by going to the supermarket and buying something off the shelf. It isn't as easy as that, which is why so many people want it. Words count for little. It is actions that mean freedom. And Mexicans have no freedoms while the corrupt and evil minority have all of theirs.

    Mexico needs to change itself first, from the people up. Tolerance of criminal activity is the cancer that lurks inside all Mexicans. If the police are not paid enough, then they should go on strike, or the people should demand for them a living wage. But to claim that wage, and then remain corrupt, SHOULD mean that they will have the full force of the law against them. A corrupt policeman is truly disgusting. Being a crook is one thing, but to use the cloak of the legal system to do your bidding is the most corrosive thing to any society. To me, a corrupt cop is 10 times as worse as a corrupt citizen. That Ba####d is being paid from my taxes, which I go out and earn. A corrupt cop is the very definition of societal cancer. So when you catch a bent cop, they should suffer.

    But what does that mean? Does it mean that a man who pulls another mans face off like a T-shirt, while he is alive, is to receive 7 years. During that time, he is housed where he can have a mobile phone, conjugal visits and computer access? That is not the recipe for a full, free society, as Mexicans can attest to.

    Why they object to full life terms, with full restrictions of freedoms, is beyond me, but I don't live there anymore. My company relocated to CA, and while it is a little bit more expensive, I feel so much better. Criminals are locked up, for life. My business functions.

    How do Mexican's change their personality in relation to corruption, when it is so ingrained into their souls? I have no answers to this, but I do know that Calderon is on the right path, and I think that he will achieve his aims, if the Mexicans let him, but in about 30 years, and over many administrations. Before that, there will be much heart ache and blood shed. Freedom is only free when you say it. Anything else does come at a price.

    It is worth paying, but will Mexicans see that?

    No-one expects miracles, but when I hear that Calderon has bought crime to Mexico, and that the solution is to tolerate the cartels, then my heart sinks.

    Saying that this is America's problem is just comic. That is like saying that rape is an issue for women who wear short skirts. That only washes in Islamic states, not Mexico, surely?

    The crimes being committed are done by Mexicans on Mexicans. It is a Mexican issue, and something that the people, need to take ownership of soon. If it is only Mexicans that can resolve it, then it is only a Mexican problem. If it is the USA's fault, let them in to fix it.

    Indeed, most of the drugs come to the USA. When the drugs cross the border, there is still much work to be done. But do we see headless corpses hanging from bridges in the USA, with messages written by the criminals and broadcast by the media for free. No, we don't.

    There is a difference between Mexico and the USA. It is clear to all except those who are looking out, and not looking in.

  10. This is what happens when calderon and company take the masks off, they know all to well who and what the problem is...qhen they pit the masks back on all you hear is blame U.S.A, blame Columbia,blame guatemala, blame the cookie monster all you twisted kool aid drinkers on mexico that constantly blame everyone but your race, shut your fat yaps and learn something.

  11. Right now Mexico is heading towards civil war.

    Society continues to break down at all levels (security, economics, failed governance, etc). People will eventually find themselves over limited resources in a more extreme manner.

    While I would never consider myself an expert ( I don't believe in them minus David Kilcullen), I've been involved in small wars/conflicts since the 1990s in different parts of the world in some form or fashion...certain patterns remain consistent...Mexico is showing those is why I try to capture those observations on my little blog. I don't do a great as job as borderland beat in terms of quality, but I try to highlight what's important.

    The people of Mexico are going to have to start choosing sides in order to survive because right now it appears the situation is only going to get worse...the MX government still does not get it.

    I hope thing change...still possible, but not yet likely.

  12. Where does mexico get their corrupt politians? Do they import em from other countries?? Ohhh they get em from mexico. Interesting

  13. "The Mexican State is the constitutional guarantor of the nation’s peace and tranquility, it must perform its duty now." Absolutely. Mexico is a beautiful country full of wonderful people. The government must, I repeat, must defeat the terrorists who are attacking Mexico.

  14. This was a typical Right Wing businessman's editorial that not once mentioned the real insecurity given out by the Calderon government. Most Mexicans have no security because the Fecal Calderons of Mexico rob them blind. So talk some about poverty if you are going to write an editorial moaning and groaning about the failures of the joint PAN/ PRI gangsters that run Mexico with the help of red white and stupid, militarized Empire USA.

    'La seguridad que nos deben -El Universal Editorial'

    Are you talking in the name of the Mexican people as a whole, El Universal, or just you corrupt elites? I think everybody knows the answer to that already...

  15. My post got posted. Thank you. I choose anonymous as it goes through. I would like to use a name, but I am uncertain what to choose as a profile. Can anyone help?

    Not too down with the Mexico bashing, but I do understand the frustration. But the site holds itself up well. Only rude opinions, as I can see it, are eliminated. But it is to the credit of BB that some harsh mails are allowed through. In such horrific times, people's views will be strong.

    The US media don't give a hoot for Mexico. At all. If you want coverage in the States, put on a turban, and shout out FATWA. Most (95%+) of Mexico's troubles are largely unreported by mainstream media. Maybe there should be more media on BB about why, and what to do about it.

    But as a site, documenting this in English, then it is very solid. I know you try to keep it at "cartel activity", but where that boundary is, is unclear. As the troubles continue towards a civil war, then the line becomes even more blurred. But BB does a fantastic job in trying to bring to Americans the horror that is taking place on their border. Thanks for the service. Good job.

  16. you fools! I am sitting here reading the comments and wasn't going to post till I heard the string of gunfire outside my window. I am 20 minutes from the border and I am on the US side. The nightly helicopter flyovers that wake me up sometimes as many as 3 times a night. The high speed chases where you hear the speeding car whoosh by followed by the squad cars sirens blaring are all too common these days.
    Just the other day a chase occurred where the two vermin jumped out of their car as they pointed it into the median, the officer had to make a split second choice, stop the two men that were now running the opposite direction or attempt to stop the car that was headed into oncoming traffic. The officer made a heroic leap from his car and just barely managed to get into and stop the vehicle from plowing into oncoming morning traffic. The perps lost a sizable load and I hope they pay for losing it with their lives. That officer deserves a commendation. He is a real Hero.
    Long story short this is going down and it will get a lot worse wait and see, wait and see.

  17. Mexicans stand up for themselves? Yeah right! Mexican citizens have proven themselves too passive. Or maybe the Mexican attitude is "Better Him than Me". They just don't have the same attitude that the Arabs have. They are strong people but they lack defiance and leadership.

    I remember a comment made a while ago on BB. An American was on a mexican bus with a group of mexicans and the bus driver had the air conditioner way too high that the people were freezing but no one said anything to the bus driver. The mexicans quietly complained with each other but no one stood up to the bus driver. So the American passenger told the driver to please lower the air conditioner but the mexican bus driver just ignored the person and stubbornly did nothing. It wasn't until the American got really loud and demanded that the driver lower the cold air, that something was done.

    That is the difference between mexicans and arabs and Americans. Mexicans are resilient people. They just take too much abuse from their government. They absorb whatever is forced on them without any form of retaliation.

    An eye for an eye should be forced on this piece of shit mexican government.

  18. To Anon 7;18 PM

    My friend you are safe in CA but not your wallet or your identity because the same people who bring drugs to CA are in cahoots with some California law men and they have computer technicians or low level hackers + cell phone tech and they go around California targeting open wireless networks and they do credit card fraud and identity theft. MONEY IS CHANGING SOME CALIFORNIA GANG MEMBERS MF AND IS MAKING THIS BITCHES GROW NUTS OR BALLS.

  19. 7:18..... you stoled my words, I couldn't have said it better! MX needs to pull its' thumb out of its' mouth and take responsibilty!

  20. senor del arranque..... What great leaders you just mentioned.... Villa was a bandit and zapata was gay.... yep.... Viva mejico.... haha

  21. Senor del ArranqueApril 16, 2011 at 9:52 AM


    "Zapata was gay" What does that have to do with anything, I'm pretty sure he wasn't. But would change what he has done for the country? I can say the same about George Washington, he was a drunk, Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner. So whats ur point? Check ur history books. And Pancho Villa was mostly seen as a bandit in the US. Yes bandit to the rich who he stole from. What about ur founding fathers of America. Did u know most of them were masons. And that is one GAY group. Read about their Haha. So yea viva America....Haha

    Viva Mexico

  22. Ajulio...

    Such a great comment. Thank you for perfectly summing it up with the bus analogy.

    However folks...take it from an ol gal from the 60s...yep those kids that felt we created the P in protest...and if you don't know what that means either your too old or too young.

    There is a change in the winds of Mexico. People only needed that leader that "American on the bus" if you will. and the time is now, I think Mexico has found its leader to form a revolution and the target they have chosen is the correct bullseye. MAY 9th in Mexico. I feel it. Wish I could participate, but I would be deported. I do want to organize a march in the US. Did you know That was against mexican violence in US cities? Atlanta ...NYC...? where was the fucking media? americans marching for Mexicans? in support? also madrid, paris? etc?? where was the press? few showed up...after all like most BB readers they don't care about stuff like that...bring on the blood and gore pass the those crazy mexicans go at it....just my do centavos

    Come to the edge," he said. They said, "We are afraid." "Come to the edge," he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew. -Apollinaire

  23. Mexico is not heading for civil war, but anarchy. Might is Right. The strong victimize the weak. The good people of Mexico are locked inside their houses choosing prudence instead of death. Who, then are the prisoners? Yes, anarchy is the sad road that Mexico is walking down!

  24. Villa was a General until the U.S. sold him dummy ammunition after the U.S. switched sides.
    as for Zapata being Gay as you mentioned who really cares, The U.S. has had cross dressers
    Backstabbers, and even Drugs for Guns dealers.
    but your shit dont stink right?

  25. Everyone has got to get out of their seats and tell the bus driver in no uncertain terms to turn the fucking air conditioning down and go around Tamps.


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