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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Police Find Human Bodies, Body Parts at Ranch in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon


Three dismembered bodies and assorted body parts were found at a ranch in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, the State Investigations Agency, or AEI, said.

The ranch was apparently used by drug traffickers to “cook” the remains of slain rivals, the AEI said.

Authorities went to the abandoned ranch, located on a trail that leads to the Comunidad Chihuahuitas district of the city of Cadereyta, after receiving an anonymous tip about a burned body, the AEI said.

Army troops, Attorney General’s Office investigators and AEI agents went to the ranch to check out the tip and discovered three torsos in a well.

Investigators also found an ax and fuel-filled barrels that were apparently used to burn human bodies, officials said.

Other human body parts were found at the ranch, but investigators have not determined whether they came from the three dismembered bodies or from other victims.

“There is information to confirm that we are dealing with several bodies,” state security council spokesman Jorge Domene said.

AEI investigators are working to determine whether a mass grave found at the ranch contains more than the five bodies originally estimated, Domene said.

The AG’s office investigators plan to use heavy machinery in the search for more human remains.

More than 50 people, including an oil workers union leader and 37 employees of state-owned oil giant Pemex, have been reported missing in the past four years in Cadereyta, where drug traffickers operate.


  1. PeMex employees? Mining Co. ? Kidnapping migrants? Stealing oil? Protection/extortion?hijacking vehicles? Sounds like DRUG RUNNING is the LEAST of Mexicos problems.Criminal gangs large and small get protection from the big boys pay respect money to them. Perception is that Mexico is generally lawless and criminals are free to do anything they can think of to feed off society(a picnic). Every day there is new evidence of the horrors visted on Mexico by Mexicans. If Mexico will get its criminal justice system functioning the fiesta will end.

  2. @ April 28, 2011 7:17 AM,

    You hit the nail in the head buddy....It's not only's bad in Cadereyta, Los Ramones and Pesqueria. From extortions, car-jackings and property seizures it's the reason we no longer go down to visit relatives.

  3. Any idea who might be responsible for the kidnappings, murders and carjackings? CDG, Zetas, or somebody else? Cannot believe dozens of Pemex employees disappear and the government seems unable or unwilling to stop it.

  4. That stretch of the highway where the Pemex plant is alongside the company town of Cadereyta has always been creepy as hell, as is Cadereyta itself. Cadereyta is really just an ugly far flung section of a rather disgusting, divided by social class Monterrey, in which the Pemex workers are forced to live alongside but still away from that 'paradise' land of the dissolving Mexican upper middle class, Monterrey. The Houston equivalent would be perhaps the oil towns of Texas City or even farther out Beaumont...

  5. Go out to a well site in Texas and kidnapp some hands, you may have your work cut out, We have plenty of criminals in Texas but our public can and will defend itself,criminals know this. WTF are Mexican Politicians doing OTHER THAN PROTECTING THE PEOPLE WHO FEED THEM , CRIMINALS.


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