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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Mayor of Juarez has Another Encounter with Federal Police

The mayor of Ciudad Juarez Hector Murguia Lardizabal, reported that had an altercation with elements of the Federal Police when they detained him and his bodyguards at a checkpoint, and they pointed their weapons at his head.

He explained in a press conference Wednesday morning that he chastised a group of officers in uniform when aboard numerous police vehicles they passed a convoy of security at a high rate of speed.

"What caught their attention was our armored vehicles and that were moving fast, but those are not ways of doing things, they just can't do whatever they want here," stated Murguia Lardizabal.

The mayor said he felt accosted and ordered his police convoy to stop so he could scold the feds for pointing their rifles at the drivers of private vehicles circulation alongside the mayor.

He also concluded that they pointed their weapons directly to his head during the time of the checkpoint and after he identified himself as mayor of this city.

He then immediately called the federal agents in charge of security to give his account of what happened.

"What do these people think, that wee in Afghanistan, or in Iraq? This is not Afghanistan, it is Ciudad Juarez," said Murguia Lardizabal.

This is not the first time the mayor has run-ins with federal forces. The last time it took the life of one of his bodyguards from gunfire from the feds during an incident earlier this year.


  1. "This is not Afghanistan, it is Ciudad Juarez," said Murguia Lardizabal."

    Somehow I think people might be safer in Afghanistan than in Juarez.

  2. The Mayor is an idiot .. Mexico is worse than Afghanistan and Iraq.... I don't blame the Feds they are doing their job.
    Should be happy they didn't shoot his sorry ass.

  3. What's the word on this mayor? Is he somehow affliated with the Juarez Cartel? Is that why the Federal Police always messing with him seeing as how Federal are loyal to Sinaloa?

  4. What does the mayor think they should do? He and his group are running along at high speed in armored vehicles and carrying weapons. All the trademarks of narcos. How exactly are the feds or military supposed to distinguish between them and narcos? Of course they pointed their guns. With the automatic weapons the cartels have the police know they could all be dead in seconds if they aren't ready.

  5. If you have never seen or encountered Federal Police in Mexico, especially Juarez, you need to know they are dirty and have an agenda. This incident had to be intimidation and a show of superiority. The Mayor is the head of the local municipality. The Federal Police are outsiders. Truly, they are there to see that El Chapo's shipments get through a hostile environment.

    Is the Mayor dirty. Who knows but many of the Mayors across Mexico are. The old saying "o plato o plomo," the silver or the lead is usually the reason for a Mayor or officer to be on the take. But even if he is not dirty, he is affiliated with the municipal police who are affiliated with the Juarez Cartel therefore he must be the enemy.

    Remember how the 2 Federal Officers shot his body guard in the head in a cold blooded murder merely because he was the Mayors bodyguard. That is how little respect Calderon and his people have for local authority.

    But don't worry, the Juarez Cartel will retaliate on the Federal Police within 4 days just to let them know that they are the more powerful.
    "And the band plays on."


  6. El_Nayaloense, you hit the nail on the head. Our own DEA states that the Juarez mayor has "connections" to the Juarez cartel and a wikileaked cable revealed that the Mexican Army is supporting the Sinaloa Cartel.

  7. f' it...pull the federales from juarez and let it continue spiral down


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