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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nightclubs Suffer Harassment on Two Sides by Extortionists and then by Police

In less than 24 hours sicarios again did whatever they wanted, spraying clients with gunfire and burning the club Barritas with Molotov cocktails, they have registered five dead and six injured.

"We are born again and God has something prepared for us that managed to survive, because it must have been a hell of a nightmare," recounted one of the employees of the bar "Las Barritas."
Ciudad Juarez.
Recently Borderland Beat has been reporting on the massacres in clubs happening in Ciudad Juarez and the potential complicity of the federal police as reported by several witnesses. One of the media news outlets that has been reporting on these "irregularities" has been El Diario. There is obviously something developing with these serious accusations and if true, this would be a huge breach of trust and abuse of power, not to mention the cost of life already suffered and could potentially result.

Ovemex first reported on it and Gerardo did a follow up. We will try to stay on it.

Source: El Diario
After attacks on two nightclubs in which a total of 15 people were killed this last week, owners of these establishments in Ciudad Juarez say they are facing the worst crisis attempting to earn a living caught up between criminals and police.

They explained it has been like this for at least the last two years because they not only have to deal with organized crime that force them to pay them a "quota" for the right to conduct business (derecho de piso) and for supposed protection, but they also have to deal with the systematic harassment from the police, mainly from the federal police, who constantly break in to the clubs during regular business for irregular inspections of staff and clients, who they threaten and at times have committed several abductions "levantones."

"We do not know what to do, or who we should watch for or where to go for safety, because on one hand the sicarios who charge us fees come with their faces open, but the federal police come with their faces covered to make a mess of things" says an owner but only under the condition of anonymity.

The businessman, with more than two decades in the industry, says the situation is even worse when violent crimes occur inside or outside the establishments, because police arrive after the fact, loot the establishments and steal the property from the victims.

While in regards to the police operations he says that police officers burst into the premises accusing them of having links to the criminal group "La Línea", and they use their high-powered rifles to repress the people in the club, who they threaten and beat up, making them lay on the floor who they sometimes undress almost to the point they are nude and at times are touching the women.

"They cause tremendous humiliation to us, our employees and our customers. They are a scourge of society, they steal everything they can, bottles of alcohol, the money, whatever they can find, let alone when there are dead victims who they pick their pockets to steal everything they have, they act with a tremendous greed." he adds.

He says that although some of these activities have been recorded on video security systems installed in the clubs, they prefer not to do or say anything for fear of retaliation and the distrust of all authorities.

"The best we can do for the sake of our businesses and our people, is only to be a witness, shut up and try to ask politely that the police not be so abusive, because I do not trust any authority, or any police force and not even the military, because no one follows up with these irregularities, no one resolves anything, some pull, yell and they watch one group, while others watch the other," he says.

This issue was also confirmed by other retailers in the same business, who said that after dealing with organized crime and police authorities, that they don't trust anyone.

"Right now the sad thing is that there is no single authority we trust, either as businessmen or as citizens, we cannot trust in any police department at any level of government, not even on the government administrators, or the politicians, no one will solve these problems because all of them work for their own purposes," he says.

But he says they do not trust organized crime either who extort them regularly and do not respect agreements or ethics, and never deliver in the security they allegedly offer.

"We have seen clubs that are current with their quota, operating legally and they still attack them burning down their businesses or killing the owners because they could care less, they only want to cheat, right now no one will guarantee you anything, not even the thugs who have no shame, not even their own word," he adds.

However, they dare not stop paying their quota because it would mean a death sentence.

"I pay my quota so they don't kill me, but the day I can no longer afford to pay, I will close down and leave the city like so many others have done, because right now I make better timely payments of the extortion than my taxes," says another club owner.

He went on to say that his family, until two years ago, owned about 150 different businesses in the city "restaurants, bars, dance halls, pharmacies and grocery stores," but to this day, they only own one, his. He said that the others felt it was safer to flee Ciudad Juarez for Mexico City or the United States.

He adds that, according to his experience, there are federal police that have participated with criminal organizations who provide them with information about customers who they assumed are armed criminals or in possession of drugs, who they abduct and take away their profits.

"Some of the feds once told me that if we see anyone suspected of crimes or up to no good, to tell them and they will pay us for collaborating, they also told me the same about the extortionists, they even offered me protection, but of course I do not believe anything they say because I see how they work," he said.

According to witnesses of last Thursday armed attack at the club "El Castillo", 10 minutes before the gunmen burst into the place to shoot at employees and customers, a group of federal police warned the owner to close the business "because they were going to make chaos (desmadre)."

A short time later after the attack that left 10 people dead, witnesses say that the feds were the first to arrive at the scene of the crime, and proceeded to loot the personal belongings of the dead victims and even stole property from the establishment such as flat-screen televisions


  1. Any police or military committing crimes needs to be charged with treason against Mexico and hung in the town square! When is Mexico going to stop pussy footing around with these monsters and realize that the ONLY way to deal with them is DEATH! Anything less to them is a joke! The judges are all corrupt and they just pay a little money and are back out in no time picking up right were they left off.

    Its hard to take any of this serious when Mexico seems to be OK with the way that things are... Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year its continually the same old song! When is Mexico going to realize serious drastic changes need to be made and it that means killing all of the criminals then so be it, it would be a great day in Mexico to wake up and know that they have all been killed and Mexico can then start living like a normal country instead of the hell hole it has become... How many people are going to have to die before Mexico finally wakes up and smells the coffee? 40,000 oh ya 40,000 = has already been killed, 50, 60, 70, 100 thousand?

    Some days with as much corruption as there is in Mexico it just seems like such a lost cause when you can get any of the police to sell their own mothers for a 100 dollar bill how can they ever expect to see an end to this stuff?

  2. The only reason this is happening is because politicians are allowing it to happen. They are getting millions in bribes and staying safe. Any other country would have already stood up in front of the UN and requested help. This only shows the politicians have no intent on stopping the violence. If and when the cartels are declared terrorists and the US comes across the border to engage them, the politicians will be forced to change their tune. They will not be sent to Mexican courts if caught. They will be in shackles in a US controlled prison somewhere in the world if not Getmo. I do not thnk they realize the severity of cartels infringing on the US the way they have come to do. We control this world. Nobody else. We bomb and kill those who do not fall into line. This wil happen to Mexico if only because it is in the best interest of the US. Congressional hearings alone should let these people know that the conservatives are preparing for a new plan of action in the event of a new presidient. If a right-winger comes in, the gloves are off. The intelligence that the US will be able to gather will be like nothing the Mexicans have seen to date. The will intercept all phone and text and emails. They will target those who are sending and recieving them. It will literally be a US controlled collection of hit squads to engage and capture these people. Mexico will stand by and let it happen or her citizens will die trying to stop the gringos. I do not think this will be like the spankings we have given Mexico in the past. This will be an all-out beat-down.

  3. In one form or another, be it the politicians, military, federal police, state police, or municipal police, corruption radiates. The most corrupt person in Mexico is Calderon for setting the table for this mass deterioration of Mexico to occur. Mexican states had almost full sovereignty without federal interference prior to him taking office and most of the time there was balance. He sent the Military to Juarez and increased the Federal Police to offset the Juarez Cartel as to allow the Sinaloa Cartel free reign to take over. This didn't happen and it won't. Put as with all politicians, they are never wrong and will ride bad decisions to the grave. Calderon is the true criminal master mind in all of this chaos but just like all the rest of the crooked leaders in the world, he will walk away with more money than any family could spend in 20 generations. And in the end, he and El Mayo will probably turn on their buddy El Chapo in some sensational crap and the war on drugs will be won. What a joke!

    Juarez is not Tijuana, the Juarez Cartel is tough and resilient and will not go away. They are in Juarez to stay. El Chapo needs to get his plaza in order. From what I can tell, it is on fire too.

    This incident is so ridiculous. From what I read, the Artist Assassins wanted a little drug dealing den but were too afraid to try to take it so they asked the Federal Police for help to clear the way so they could go in and kill some women an nobodies to have a location that makes $400 a day on petty drug sales.

    El Chapo, go home.

    Calderon, find some shame.


  4. T R C what you say is the truth.. the military and the federales has done nothing but protect the CDS in Juarez... But could you elaborate on the drug den?

  5. "But could you elaborate on the drug den?"

    Thats what these watering holes are, little drug selling spots that make very little money per day...

  6. When the Astecas or Artist Assassin are mentioned in situations, most often it involves drug sales at a street level. Because the AA was involved, an educated guess would be that the bar owner or some of the patrons were doing some small time dealing there, but you and I know that this is only an assumption because neither of us were there huh?


  7. You can make anonymous reports against police crime using these emails;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. That journalist deserved it dumb bi**h. They think they can get away with anything. Like they are above the law.

  9. @ T_R_C

    I like reading your comments. Juarez is not Tijuana, they are resilient and will not go away. Calderon is the true mastermind...I agree.

    I was at the Amadeus strip club in Juarez one tuesday night. I was in the V.I.P. section with a few friends and just hanging out. It was a fun and harmless night.

    Exactly one week later on the same day and at the exact time, a group of sicarios barged in the same place and sprayed the place. They killed the doorman who I knew, a couple of meseros and an American pilot. This place was known for dealing drugs.

    Three months later, I was at a motel hanging out with some Juarez friends and I was introduced to this guy. Something told me that this guy was maybe a lil' dangerous. Maybe he's just a good fighter. So I showed him respect because he respected me too. But he was a lil' too serious and quiet for my taste but we partied till the morning. One thing I noticed is that he had this tribal tattoo on the side of his neck that came from underneath his shirt.

    Some time had passed and I was browsing through the internet and I stumbled across a video of this guy in a yellow convict jumpsuit handcuffed in front of reporters. I couldn't make out where I knew him until I saw a tribal tattoo on the side of his neck. He was the same dude that I partied with at the motel in Juarez and also the same guy that killed the American pilot a week after I was there on the same leather sofa in the V.I.P. section. His name was El Fanny or El Arnold. I thought to myself, that could have been me who got shot up.

    This guy was the leader of Los Linces, a military gang of assasins who worked for La Linea and confessed to killing over 20 people and admitted to ordering the massacre of 22 students at a house party in Juarez. When they caught him, he was in his car with his lil' boy. They found an Ak-47 and hand gun in his car.

    In Juarez, these people are everywhere, mixed into the society. They are your next door neighbors. What's crazy is that these club and bar owners receive extortion phonecalls regularly but they
    can't pay everyone and just don't know who to take seriously. Their business can be attacked anytime or by anyone. And yet, they still have to support their families.

    The night of the motel party, I asked El Fanny what he did for a living and he told me that he was just a family man who owned a junkyard, that's all.

    Yeah F' Right!

  10. El Chapo just needs To stop and leave juarez and chihuahua alone. Im from juarez and everybody pretty much knows el chapo lost. He's stuck in a situation were La Linea is not gonna stop and hes been fighting for more than four years because he was killing La Lineas people behind their back when they were supposed to be cool. But he cant retreat because then he will look like a bigger loser if he does to the whole world because everybody watches this news about juarez. R8

  11. ajulio..thank you but I got much more from your disclosure. Thank You! I am a professional business man but have a past of my own. I was an addict for 15 years and went to prison twice. I have been clean for 22 years and got a bachelors' degree and 2 masters after getting clean.

    But I am also a professional gambler and loved Speaking Rock before it closed in 2002. I meet many good friends there from both sides of the river. People I have much respect for yet some are as you described your acquaintance. I continued visiting them regularly and enjoyed the Juarez nightlife until it became too dangerous, probably in 2007. I even played poker there 10 times a year just to visit my friends. But, just as everything else, they robbed and killed the guys running the poker game. I miss Mexico and Juarez calls me but I cannot come. You know this though.

    I am familiar with the Los Linces also.

    Hey, you mentioned junkyard and that reminded me. One of my friends introduced me to a junkyard owner that won the Texas lottery. Have you heard of that guy and is he still alive. He was a character.

    Stay in touch. Wish I had your email but a little afraid to post mine here.


  12. R8, good stuff and You are exactly right. And considering the recent bust in Tijuana of Sinaloans, the big pot busts of all the tons, time and time again, Tijuana may be taking care of him in their own way. He better go to work on his plaza that is on fire. Is there anything to the rumor that he and El Mayo are on the outs because supposedly he snitched out El Mayo's weed in Tijuana?

  13. @ T_R_C

    You are certainly welcome my brotha. Interesting life, how you did your time in prison and then educated yourself and changed your life for the better. You know both sides of the fence. Much respect for that.

    I myself, grew up living a crazy life. Drugs, partying, and women. Became a merchandiser then ventured on my own. Now I own my own businesses, which sadly are in a temporary decline at the moment.

    One thing we do share in common is that we both share a love for Mexico and this website. I've said this before, I would give up Borderland Beat for a peaceful Mexico. I remember the days that I used to have in Juarez and Tijuana where I could cross the border to escape into a country with a colorful culture. The
    women, the beers, the music all attracted me
    and I was immediately addicted. Or my lil' vacations to Baja Cali, Mexico df, Cancun.

    Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and we are lucky to be its neighbor. And what country is more hospitable to foreigners than Mexico? If you ask me if I want to visit Paris or Cancun, I'll tell you, "The Hell with France!"

    But meanwhile, we got Borderland Beat. Much respect to BUGGS, Gerardo, Ovemex and this great staff. TRC, keep sending us your comments. I look forward to reading more.

  14. To the people on here that say they use to party in juarez did u ever see el JL?He was always out doing his thing now hes just hiding.R8

  15. R8...There aren't many pictures of him but I think I may have seen him at the sports book on Montana by Raul's massage parlor (Venus) and the nude bar with all the Caracas girls next door to Venus. Raul is a very good friend but I haven't heard from him in 3 years. I worry about him. They shot up that sports book and it closed. May have seen him in the sports book in the mall by the La Cerna Hotel. Also maybe at the sports book on Juarez Avenue across from Tacos Lucas which is also Raul's. I had never heard of him then though.


  16. @ T_R_C

    man, you do know what your talking about. that cabaret club with the Venezuelen girls was called Bacchus and I believe the owner of Tacos Lucas(Raul) owns a furniture business in El Paso. I believe that sports bar is next to Vaqueras y Bronco. I was also around Juarez circa 2007. Did you ever go to the narco after hours club called la Cabaret or The Joker? I bet I've seen you around Juarez before. Small World. Do you know who El Argentino was?

  17. @ajulio

    There was one The Joker in way east Juarez and the line up was incredible. There was a second one behind the Lacerna Hotel but it was rag tag. Was the Cabaret Club a couple of blocks west of Juarez Avenue. If so, been there several times. Use to go to Cabaret when massage parlors were closed on Sunday. Ajulio, I had a lot of favorites spread out all over Juarez.I would give the world to know the name of my brothers furniture store. Bacchus had an incredible line up too but it was full of wealthy but very polite gentlemen that made me a little nervous. I didn't know El Argentino but remember, I'm clean for 22 years so I only knew those that play poker.

    LOL, I use to go to Bacchus and watch that lineup, then go to the massage parlor next door, Venus because it was $40 instead of the $250 and $300 the Bacchus line up wanted.

    At the time, the Juarez Cartel had Bacchus.


  18. Lol idk if were talking about the same massage parlors.But idk if he was around people would have told you espicially with the guys you hanged with. He was always out Levantando people In a concoy of like more than 20 trucks.He was so hard,everybody was scared of him.This one time in Los Aerenales he went there and made people take the tint off there cars and people were doing it with their nails and now that he cant do that people talk bad about him.If you ever saw a white hummer with rims thats El R8 that im talking about from La ___.

  19. Lol, I was sitting in the front of Tacos Lucas an a big black Hummer full of Juniors drove by down Juarez Avenue in 2005. They took note of me cuz I'm a middle ages gringo. I knew they were going to circle the block and come back so I walked around the back side and they did come back but didn't see me. It could have been big trouble cuz I was there by myself. I'll tell you who looked badass to me was El Rakin. He was the one who ran the Juarez Valley and got busted for that hit on the drug treatment center.

    I'll never forget one night I was on Juarez Avenue and there was a convoy at least 250 brand new police cars driving 10 miles an hour and they made the complete circle around Central twice. I went back to the Lucerna and watched from the balcony. It was incredible and very erie. It was some type show of force. They all had their lights on. It lit up the city. Viceroy must have bought them all new cars.

  20. I was in the Cabaret. I got there at 1 a.m. and there were 20 people in that big cavern of a room, and then at 2:15 everybody showed up. After the more legal bars closed. I can't tell you exactly where it was, because someone else drove, but it was east of downtown, maybe out past the galgodromo.
    The word on the street is that Dos Letras ate it out in Sinaloa. Does anyone know different?

  21. @ T_R_C

    Your crazy. You don't bullshit. I like that.

    Bacchus did have a nice line-up but the original Joker was the best when Enrique owned it. Now its all Silicon breasts and butts. I also dated several throughout Juarez but the girls from Venezuela are WILD! They have the same attitude as them girls from Veracruz.

    The places I frequented most were both Jokers, Amadeus, Cabaret, Bacchus, all the clubs and bars on Abraham Lincoln. But for some reason, I stayed away from the sports books, only because I always assumed that they were heavy with narcos and maybe too risky for me but I always had a curiosity. Im familiar with all of the sports books in Juarez. There are many. Poker to me is the classiest of the gambling games. That game is just as much a thinking man's game as it is a lucky man's game. It takes a special person to master the art of poker. But once you have it down, the money comes BIG.

    As far as Raul, I knew him from a friend but i'll try to find his # for you or at least his stepbrother's. Raul is cool. He is also straight up. He does'nt bullshit.

    The Cabaret was an after-hours club that was located next to the Hilton hotel. It was hidden and was very word of mouth but everyone knew of this place and was the hotspot for many narcos but the narcos that I met from the Juarez cartel were very cool and respectful. There were lots of narcos but it was a big party. No one wanted trouble. It wasn't until Calderon(the mastermind) and El Chapo invaded that things started to change for the worst.

    Juarez was never perfect but now its a destroyed city full of violent criminals and extortionists. Juarez has become a wasteland.

  22. Na Some real people down there told me he left somewhere else that im not gonna say because it got to hot in chihuahua. And yea you guys are right they are cool but not if ur workin for someone else.thats how el JL was, at this big ass party he walkd in there like nothing lol and said tight party and left. And i mean its pretty much sinaloas fault that la lineas doing extorsions because before they started to fight they didnt do that.I dont like him because he plays people.He put up all those posters saying he wants to help the people in chihuahua but the truth is he just wants the plazas to make money.And when he afford to catch that ladies killer lol just do it and then you'll win people over but have they no and is it in their list of priorities no!!hes not from there and i know he knows that half of wat is going on down there is his fault.He put el flaco in there and he was doing the same thing la linea was and now that he got some power he turned on him.When you give someone that much power chances are theyre gonna betray you.And El R8 was real cool too.Lol and stay out of the strip clubs theyll put stuff in your drinks.i guess we are talking about the same massage parlors haha.Ajulio it was never perfect but it was hella fun.

  23. @Ajulio

    I'm a big Rangers fan, was watching the game. That was that damn club that boom boomed all night when I stayed at the Hilton. I know now. (LOL)

    I think several things are going to happen in 2012. The PRI will be back in office and things will go back to state by state, and Feds and Military will back off. There is a rumor of a meeting with the heads of cartels in 2012 also. Maybe 2011 is a cleansing of unnecessary cartels and of unnecessary personnel within the cartels.

    I think we will see some order in 2012. Tell Raul's brother it is Jimmy that is looking for him. They know me.

    I liked going to that bar on Lincoln that had the Samba Dance Contest. That was cool. I think it was Thursday nights.

    Hey, I use to play poker by the Compestra Country Club at an old lady's mansion. She was very old and played bad but I loved her to death. Her name was Madee which I guess is Mary. She owned the Chaparral restaurant. I wonder if she is still living. You would not believe the spreads she would cook for us. Stuff I have never eaten, cactus and stuff. She made me try everything and would not tell me what it was until after I ate it. They loved this old gringo that only spoke broken spanish but had the balls to come play with them in Juarez. Those were the days but just trust, when the truce comes, a new more reasonable president takes over, and the Plaza Boss can focus on drug smuggling, it will get back to normal. It might be wilder and more fun than ever then. Especially now that they legalized small quantities of drugs. And when it does, I'll be there. You will have to show me your places.


  24. The stuff about Juarez is really interesting and the stories about El JL, and the other La Linea gangsters, there is limited information about Juarez cartel in the 2000's.

  25. Yeah, everyone who does'nt know Juarez has the wrong impression. And I know that La Linea is always on the news but in reality, the people from Juarez are some of the nicest most honest people you could ever meet. Even the narcos were cool people. Juarenses are usually poor people but rich in heart. They work hard in the day and party hard at night. They know how to make the best of a tough situation. They don't complain.

    But then some stranger invades their city and starts paying people off and starts acting like the new sheriff in town and starts paying people to kill. Then the city becomes chaotic. La linea had no other choice but to fight back and they fought dirty to send the message that this was THEIR city and that they were not going to surrender to some Sinaloenses. Once the crooked military and policias betrayed the people of Juarez, the Shit
    blew up.

    This entire war was created by Calderon and El Chapo. They are the ones who invaded Juarez and because of this, Juarez and the entire country of Mexico is suffering now.


  26. @J that was in 2008 not so long ago.R8

  27. @ T_R_C

    JA JA. Yeah la Cabaret is right down the street. The owner paid off the policias and for years it was a great place where you could party from 12am to 6am. But it was eventually burned down because of the war. Ya no existe.

    All the clubs on Abraham are closed down. Cerrados.

    I think its actually Raul's brother-in-law. But i'll tell him.

    As far as 2012 bringing new hope, I pray to GOD that the new president brings change and does the complete opposite of what Calderon did. All it takes is just ONE good leader and the people will follow. But we know that Chapo has a hard-on for Juarez.

    TRC stay on BB. We'll keep in touch. Let me know when you wanna go to Juarez and I'll show you some places.

    @ 7:29 pm

    Good comment

  28. Is it true that JL was widely despised for being abusive and taxing the hell out of everyone? That is how Chapo's people were able to turn Juarez cartel workers, and be let in the city.

  29. Yea J that is kind of true but i mean who doesnt treat their people like shit when they get this idea of power and cops are just cops they are replaceable.Hes just not the type to mess with.But na he was cool.most of the cops get out of line with the people selling in the corners.And yea he wanted to tax alot for sinaloas workers but i mean they deserved it look what theyre doing now,and yea but those are montaperros that didnt mean they were treated bad but theyre just followers theyll follow who ever they think got more power and sinaloa gave them alot of promises.some have been killed for tryin to return to La __.

  30. I Forgot and they say that because they messed up a job and the cops because they didnt wanna help or get in it

  31. You should write up some stories, or breakdowns of all these memories you have, for the site. The first hand knowledge is the most interesting on these sites. So, did Sinaloa hold up their end of the bargain?

  32. Lol are you a cop?

  33. Do people really believe that a law enforcement officer on either side of the border would post on a forum for nine months or so, wait for someone to repeatedly, without urging, post about crime in Juarez or people he's seen, encourage the guy to do something formal with it, and then write the indictment or whatever the fuck you think they would do?

    That sounds like a solid case, right?

  34. They dont post but they do be on here.They cant really built an indictment but to them its evidence.and calm down are you really trying to get loud?

  35. it's just so asinine to suggest it irritated me a little. Always better to keep emotions in check on the the internet though, makes me look like an idiot too.


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