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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mexican Marines arrest alleged San Fernando Massacres mastermind, ''Comandante Kilo"


The Mexican navy says it has captured the main suspect in the murder of 145 people whose bodies were found in mass graves in the northern state of Tamaulipas earlier this month.

Omar Martin Estrada Luna - known as El Kilo - is accused of being the local leader of the Zetas drug cartel in San Fernando, where the bodies were found.

A $15 million peso reward had been offered for his arrest.

Most of the victims are thought to have been abducted from buses.

Estrada Luna is also accused of being involved in the mass murder of 72 Central and South American migrants whose bodies were found in the same area last year.

Five other suspects were also arrested.

Security forces had already arrested at least 16 suspected members of the Zetas in connection with the mass graves.

They have also been questioning 16 local police officers accused of protecting the criminals.

Most of the victims are thought to have been abducted from long-distance buses travelling north to the US border.

The motive for the murders is unclear, but there is speculation the cartel gunmen may have killed men who refused to join their ranks.

San Fernando near the US border is one of the deadliest spots in Mexico's drugs war, says the BBC's Julian Miglierini in Mexico City.

It is thought that the Zetas and their former allies, the Gulf cartel, have been fighting for control of the area because it is a route for smuggling drugs into the US, our correspondent adds.

Forensic scientists have been working to identify the bodies, some of which have been taken to Mexico City.

Hundreds of people whose relatives have gone missing have gone to see if they can identify their family members among the dead.


  1. Texcoco Mex said.

    Ojala y no lo vaya a soltar un Juez vendido.

    I hope my Mexico keep this MF in jail and don't let a stupid sold out judge to set him free.

  2. Che que mucha granada? por que lo pescaron vivo? Simple, por que nomas son valientes contra gente inocente y desarmada. It's different going against trained men of war isn't it? They shoot back, unlike poor unarmed travellers. The Mexican Marines should have done the same thing to him he did to those people. There are plenty of holes in the ground already. Have that pos pick one.

  3. I would hate to be the lawyer who have to defend him, I hope the police and army tortured him to death until they get all the information they can from him then send him to a prison full of gulf cartel members.

  4. What the hell is he chewing on in the pic to the right?

  5. Can the next picture be of him with his head blown off after chewing on that grenade?

  6. He's not chewing anything that's a grenades pin in his mouth!!! That a better look

  7. It appears to be the pin of a practice grenade. Interesting, considering the recent post re: the seizure of a number of practice grenades and fuzes at the U.S.-Mex border - maybe they are re-arming them after all...

  8. Another quick arrest of the "person responsible" for "X" attrocity. Can't help but think that either the heat was too much and he got thrown under the bus to get the heat off or they just decided to pick him to be the guilty one so they could tell the world "Hey we got him", everything is OK now. Until the next set of busses dissapear and the next mass gravesite is found.

  9. That is granade boy.

  10. he was just taking care of things..just making money for his family.

  11. What is on his neck in the left picture? They should have killed him...


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