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Thursday, April 14, 2011

San Fernando update: 16 municipal police arrested, official body count up to 126

The bodies of victims abducted at false "narco" checkpoints from buses traveling through the town of San Fernando, Tamaulipas and murdered at the hands of Los Zetas continue to be uncovered. The body count as of Wednesday stood at 126 with the location of another 10 bodies. Mexican media reports speculate that as many as 300 victims may have been murdered and disposed of in the latest abductions.

It is feared that hundreds more, if not thousands, may be buried in "narco fosas" throughout this area of Tamaulipas, a land where in the words of Ricardo Aleman of El Excelsior, "The criminal bands make a living out of 'The Industry of Death'."

An unnamed witness, a bus driver, states in the “El Universal” video posted below that bus drivers whose passengers were taken in “narco” checkpoints were fearful of filing police reports because they were aware of police complicity in the abductions.

The witness added that the abductions of victims travelling by bus had been occurring for the past 6 to 8 weeks.

According to the witness, women of all ages were also taken off buses, undressed and raped and then abducted.

The bus driver reported that fellow drivers from other bus lines have reported similar incidents in Tabasco, Oaxaca, Guanajuato and in the Tampico area of Tamaulipas.

Another anonymous traveller whose SUV was taken at gunpoint said the federal authorities are powerless against the criminal cells. On the video he describes how patrols of 4-5 federal police officers or 10-15 soldiers come up against groups of up to 50-100 heavily armed gunmen.

He added that the entire resources of the government are needed to sweep the area and kill all the criminals.

16 Municipal Police arrested

Mexico’s Attorney General, Marisela Morales, announced in a press conference that 16 municipal police officers in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, have been detained by federal authorities.

The ongoing investigation has uncovered evidence that the police officers allegedly provided protection to a local cell of Los Zetas and covered up the mass homicides and disposal of bodies by members of this cell.

The police arrested were:

1 .- Guadalupe Hernandez Ibarra
2 .- Remegio Camarillo Mireles
3 .- Oscar Jaramillo Sosa
4 .- Martín García Badillo
5 .- José Luis Aguilar Velez
6 .- Jesús Ramos Pérez
7 .- Eleodoro Robles Sánchez
8 .- Elpidio Reyes Saenz
9 .- Gilberto Rivera Hernández
10 .- Lázaro Flores Peña
11 .- Maria Guadalupe Galvan Hernández
12 .- Mario Alberto Romero Hernandez
13 .- Santos Maldonado Reyes
14 .- Julio Guadalupe Jaramillo Vela
15 .- José Manuel Avila Lugo
16 .- Rogelio De La Portilla Heredia

At the press conference Morales also identified four suspects who are wanted in connection with the San Fernando murders.

The nation’s top prosecutor announced that the federal government is offering a reward of 45 million pesos for those who provide information that contributes to the arrest of the four suspected Los Zetas members.

A 15 million peso reward is being offered for Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo, regional cell leader.

A 10 million peso reward is being offered for Roman Ricardo Palomo, a cell member.

A 5 million peso reward is being offered for Sarai Fabiola Diaz, a cell member.

A 15 million peso reward is being offered for Omar Martin Estrada, head of the San Fernando plaza.

Caen 16 policias por masacre en San Fernando

Procuradoria General de la Republica boletin 386/11

Industria de la muerte


  1. The Mexican government, the army and Calderon, every citizen from Mexico perfectly know about the killings in the high way Reynosa-San Fernando-Soto la marina- Tampico and Nobody do anything to protect civilians, they need 126 bodies from innocent people to reinforce this area, C’mon Calderon do u job, u are WORSE than those Zetas coz u are allowing those killing, while those Zetas live their lives free, send troops to Tamaulipas hunt down those Zetas house by house and execute them right away, especially en San Fernando "home for Zetas", no jail time, no extraditions, death sentence to narcos right way!

  2. This is some serious dirt bag shit again from Los Zetas. When is the population going to stop helping the scum bag Z's. They have pull to pull off these stunts, someone in those areas los esta apoyando. This is where the Z's have crossed the line once again, pinche Calderon no vales madre. The politicians have failed the public of Mexico and in a bad way. Why doesn't this get bigger publicity world wide? So for every CDG video you see in where a Z gets skinned or beheaded. Think about the women and children these scum bags abduct and rape before getting all sentimental. It's been said before that a good Z is a dead Z.
    Pa bajo los pinches Z's!

  3. How long has San Fernando been a trap for people traveling thru,how many hundreds of people have been killed? Another example of local Police who obviousley had no limits to what they would do to steal money. The recent article where the local police chiefs EXPECTED officers to steal money from people ,using any excuse to confront victims,THIS tells it all. A badge and gun in Mexico is EXPECTED to be a license to steal,a policemans income is up to the policeman??? It is indeed hard for Americans to understand the depth of Corruption in Mexico,a cultural tradition. Mexaco can not and will not EVER be a functioning PROSPEROUS country as long as it continues to embrace standards of conduct from the GUTTER. Many countrys are rendered non functional because of out of control abuse of power at all levels of govt Africa Exhibit A. Who in Mexico realizes the crippling devistation that the lack of Ethical responsible managment of the power of govt has had on the standard of living in Mexico. When you cross the river into Mexico there is a reason for the poverty, and stagnated society,the reason is NOT the US its Mexicos refusal to cast off the status Quo.

  4. So for every CDG video you see in where a Z gets skinned or beheaded. Think about the women and children these scum bags abduct and rape before getting all sentimental. It's been said before that a good Z is a dead Z.
    Pa bajo los pinches Z's!


    And the CDG MADE THE ZETAS! Fool!



  5. I read much frustration at the Mexicans. But I hear little from the Mexicans THEMSELVES. Just excuses that this is all someone else's fault, and that somehow it has nothing to do with the Mexican character.

    I would disagree. As people, Mexicans have the lowest standards in the world. They expect little of each other.

    All police corruption is bad. It rots everything else.

    Why are the municipal police still there. They can't read, write, or conduct a conversation. The streets are safer without the municipal police. Sack them all. They will only all get killed by the narcos anyway. Joining the police is the same as joining the cartels, just less money.

    Why would anyone join the police? As a way of protecting your community? I doubt it. It is a way to steal what isn't yours without the usual problems of getting caught, and that sure beats working for a living. Better to get a job where they can get others to work, and then steal it from them. Essentially, being a municipal policeman in Mexico shows that they are too stupid to get a proper job, too lazy to want to work , and too cowardly scared to join the cartels. But morality is just not on the cards.

    I understand there are a "few" good cops, which is why the others are getting caught, but it is not the norm. By a long way it is not the norm. There is too much corruption in the municipal police. Rotten police cause more problems and issues than having no police at all.


    Failed state anyone? - Uh, yeah, I think so.

  6. The local LEO's must be complicit if these people travel in convoys 100 strong. The Feds and Military must coordinate and travel in similiar size groups. They must also utilize their " air assets" more effectively.

    By utilizing an "air/land battle" doctrine their engagements with the DTO's will be tilted in their favor. A couple of MH-6's (Mexican MD-500 Defender) loaded with an M-134 Minigun and 14 Hydra 7 rockets are game changers. Yes the Mexican NDF has them.

    Run those birds as "support" assets and not "response" assets have the ground teams running clean up. Mexican Authorities need to un-ass themselves and go into search and destroy mode most rikitik. Migrants getting killed by the hundreds perhaps thousands is GENOCIDE.

    Stay Frosty and Godspeed

  7. Anon 8:45
    I know who created the Z's you don't need to point it out to me. Those were the old days and this a new age in Mexico. As for most of the current Z's that are around they are not the original enforcers that were the armed force protecting CDG. Regardless all are scum bags, the new breed that has been brainwashed by the higher level Z's is something you or I could not comprehend. Son una bola de pendejos who don't care who lives or who they take with them. " ayi la vida no vale nada compas " and be prepared for what forthcomes when you step foot into that territory. To wipe out innocent women, children and men for no apperent reason is low level.

  8. I read in another blog that CDG and Lazca (Z's) will possibly re-group and form a big alliance with CDS by the summer. Current problem is that Z-40 not in agreement with Lazca. This could also break Z's in half and bring more problems to mexican citizens. The blogger from el norte who posted this has a good record for what he says we think hes an insider or Z. He also called the shots on the Monterrey bloodshed.

    I firmly beleive that the USA will get involved in some way as they did in Colombia with Pablo. I think USA should go in all the way Mexican Gov has failed.

  9. "federal authorities are powerless against the criminal cells. On the video he describes how patrols of 4-5 federal police of 10-15 soldiers come up against groups of up to 50-100 heavily armed gunmen.

    he added that the entire resources of the government are needed to sweep the area and kill all the criminals."


    There is someone that knows what they are talking about! SWEEP ACROSS MEXICO AND KILL EVERY NARCO THAT HAS EVER TAKEN A BREATH OF AIR...

  10. April 14, 2011 9:45 AM ,

    You are obviously very confused... I will leave it at that without pointing out the numerous things you are mistaken about, have a nice day...

  11. @ sue sponte, you are totally right. If you start blowing big convoys they will travel in smaller convoys, which will lead to smaller convoys. I sometime believe Calderon doesn't care about anything. He needs to start by firing Garcia Luna, Luna knew his federales were pulling Immigrants and dropping them off at Zetas safehouses. There are videos of Catholic Priests asking for help... Luna is going to be the next Calderoni..

  12. @8:45 - I couldn't of said it better myself. Reminds me of the movie "Traffic" with Benicio Del Toro and Michael Douglas. Watch that movie. Benicio a municipal police officer who extorts money from US tourists, bust drug dealers in a very interesting way, and works with the Army in capturing assassins. "Apollo"

  13. Matalos! Para que esperan? Matalos!

  14. So do cartel members have the cartel they are associated with tattooed on their forehead or do they just glow in dark or how in the world would they accomplish such simple task as 'sweep the country and kill all of them'?

  15. @ Anonymous 12:34

    Coordinated assets consist of Recon and Surveillance teams with some type of "combat controller" imbedded. You set up along highway X or whatever MSR is in question and you watch. These insurgents are creatures of habit. Establish patterns, routines, document size, activity, location, unit size, times, equipment. Digital photos/video etc. An intelligence team sorts out the data and creates the engagement model. The air and ground teams are briefed by the Headquarters element and the op is hashed out.

    After sometime you'll know the vehicles, players, weapons and heck you might even find where they hole up and another Recon/Surveillance team can start the whole process again.

    It's really not complex or difficult to do. One has to question the commitment of the agencies involved and how high up the corruption goes. The dog and pony shows are getting ridiculous.

  16. I don’t think CDG should unite again with ratZetas, eventually Zetas will gain control again and will betrayed CDG, like already happened,,CDG should not trust Zetas bcause Zetas are killing civilians and making too much noises, they just want control and money do not care about friendship, the Zetas are the main reason that the cartels are out of business, bcoz Zetas are targeting innocent people, the zetas is the cancer of the Mexican society and should be exterminate, CDG should keep attacking Zetas until they are totally annihilate and gain control of the territory again.

  17. I say we make Sua Sponte in charge. All those in favor, say aye! AYE!

  18. aqui en coahuila dicen tambien que el Lazca y CDG estan negociando en aliarse otra vez pero el Z-40 no quiere. Se me hace que van a pescar al z40 y el Lazca se va unir con CDG otra vez. Lo peor para juarez seria que estos dos se unieran con CDS.


  19. Sua Sponte is right. I have always wondered why Mexican forces have been so ineffective,I thought hell they are infiltrated,lazy,frightened,whatever,because the truth is THIS IS NOT NUCLEAR SCIENCE.These criminals are idiots,they can be identified and disappear. I had much rather read about mass graves of dead criminals and listen to the human rights ladies scream, than read about bus loads of people being murdered. ITs time to get this shit over with, it appears Mexico lacks resources or resolve. I had much rather have a harsh law and order govt than the gangland insanity MACHO LOCO that has Siezed Mexico. Mexico needs to commit its entire military,Directed by US handlers and intel,along with some US air power. Hell why not does Mexico need to hold its military in reserve in case Honduras tries to invade?? Give Me a Break

  20. Sua Sponte is right and if you doubt him you dont know anything about tactics. That is why a group of well trained US operatives could hunt down any of the cartel leaders in no time if they were given carte blanche. They could even smoke Chapo out of whatever mountain he's hiding. Might be a hundred of his bodyguards dead when those hellfire missiles hit the ground, but mission accomplished.

  21. @Tiso

    "well trained US operatives could hunt down any of the cartel leaders in no time if they were given carte blanche. They could even smoke Chapo out of whatever mountain he's hiding."

    Yeah sounds familiar with enemy number one Osama Bin Laden. Where is he? In the mountains. Give me a break Tiso.

    @Sua Sponte
    Its obviously you do not know the terrain in the state of Tamaulipas. Easier said then done. And Mexico doesn't have the air power. For goodness sake they are working with F-5 jets and old Russian choppers on the verge of breaking down haha.

  22. @ Anonymous 4/14 10:34

    We are very familiar with the terrain of Tamaulipas, Sinaloa , Nuevo Leon We have access to 24 hrs sat images with a 20 second refresh rate. Without getting into detail, access to real time imagery is also available to the chain of command.

    As for Mr.Guzman, I never once stated anything about capturing him. That type of operation is not a part of my mission profile. Recon and Surveillance of nouns is. Direct action is. I don't do so called "black-ops" The order of battle I provided above is merely combatives 101. Any American light infantry unit has this capability. Most certainly Mexico's IDM (Marina) has this capability. The bigger problem is the leadership. Mexico's armed forces have a very "aristocratic" chain of command and they don't lead from the front. The troops are hard as nails and loyal to the Country, I have worked with them. In many ways they are more effective than the Army. Their Marine FES are world class. I don't think a single FES has turned to the dark side either. My statements were not about our military is better or anything like that, I have the utmost respect for anyone that wears their Nations uniform.

    As for "OBL", rumor has it he's been dead for a while. Hard to get dialysis in the Korengal Valley.

    Mexico's air power? They most certainly have MD-500 Defenders with the armaments I described. The bigger question is, do they have the pilots with the stones to fly them on the edge?

    Stay Frosty and Godspeed

  23. The US wont get involved. They see it as more criminals are killing themselves. Nobody cares about Mexican people. We can invade IRAQ to "protect" innocent people there but we cant invade Mexico?

  24. Im sure the US forces could get osama bin laden if they wanted to, just like we could get el chapo if we wanted to. The reason we havent killed bin laden is political, not because we dont have the capabilities. If we had the ability storm the beaches of Normandy 50 years ago, im pretty sure we could catch El Chapo today (if we were given the green light course). What is your argument? That he is too well hidden for anyone to find him?? He'd have to be on the moon.

  25. Really Tiso? "If we had the ability to storm the beaches of Normandy"? That is how you determine our ability to get El Chapo?

    First, the Normandy invasions were a clusterfuck on so many levels. We just threw enough bodies into it to make it work and the death toll was staggering.

    Around 6000 died on D-Day in Normandy alone - a single day! The politicians and public would never stand for that again. Hell, we haven't lost that many in Iraq & Afghanistan in a decade!

    One man, hiding in the mountains or jungle is not so easy to capture as you might think. But to compare it to WWII is just ridiculous.

  26. What a spectacular example of how the US and Mexican government's 'drug war' breeds more criminality than it ever will stop. The troops and uniforms are everywhere running around in circles and hitting the wrong people as often as not, yet whole regions seem abandoned by law enforcement! Sad... Too bad the big shots intend to continue to make much money off this 'war'.

  27. @8:50am
    Please elaborate on the political reasons why bin laden gets a free pass?

  28. Answer to your question.... He's been dead for years, perhaps, Mr. 1:39????

  29. 1 down many more to go. They just caught Comandante Kilo

  30. It is sad but it looks that the Golf people support los zetas, but if you don't support them and want justice then join the CDG. Right now police is infiltrated by all cartels and can not be trusted.

  31. pretty bad when a bunh of homosexuals (El Kilo,
    Alphonso Martinez and that transvestite Fila Arroyo who in 2005 has the name felix arroyo,I know because I was in Prison with Martinez and
    Omar and Martinez was his "Bitch" funny how a
    scum bag group like the zeta's first and foremost initiate the lowest of street urchins to do their "Dirty Work" at least when Decena
    and Winny the Poo ran things their was some pride; then when Osiel got busted and Fat Tony took over with Coss they got smart and decided
    they were no longer be employees but the employers! It was just a matter of time before
    El Coss figuired out he had created his own Frakenstein! but these Low Life's that rape and sodomize children have to be put down like rabid dogs that they are and any cop that works either with or for them has to be skinned alive!


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