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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Nightmare of the Massacre in San Fernando

Editor Note: Ok, for the readers who might be confused, this story is making its rounds around the internet. To this point we have not been able to confirm its validity, we publish it for information purposes and for you to  formulate your own conclusions. I felt regardless if fiction or not, it has some value in light of all the atrocities we have seen in the last couple of months in the region . 
 The bus of the ADO line was making its regular stop in the city of San Fernando, Tamaulipas on a destination to Reynosa. They arrived at the terminal unloading two people and boarding four, making a total of 15 passengers onboard the bus. The bus departed the terminal to follow the route; it was 8:30 in the evening of March 25, 2011. They quickly left the small village as they did not want to become victims of the criminals who operate in the city, however, that night would be the last they would fear, because they were already sitting in wait for them.

The streets in San Fernando empty at about 6 pm. The small town is a ghost town after dark, no one leaves their homes, and everyone protects themselves for fear of Los Zetas. Only the luxurious SUVs are seen travelling through the empty streets, no one wants to run into them.

The bus was just leaving the village when the driver saw a truck in the distance blocking the middle of the road and hooded men wielding AR-15s, at that moment he knew that all was over. The armed men ordered him to stop the bus; the driver was forced to stop. The men approached the bus pointing their long guns and shouting; "Open the door motherfucker, move it son of a bitch if you don't want me to shoot you in the fucking head." Shaking the driver opened the door of the bus, and instantly the armed men boarded the bus, one of them struck the driver on the face with his rifle while the others went inside shouting at the passengers, "You all just got fucked mother fuckers." The passengers on board were terrified, the women were crying while the children were hugging their parents, and also crying. Everyone was in panic, they thought it was just a robbery, but it was not.

They ordered the driver to continue driving, taking him a several feet along the road until they reached a ditch, where they ordered him to get off the road there and go another 6 miles on a dirt road. This seemed to be the longest ride in the lives of the passengers. They reached a very wide open field in the middle of nowhere, a plot of some kind, it was very dark. At the location were approximately 20 luxury trucks, and 3 other buses from several different bus lines, some had visible bullet holes with flat tires and broken glass.

One of the armed men told the driver to stop the bus, then they separated the men and women and then they ordered all the men to get out of the bus. They forced about 8 men out of the bus who ranged from 15 to 50 years old. They lined them up next to the bus where several armed men approached them and they started to separate them again by removing the old or weak. They removed two old men and two others that looked sick. They tied their hands and feet, and took them to another group of men that also seem to be old and weak. The ones who remained back were told to remove their shirt and to wait there.

Some of the armed men went to one of the SUV's parked nearby and shouted "call the comandante." It is when the presence of this man was made known, who was dressed in all black commando style, wearing a bulletproof vest and pouches all over his clothes; they all called him "Comandante 40." The man approached the men without shirts that had been forced off the bus and told them in a loud military tone type of voice, "Lets see mother fuckers, who wants to live, tell me now," but no one dared to answer. Everyone was looking toward the ground; they were unable to look up frozen in fear.

A young man around 15 years of age pissed his pants from the sheer fear while visibly trembling all over his body as if he was cold and a flood of tears ran down his cheeks. El 40 drew his handgun from his holster and without hesitation shot him in the forehead. The boy collapsed to the floor dead in an instant, while the other men also started to tremble in fear. "Who else is a fag here?" asked the El 40. No one dared to answer. "I will ask one last time mother fuckers, who wants to live?" This time he was yelling loud and clear, and suddenly all the men immediately raised their hands. "Good, we will give you a test to see how badass you all are, the ones who succeed will live, the ones who do not will get fuck." With that he ordered several of his men who were sitting inside another SUV to bring the sledgehammers and the men gave a sledgehammer to each man. "Ok listen up assholes, the trick is this, we are going to pair you in twos, and you are going to fuck up each other with the sledgehammers, and the one who survives will join us in our work and you get to live, while the one who does not survive, well you get fucked," he said sarcastically making his men laugh out loud. The passengers were stunned by the instructions from a narco who resembled more a nazi than anything else, they could not believe this was happening to them. Everyone grabbed their sledgehammer and took their position with their pair. They stared at each other with a look of pure fear. "Ok, fuck each other up," ordered El 40.

One of the passengers came begging to him, saying, "Please sir, I do not want to do this, I will give all my money if you let us go." El 40 looked at him straight in the eye, took his sledgehammer and said, "Okay fucking faggot, go." As soon as the man turned to leave El 40 hit the man in the head with the sledgehammer using brutal force. The man fell to the ground bathed in blood and El 40 just went crazy hitting the man on the head with the hammer until his head was smashed in to pieces. "This is what you all have to do son of a bitches, use your balls, anyone who does not want to do this tell me now and I will fuck you up," all men then began to fight against each other.

The bus driver was still inside the bus with the man who had intercepted them along with all the women and children. Several armed men got on the bus and forced all the women out of the bus who they felt were the prettiest. They were yelling at them; "Move whores," all crying and screaming as were the children. One of the armed men gave an ordered, "OK bitches, give me your young ones" and while weeping, the mothers took their children on their arms, which ranged from newborn to 8 years old. The children clung to their mothers while the sicarios snatched one at a time. They got everyone out off the bus and took them away, while some of the sicarios beat the women who remained on the bus.

The young women that had been forced off the bus were taken to a beat up hut where other young women were waiting there. Inside it was dark and filthy, and one could hear screams and moans. There the sicarios tore the clothes off the women and began to rape them. Inside the hut were approximately 30 women being raped, others were torn up on the floor.

The children were taken to another location where there were tanks filled with acid, and there they threw them inside the tanks. Little by little the cries of terror began to fade in to the night. The only sound left was from the sicarios who were laughing out loud, one of them shouted to the others; "the soup is almost ready."

The armed man ordered the driver to turn on the bus, and directed him to drive the bus to the location where they had placed all the men who were old and weak, they were lying on the ground in a single line tied to their feet and hands. "Drive your bus over them," ordered the sicario to the driver. The driver looked at him stunned, he could not believe what he just ordered him to do. "I said drive your bus over them or I will place you along with them so you can get fucked too idiot," the sicario yelled at the driver who felt he had no other choice but to comply. While driving his bus he could feel as if he was going over bumps, except the only difference was the screams from the people underneath. The women who remained inside the bus were crying uncontrollable after witnessing such horrible act. The sicarios inside the bus were just laughing. Not until he was finished driving over all of the bodies did they order him to stop.

It was then that the sicario shot the driver in the head and began to shoot the women who were inside the bus. The sicarios got out of the bus and set it on fire.

Comandante 40 gathered all the Zetas and said, "that is all for fun and game for tonight cabrones. Bring me all the winners" and they brought all the men who had killed their partner with the sledgehammer and El 40 said," Welcome to the Special Forces of the Zeta, the other military."


  1. So who lived to tell the Tale or is this just Fiction?

  2. just heartless,i hate to say this but im glad theres a gulf cartel, their the only ones really after the zetas

  3. this is not real is it? If this is real, who lived to tell? Perhaps the Zetas?

  4. This sounds horrible It freaked me out. Did this really happened? How did Borderland Beat got this information. What happened to our Mexico?
    I can't believe that they threw the children into acid containers. This is insane. Mexico needs help to eradicate these animals.

  5. Pathetic. Sad. Vulgar. And all that is wrong with Mexico

  6. Really heavy stuff. I hope we can do some interesting commentary here, and not a lot of cries for death and destruction, and all caps grandstanding. though this is beyond most of what any of us have read before, even for Zeta's this is inhumanity and cruelty of which I have seldom heard of.

    I do want to say, and if I am wrong, I apologize, as I do not want to take away anything from the atrocities suffered by these people,but is there a possibility some of this is exaggerated? The acid part caught my eye. Or have they really gone that far from all human decency?

    Also, if they really had men join their ranks, won't they kill them at the first possible chance? After seeing them butcher their families?

  7. I feel like I just read a script from a scene out of a horror movie. The devil is indeed in Mexico, those evil, Malverde-worshipping Zetas really are possessed. How can people be so cold and inhumane to innocent people? They reap what they sow, and that's all I have to say. In the end, they'll pay with their souls.

  8. Whatever, I would die fighting back and getting shot up with my kids than let them just do that to me. They got no balls there in Mexio, even the narcos.


  9. Hell on Earth,very very sad,this story literally MADE ME CRY.Ok Mexico,still no DEATH PENALTY ? Too cruel for these monsters,they have rights ?And to human rights activist:chinga a sus madres !!!

  10. Its not just mexico Iv seen things like this in South Africa

    1. Bullshit for saying this happens in South Africa

  11. I heard this came from a witness that was captured during a recent arrest of Zetas. He had been forced to fight and his testimony led to the discovery of some buried bodies. They dissolved the children in acid so they did not leave any evidence that they killed children, that is why they never found any bodies of children in the graves, think about it.

    Is the pozolero in TJ ring a bell?

  12. Who lived to tell?? The men on the bus who were decent with a sledgehammer thats who!

  13. Thats fuck up..............

  14. This is bullshit... They do this kind of thing, but only to the "15-40 year old males". If THIS story was true, the faggot zeta cartel would already be gone... Who will be loyal to the men who took it all away? No one. They would kill every one involved as soon as they could. The young men ARE being treated this way, but as time will tell; most are good people that would rather die than become monsters. Look out your window america, they are here, they roll through our streets. Let's roll through theirs, let's martyr ourselves for a good cause- take your weapons, your ammo and money, and let's bury our trash.

  15. The only crime these innocent people committed was being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    To CDG, please eradicate these pieces of shit Zetas by any means necessary, and keep reminding them that all the atrocities committed to innocent people will happen to them tenfold.

  16. Now i guess CARTEL DEL GOLFO doing justice with their own hands(or machetes) on these sorried a$$ "human beings" ??? called ZETAS is not so bad after all.

  17. send all the zeta pricks to texas death row.we in texas exterminate our trash

  18. Sorry, this is fiction. It is all over the internet but only on narco blogs. There is no indication of origin, and no mainstream media or press has this story. To what agency was this testimony given? Which slaughter? How did this person live? Where was El Kilo the supposed perp?

    too much missing..good fiction, could happen but I am not beliving all this happened and the sole witness just happen to see all of it, he must have been trailing each team of assasins, the rapists and counting the number of women, the children and happen to know their ages and happen to see them thrown in the acid and hear their screams, and see the bus driver scared and shocked at the command, come on people think about it.

  19. This is a false story. The thing that gives it away is the damaged buses. There have been no shells of buses recovered in the area. None of the bodies recovered show signs of being crushed. Most dies of blunt force trama. Take this story with a grain of salt.

  20. maybe it was one of the guys who won the fight. i mean even if you won the fight, what sane person wants to be a ZETA.

  21. Maybe the story itself is false, but everything that took place in it, is indeed, true. We have all read about:
    -women being raped
    -young men being forced to join them or be murdered
    -people being dipped in acidic tanks

    And overall, straight-up inhumane torture. So, this story could be false, but everything that took place in it are everyday realities in Mexico. Take THAT with a grain of salt.

  22. Elements of this article are horribly plausible. It's not as though the Zeta's invited the bus passengers for an evening picnic & singsong is it?

    That being said it's impossible to say whether this is a genuine eyewitness account. I hope not.

  23. EXCITING FICTION its true this survivor is the luckiest person in the world especially when surrounded by so many zetas

    and being everywhere at once while the attack occurs witnessing details, and knowing even ages of the children! hahahaha

    are you that gullible people?

  24. Texcoco Mex said.

    I did look for this on the news and I didn't find anything not even about the ADO buses.
    It is also hard for me to believe that some terrified person will remember so much detail and so many things and he doesn't explain how he maneged to escape.
    I do believe the zetas are cold killer capable of doing anything with out remorse.

  25. Three things here:
    1) If this is true, God help Mexico because Mexico can be now only saved by a Miracle!!

    2) I have a sneaky feeling that a Good Story Teller choreographed this piece together and let it fly out there. The bit about kids is crazy...(dramatic effect to send a chill in our spines?)

    3) So many many years ago, a Jeweller once used a proverb that...."This too shall pass". You can imagine during Adolf Hitlers time with all that Crazy stuff then, to day we view it as un-believable and is officially history from some age when the world was crazy and Germany is now sane. 80 years from today, our grand children will be like "what the heck was wring in Mexico". I say again, "this too shall pass". We can only pray to our respective gods to held Mexico.

  26. This story seems a bit far fetched to me. I find it really hard to believe, especially considering what one poster posted about there being no crushed bodies, most had blunt force trauma. I'm not saying it didn't happen, I just don't believe it 100%.

    No different than beheading, dismembering, or carving off faces. They are all sick. You people need to stop cheerleading CDG or other Cartes. They are all sick demented individuals. No offense!

  27. sounds like its written by steven king and not a journalist...

  28. Are we that naive?????

    Fist of all they have found over 200 bodies buried in San Fernando, and that is just the tip of the iceburg. The media alreay reported before this article that the victims were from buses. It is true, no children were found in the remains buried, why? It is not true that all the bodies were found intact, some of the pitures posted in the news clearly show some bodies that were torn up.

    People who have not seen the burned buses do not have the heart beat of the little detail of Los Zetas misdeeds, search it and you will find it.

    This was put together from numerous witness accounts of people that were captured with Los Zetas that were forced to join, that is why they told what happened, they had nothing to lose. Also, the question of why has the main stram media a has not picked up on this is almost laughable, that is like saying the videos of atrocities posted on the narco blogs are not true because they are not covered by the mai stream media. Main strean media has not and will not post any of this hell!

    Are you kidding me??? This shit is true and happening every day in the streets of Mexico. We continue to see people with their heads buried in the sand, that is why we have not held the Mexican government responsible for this shit, because we are not shocked and we live in denial, it's easier that way.

    Hopefully, soon the government or main stream media will be forced to report on this, but for now, they will cover it up. or perhaps they never will reveal the truth, hoping everyone forgets, like the doubters that already discounted these horrible events, that is what is sad!

    God save society in all levels!

  29. No one can make up this kind of event, El 40 is the main man in San Fernando and brutal to the bone. Everyone in town knows where he is, he owns half of the businesses there. El Kilo is just small time, a token, a scape goat if you will to make the public feel better, do you people fell better knowing that El 40 is untouchable?



    5. IN THE BUS WITH THE DRIVER, ORDERED TO DRIVE OVER THE OLD AND THE WEAK "The driver looked at him stunned, he could not believe what he just ordered him to do".....




  33. Sounds like someone is exaggerating. No doubt that some of these people are animals, but it sounds like this was written by somone working for the CDG. Either way, I wish they all die.

  34. Death penalty, armed citizens, Million peso payoffs for information and testimony, witness protection, martial law, that is what it is going to take and the left wing, socialist, communist parties and politicians will not go that route...mexico is finished

  35. After all we have read and seen here, it may be possible that this drugged out narco-terrorist know no bounds to evil.




  37. The OMI reports I read said all the bodies had gun shot wounds and had signs of being tortured.

    I am glad BB printed this, why would you want to keep it out and allow us to decide if it's true or not.

  38. esto es real...
    quienes dicen que esto es falso, entonces seguramente tambien son falsos los mas de 150 muertos encontrados en San Fernando...

    of disspaerances in San Fernando

    Survivors narrate: that day five gray trucks were comming; they got them all of and raped them; this has been happening since two months ago; they get them off and take them..

    It's in Spanish people.

    Matamoros Boy

  40. Pretty horrific if this is true but I am sure it was exagerated some but not by too much.

    I got to agree with what someone else said here about the guys being forced to join the Zeta's I mean would any normal decent person with some sense of morality and love for his family just shrug off the rape and murder of his wife and murder of his child and go with the Zeta's like that? yes they would go along with it at first to avoid being shot dead outright but no I think as soon as they got their hands on a gun they would shoot as many as they could who was involved with it all. They would be so dark in pain and anger they just simply would not care about being killed themselves.

    I think the Gulf Cartel and Sinaloa Cartel will eventually get a hold of El 40 and do some fucked up shit to him. Bet he won't be so badass once he is tied to a chair choking on his own blood.

    The Zeta's own cold blooded brutality will bite them in the ass one day.

  41. Not this story but a story on video recounting horrors by a bus driver...sorry in spanish

    whereas all these atrocities happen, I just don't see this as true, that a survivor would exist among all those Zetas and seeing every little detail going down..highly unlikely IMO..but great writing, probably from a Tec student

  42. TRUE! For those who understand Spanish. This link will hear the story of another bus driver who also witnessed:

    Mention some facts that have resemblance to the story.

  43. The one thing that stands out beside what the poster said about no burned bus shells and crushed bodies is that no one single report of missing children has come up. Only adults. I am sure if this were true you would here that so and so was travelling with his or her children and now they are missing. This is an outright piece of fiction. It does nothing more than sensationalize the festering problem. I am surprised that is board would post this. It is obviously false and that can be seen even if you are not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  44. @ 6:19
    You just keep praying buddy. Hitler did not just "pass". Hitler was defeated over a 4 year brutal war all over Europe. Where the fuck have you been?

    This kind of attitude is what allowed impunity, corruption and all the drug cartels and criminals to flourish in Mexico. How do you like your country now? Are you going to be like Mr. Sicilia and wait until one of your people is murdered/tortured before you DO something?

  45. Hmm...... Interesting.

    All I can say is good luck Mexico.

  46. Let me find a Zeta living in my (US) city. He/She will beg to get deported back to Mexico!

  47. I agree that this story is a work of complete fiction. A "survivor" could not be in all places at the same time witnessing each and every conversation outside, inside buildings, inside the bus. The reason it gets around is that the elements are plausible. The best stories have an element of truth.

    But even more disturbing are the people (12:40 & 12:49 am and others) who support the CDG in killing these people. That is truly a pact with the devil.

  48. I agree, I doubt this story is true. At the same time I have no doubt that they would do something like this. Burying someone alive is still an extremely cruel death. Mexico needs to hire professional contractors to take care of this problem.

  49. I live in the frontier and I've witnessed terrible things when I was passing by near San Fernando. There was people killed and beheaded in the midle of the road and some vehicles were burning in the sides, it was the most horrible moment in my life. The media didn't show anything in the news about this and the others events like when buses where kidnaped and the passengers where killed, many people knew and reported missing people and the local goverment and also the companies owners of the buses did nothing about it, they stay quiet as just nothing happened . This terrible facts that come out now as an inconvenient truth to the authorities with the discover of hundreds of dead bodies buried in San Fernando were always known by the people who lives here (and the authorities). Los Zetas are like a plague, like a cancer that has to be stopped before it spreads over. They don have respect for the human life, even if children are involved they kill them without any remorse. they can't be socially rehabilitated, they only know violence as their form of comunication and we can't negotiate with them because they are beyond of our forgiveness. The goverment isn't able to protect us nor even to themselves, then they should give us the right to have weapons to defend ourselves, we want kill them all and set ourselves free of their nonsense violence because if the police or the army caught them and put them in jail some days later they are released by corrupt judges. But the goverment don't want us armed because is afraid that people tired of corrupt governors make a revolution and use that weapons against them. I doubt about the veracity of this tale, but I've already heard about all the horrible things narrated in it in separate stories and I think that some or all of that could be truth (in separate cases).

  50. Its time for judgement. Heavens gates are open and jesus' fury and arch angels are coming...

  51. There is no one so blind as he who resfuses to see.

    So, you cannot believe these levels of violence and cruelty? Have you not been seeing the videos showing decapitations, and butchering of human beings on BB and BDN?

    Google is your friend, embrace it.

  52. One of the most helpful things the media can do is publish the names of people who have been identified as being cartel members. These killers need to hide. They do not like it when their names appear in any public forum. The recent "agreement" by the major media to not publish gory cartel/drug war stories is not good. The more light shed on these evil devils the better.

    It is not important which part of this article is true. I am shocked by the number of BB readers who downplay this article. You know 90% of it true so why do you spilt hairs? Because you can't deal with the truth. So you will deny the truth until your son is murdered like Mr. Sicilia and you will suddenly be outraged and moved to action too late.

  53. Fiction my ass. I was in Juarez in 2007 when this stuff was just breaking hard. I went to an auto parts chain to see where 3 police were murdered and one abducted, a few days prior. I was in disbelief at the scene. I counted more that 100 bullet holes in the concrete face of the building. The metal frames that incased the doors and windows were filled with bullet holes that gnarled the metal with huge holes and all the glass had been replaced. I couldn't guess how many hit the window. It was done during store hours and several of the workers along a police officer now guarding the store gave account of what happened and where they hid. After that, I had a very clear understanding of the force that these criminals use with their acts of terror. It was solemnly horrifying and humbling.

    This is Mexico, their are no police reports of damaged buses. This is not MAYBERRY, USA. Come on man! And there is a media blackout in that exact area for this exact reason, because the Zetas threaten journalists and news agencies not to print anything negative about the Zetas or else.

    When the autopsies were coming back on the young women murdered in Mexico from 1993 to present, there were all kinds of neglect, misrepresentation and discrepancies. The autopsies being done now have little more credibility. Maybe only to identify the victim, and a possible cause of death. I doubt any particular autopsy is more than just eyeballing the victim, making a guess and moving on to the next. They probably spent 5 minutes with a victim if that in these multiple case incidents, with victims of low importance to them. And I doubt they were buried alive as I think these people like to kill to much, to waste the opportunity.

    The Zetas first became infamous for their kidnappings and cruelty in Nuevo Laredo 7 years ago. The extreme lack of regard for humans, American or Mexican came to light then. They are 10 fold worse now. The common grunt Zeta probably has a IQ of less than 80 and is a follower trying to please his immediate leader and peers with extreme brutality.

    Go back and look at the photos of the 72 bodies found murdered six months ago. I do not recall anything other than men there. Where were the women and children? Most likely they were moved and exploited in to prostitution or as sex slaves. The children, who even knows. Come on guys, wake up! I doubt that many of the bus occupants were traveling as a family unit either. Most immigrants travel alone to the US, get established then send for their family or don't send for them, so the act of heroism to protect their family doesn't wash either. Acid is readily available in the area for manufacturing too.

    This seems to be a credible account by several victims. The media in that area cannot do that because there life and agency would end after the story printed. Many of the behaviors described are reported in other situations similar to this that occur very frequently in that area. Sociopaths with low IQs, on extended speed runs, that are desperate to recruit help are very capable of behaving this way. I suspect they behave like this most of the time.

    Don't get lost being an arm chair literary critic and lose perspective that this and horrifying events just like it happen regularly in Mexico and especially in that exact area. Other sites can be even more graphic with details on the events.

    This was probably a good description of what happened but we are rarely given the opportunity to hear an eye witness account of these terrible events! Don't be arm chair literary critics and discount the hundreds and hundreds of innocent victims dying and all that are suffering with them.

    I try not to take sides with cartels but it can be like politicians. Sometimes we vote for the politician least likely to do harm. It is the only choice we have. Some criminals make a living with crime and do what it takes to succeed. In this case, we have some very Evil People trying to be criminals.


  54. That CDG boss in the axe video kept repeating "the children you killed in San Fernando".....could be he knew this for a fact or he probably read it too in a blog somewhere. As for me, I pray this (the worst parts) is just fiction.

  55. to all you people with deep respect and excuse my broken english all of this is true and whoever dont want to believe this i make an invitation for you you and me lets go to mexico you set the date i used to visit my family in tamaulipas not anymore is so sad what is happening down there no one dares to come at night after 6 or 7 pm only them run the streets and whoever say about the story that is impossible to be in diferent places at the same time question is do you think the persone that say this story how many times they or he was forced to do thiskind of nightmare on human beings you have short memory remember the texas missionarys that were shot and lady killed because they didnt stop also mexican news never post this stories because is bad publicity for the state our past gobernor was and is allied with the zetas and our present governor is tooo his brother was killrd and he has done anything to solve this crime so sad of lead and silver he chosesilver tamaulipas need help military help to clean our beloved state but how can people take over the goverment we have no guns the cops work for the zetaseverybody judges mayors are on zetas payrollonly mexican military is brave but they cant be everywhere at the same time there is lot of people watching every move they make so for now mexico and special tamaulipas is screwed big time

  56. To the people who dont believe the story, its very well possible to be at the scene and just standing and seeing and hearing what is going on. This whole its fake why didnt we hear about it, is because the cartel have threatened news sources from reporting. Im sure there is more to this whole war in mexico that we do not hear about it. The goverment wont admit that they are the ones responsible for it. We can blame the U.S. for being the enabler but the problem lies in the politicians. They make their money so that is why Mexico is a sovereign state that will never accept outside help. We would want the world to see the demons are sent by the devil themselves. As it is easter i only can say a prayer for the poor souls that are actually innocent victims, and that they resurrect into the glory of god.

  57. I live in the frontier, I have seen many horrible things. this could be true...knowing the cruelty that cartels operate... know it the ONU, the international community, we are being ruled by terrorists, who kill women, children and innocent men...we are a country disarmed, the crime beyond any authority, we are a unprotected people, we need help!!

  58. To the person who said the wittness would have needed to be in 5 different places to tell this story.....think about it! If it was one of the men who survived by fighting then he would have seen all of these things and probably on more than one occasion. Maybe the details arent exactly factual but Los Zetas are easily ruthless enough to do all of these things. I saw the body of a 15 year old boy cut into pieces and placed on the steps of two different locations. It is so vile that it doesnt seem like it could be true, but my friend, it is. It all is!

  59. Fiction or not, crackhead sicarios are capable of cruelty like this. They are are subhuman. Incapable of decent human behavior. If these beings were ever human they lost that trait when they began to butcher humans. Even the Nazis realized the transformation of human to beast. They attempted to salvage their killers by using methods that spared actual hands on killing. Unfortunately, even industrial murder could not spare the beast transformation. Mexico is not the only threatened country. These beasts will spread to the U.S. and wreak havoc here. The Zetas are capable of great horror and they are as deadly a threat as Al-Qaida. Wake up America! This is no dream. It's a nightmare waiting to happen. We must destroy the Zetas the same way we hunt down Al-Qaida. Give these beasts no quarter. They won't spare anyone...

  60. People are reporting adults missing. I guess they forgot to report the fucking kids as well. The story is made up.

  61. I heard that they had Fred Flintstones' Dinasauer cover the bodies up. This story while riveting, is obvious fiction. I have not seen one report of them finding anything caustic in the area. Nor have they reprted on a "rape house". They got taken off the bus and killed. Case closed. Stop the drama with the made up stories. What is next? Zeta's flew a squadron of F-22's over San Fernando and destroyed the town?

  62. There would be no witnesses. The survivors would be Zeta's now and under their watchful eye. Bullshit story.

  63. Whoever wrote this has a good sick and perverted imagination. Well written story. Creepy story. But if this really happened ( it is possible ) then this kind of reality is Mind Blowing! This is too sickning to comprehend, using innocent human beings for sadistic games of torture.

    The reality is that these people were murdered by Los Zetas. That some of these people were buried alive. That the piece of shit Mexican government, once again, will prove themselves incompetent. And that the Stanky-ass-zetas will continue to spread their abuse on the good citizens of mexico.

    I HATE los zetas with a passion. More than the other cartels. I can understand why everyone hates them. They are the most ignorant-filthy-pieces of pigshit. These sick fucks are the worst examples of mexicans that exist. And the rest are just dirty animals, rejects from central america, who invade other countries. The only purpose of their existence is to spread hate and to overindulge in other peoples pain.

    I can't wait for the next video of a zeta getting his balls cut-off because that is the only form of revenge that I can get out of this whole mess.

    The American media is'nt even saying much about this incident but CNN is showing a one hour special on the shooting on falcon lake. Why? Because they were not Americans? They were just a bunch of mexicans. Its not just the killings of hundreds of innocent people that bothers me, its the fact that the mexican and american governments don't give a shit and that their will be no jurisdiction forced on these satanic murderers.

    BOYCOTT MEXICO!!! Until they get their shit straight!

  64. I'm so sorry for everyone that has to live there without the ability to protect themselves. Whether 100% of this particular tale is true or not matters very little. The situations are quite plausible. Too bad only the criminals (and that includes police) are armed.

  65. I am so saddened by all of usual summer trip to Monterrey has been cancelled for fear of my and my familys life

  66. on BDN and DDN their saying they've found more graves but the authorities are keeping it quiet. supposedly one with 40 children and babies "brutally murdered"

  67. Some of u ppl can be so IGNORANT. I too wish this was fiction. "y la maldad se multiplicara"

  68. Anonymous with lots of huevos said:

    "Whatever, I would die fighting back and getting shot up with my kids than let them just do that to me. They got no balls there in Mexio, even the narcos."

    Sure you got a lot of balls behind your pc, typing with the left hand while jacking off with the right hand. Typical bullshit on this board, a bunch of cowards telling people who are totally defenseless, like women, children and old men" to fight! don't be cowards ! be though macho men like we are here in the states" ... what a bunch of fuking gasbags. If you were in the same situation, I doubt there would be anything you could do, surrounded by thugs pointing assault rifles at you and your kids. You'd be probably the first one to give up the ass, jerk off !!!

  69. LOL @ BB I know you put a disclaimer that the story was not confirmed. But yesterday a mexican news channel reported that it was a story written by highschool student in Reynosa. Teacher had told students to write a story it could be about any thing even on current events. So a unidentified female student wrote this story which was more or less tuned for a short film script. The student has a youtube channel where she shows videos of her and friends acting. Take a look.

  70. The acts described could very easily be committed by shitheads with no conscinous, most of the types of atrocities in the story have already happened. But this particular story is a work of fiction (possibly based on a multitude of real events combined to make one account). You can easily tell by the speech and grammer being used. Even morons with IQ's less than 80 use more colorful language and much more "artistically" too. The sledgehammer fights were kinda stupid as well. Does this kind of thing happen? Yes. But does it happen like this? Nope.

    Like another poster said, This was written by a wanna-be (bad at that) writer than a journalist.

    Don't be blinded into thinking this account is real. The violence and ruthlessness is real, but this particular story is not.

  71. Was this written by Stephen King? Just saying!

  72. LOL @ BB I know you put a disclaimer that the story was not confirmed. But yesterday a mexican news channel reported that it was a story written by highschool student in Reynosa. Teacher had told students to write a story it could be about any thing even on current events. So a unidentified female student wrote this story which was more or less tuned for a short film script. The student has a youtube channel where she shows videos of her and friends acting. Take a look.


  73. @April 19, 2011 12:10 AM S said...
    Its not just mexico Iv seen things like this in South Africa"

    Can you please specific which case in South Africa that you have seen thing. I live in South Africa, Soweto Township....We do have insane people but the case like the innocent people of mexico experience we don't even come close to that and i pray that our all mighty will give them strength and overcome this madness.


  74. If this is true I would really like to cut every one of there heads off and kill there blood line...make sure they do not bread ever

  75. a total of 15 passengers onboard the bus
    they took
    about 8 men out of the bus who ranged from 15 to 50 years old.
    so 7 persons women and children
    remain inside the bus
    Out of the all men group outside the bus
    They removed two old men and two others that looked sick so we have 4 men prospects to join zetas, z40 kill the 15 year old, now we only have 3 men to fight each other with many of those 3 survived? it has to be more than one because z40 talked in plural at the end...numbers dont add...conclussion: fake story!

  76. False? Most likely.

    Could it have happened? Without a doubt. At least certain parts of it. Are there people sick enough in mexico to do it? Again, without a doubt. If our legislature is going to allow these killers, rapist, and all around sick people into our country, why shouldn't we go down there, clean up, and fly the American Flag over Mexico. If they can't take care of their own problems, then we sure as hell can. Bring back our troops from every where they don't belong, and NATO be damned, we will clean it up. How many more of our citizens have to die at the hands of these people. How many more of our (meaning American) women have to be raped at the hands of these people? ON OUR SOIL NO LESS!!!!! The only way this country is going to secure our borders is to do it ourselves. The government evidently has no interest in doing it, so why don't we. If our Fore-Fathers had seen this was going to be the way their colonies and country was going to turn out, they would fixed it then. They at least had the balls to do what was necessary. It's time we went back to roots, kick out all the politicians (who are nothing more then lieng, thieving bastards) and take this country back.

    Just my two cents worth.

  77. i wish all you people behind this key boards would stop trying to figure out if it's fake or real and come live a bit of what we live here in mexico.. people it's real i see it everyday ther's so much we can't tell because of fear over here but it's happening , not even the news papers nor news people want to report on this because of fear... so let's stop investigating and start praying for all this peoples the body's are real and the deaths are real too no matter how that happend......everyone so corrupted over here just an example when a buss don't make it's destination shouldn't the army or marinos be all over that, or is the buss company in on that too, a buss get's lost over here and they don't even look for it...the us would be all over that shit...

  78. I live in Mexico. Can some other country please invade us and fix this shit country, please? Really, I don't mind as long as everything changes for the better. Thanks.

  79. The story sounds a little too scripted to be 100% accurate although from what I have read and the pictures I have seen I don't doubt something similar to have happened.

    It is sad that the good reputation of Mexico is being dragged through the dirt by these vicious scum.

    It is not just the poor people in the dangerous areas who are affected but the rest of the country will suffer from loss of tourism revenue if the government doesn't shut down the drug gangs.

    I'm sorry to say it but the seems to be corruption at every level of goverment to allow the problem to have flourished in such a way

  80. My Mother always said that "The Devil Never Sleeps". I always pray for the people of Mexico that one day a hero will come to save them. Where are the Catholic Churches or the priest or even the Pope? These are their people. If nothing is done to stop this atrocity the evil will soon spread even further. As long as the church stands asides for the devil to come through to do his deed. All you can do is pray.

  81. Does it really matter if it's fake sheesh the question is this shit is going on and these demons run around in Mexico in small towns and do horrible things.And Calderon is playing the game for his benefit corrupt is a understatement this is a god dawn setup Mexico better grab its guns and make the American south look like Disney land.They best form some vigilantism groups or mercenary groups and fight with everything they have now !!!!!!! And send every Mexican teen to college to build a realistic judicial system to keep these Facist politicians inline and corruption and crime at bay!!!CHANGE THE LEGAL SYSTEM

  82. These people who says its a lie must to be part of Zetas organisation. I am brazilian and few days ago i was watching a documentar about ilegal immigration here in brazil.

    They then talked about this massacre and the 4 brazilians victims involved. Their bodies were sent to brazil and their families talked about it, crying on TV.

    This is true, brazilians died in México in the hands of these monsters.

    Remember that meybe these women were not wife's of the men who were in the bus. They would try to cross the border as ilegal immigrants. Its possible that one of them could be a wife, but others could just be by their own.

    If i have survived to a horrible experience like that i would pretend to make part of their cartl, and as soon as i had a chance i would kill the most number of Zetas as possible! I would get a contact with Zeta's rivals CDG and CDS and would work as a spy to them. I would plan a great operation having the rivals cartels help to exterminate these devils!

    Brazilians victims died, I will never forget it! Horrible story.

  83. Why do people here claim this is false? You have seen people skinned alive on gore sites by the cartel, you have seen women murdered without a thought, yet in your mind, children, THAT is unthinkable? Why? We have plenty of history to show that this has happened time and time again.

    You are no different than the Jewish people who convinced themselves the stories were too far fetched as they were being driven to the gas chambers. Does dismissing things really make them go away?

  84. You actually make it seem so easy together with your
    presentation but I find this matter to be actually one thing that I feel I would by no means understand.
    It seems too complex and very large for me. I
    am having a look forward on your subsequent post, I will attempt to get the
    grasp of it!

  85. Z40 is a good guy,he's just emotional

  86. Maybe we can just bomb these assholes into oblivion. They don’t deserve to live.


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