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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mexican Army arrests 11 year old boy in Acapulco

Elements of the Mexican Army arrested a 11 year old boy and a 19 year old who were traveling in a stolen vehicle; inside the vehicle soldiers found an AK-47.

Both the 11 year old child, identified as Andrés Gutiérrez García and the 19 year old Omar Nava Romero were turned over to the office of the Attorney General where a preliminary investigation, AP/PGRGRO/ACA/M-IV/215/2011, has been opened.

The arrests took place last Tuesday at 9:55 am in the San Augustine Homes housing units as the two traveled in a Toyota Corolla, which had recently been reported as stolen at gunpoint.

NOTE: The AK-47 in the photo above is for illustrative purpose only, it is NOT the actual weapon seized in the arrests.
Sources: Diario de Guerrero, IRZA noticias


  1. Im just trying to figure out why this is breaking news. Maybe Nancy Grace will step in and explain it to me. Do you think an 11 year old kid hasn't stole his dads gun and went joy riding in a stolen car with an older cousin in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio before. Come on. I saw the kids picture on blog del narco holding the gun and his hands were so small, his fingers couldn't reach the trigger, seriously. "Oh hell, we have another major sicario busted in Acapulco, an 11 year old boy." Next it will be a 6 year old girl, we better run for our lives, lol. It will be fun to watch the US media if they jump all over this one like the last one. Trouble is this kid looks like a sweet little boy. The drama may not fly this time.


    1. u evil fuck ur just like the murderer....i hope u get caught by a rival gang and not the military and get ur duck stuffed down ur throat u ZETAS fucker i can read the between the lines and lies u demon possessed drone u drones possess me with so much rage i hate all mexicans

    2. this is ZETAS find their IP instead of sequestering my comments! don't want free speech to proceed?! then find the murderer so ip and do ur part in not being the murderers too! google!

  2. I also wonder why the picture in blogdelnarco has the kid in it holding a black military model rifle and grinning from ear to ear, but the the gun in this photo is certainly not the same. Do you think it might be another staged plant of the weapon.


  3. TRC - "Do you think an 11 year old kid hasn't stole his dads gun and went joy riding in a stolen car with an older cousin"?

    Seriously? Do you come from that fucked up a background that you think it is NORMAL for an 11 year old to be doing this? This is NOT normal behavior.

    The 11 year-old may or may not be involved, but the 19 year old is certainly old enough to know better.

    And it is entirely consistent with Mexico's lax juvenile sentencing and the cartel recruitment of youngsters because there really are no penalties.

  4. @TRC

    The BDN pic (check the tag of the pic, it is an archive and if you chose to copy it, it's simply titled niñoarmado) is not an arrest photo, nor is the one I posted. They are both generic pics pulled off the web for illustration, not actual photos from the scene of the arrests.

    I have been looking for pics of the 19 year old and have not found one yet, if I do, I will post it.

    As for the child's age, I'm not saying this kid is Acapulco's Ponchis, but don't make assumptions, kids ARE getting pulled into this shit, younger and younger, and more and more often. THAT IS THE TRAGIC TRUTH.

    For this 11 year old's sake, hopefully it was just a case of wrong place wrong time and we find he was just catching a ride with the 19 year old to the neighborhood store, you said..just taking a joy ride with his daddy's AK-47 in stolen Toyota Corrola.

  5. Go look at the blog del narco photos. This is an occurrence that happens pretty often and almost everywhere but the media will jump to conclusions and by looking at the blog photos, it is pretty obvious the are not hardened criminals. Something different with these kids is all I am saying. Dude, just go to and look at these kids. Lol, even you might agree with me after you see them, whoever you are.


  6. Yeah, it's pretty sad to see kids (anywhere) involved in things like this, it's definitley here in America too, 12 year old bangers are not anything new. It's sad and pathetic that grown men would sanction the use of a child. For whatever the reason, socioeconomic, or just they want to be criminals, it's still sad.

    Probably Beltran Leyva or CIDA. Those two, as far as Guerreo is concerned seem to lack almost any code of ethics or rules of engagement, as Acapulco descends into madness.

  7. Africa is a great example of children being used in warfare/terrorism,Mexico is every bit as F up as the numerous situations in Africa. Crime is the entitlement/welfare of low class Mexicans,and it is very often a family affair. Children world wide are used,especially where the laws shield them. The public is entitled to protection at the expense of child criminals,many laws are misdirected and allow children to be exploited by adults knowing that the punishment for children is nothing. What exteordinary penalty will fall on the 19 yr old,nothing,its Mexico.


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