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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Heating up in the Northeastern Border States

Night of Terror in Nuevo Leon
As if it was a continuation of what happened Thursday morning in Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas, several cities in Nuevo León suffered similar attacks during the night of Thursday and early in the morning yesterday.

Armed groups carried out attacks in Monterrey, Guadalupe and Cadereyta, burning several businesses and leaving an innocent bystander dead.

The first incident occurred around 2200 hours when a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the heart of Monterrey, where they also attacked a car dealership. A total of four vehicles were completed destroyed by fire.

A few minutes later gunmen arrived at the community of San Jerónimo and at the edge of Jose Garza Ramirez where they deployed a grenade at a gas station. The device exploded about two meters from the fuel pumps.

At the same time a chase was reported where a shootout ensued in the town of Cadereyta, where the gunmen eventually attacked a number of area businesses.

Several heavily armed men shot up several businesses of a shopping center that included a pizzeria, Church's Chicken, Ice Cream parlor Sultana, bank Banorte, and other establishments.

The unfortunate event cost the life of an innocent man José Luis, 41, who was inside a parked car in the parking lot Church's chicken, and appeared to be waiting for his daughter who works at the restaurant. The man received multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. Another employee of the restaurant was injured.

Right before 2300 hours the Municipal Police of Guadalupe managed to intercept an armed group of men traveling in a white Honda CRV that resulted in a brief pursuit but eventually the police managed to apprehend six criminals and rescued a person that had been abducted.

"we came across them, we tried to stop them but the occupants fled on their vehicle. They refused to stop causing officers to pursue the vehicle until we managed to to stop them. We had been watching them closely because they appeared to be following several police cars," said a police source.

The gunmen were in possession of an Uzi submachine gun, a 9mm HK rifle, a .308 rifle, one AK-47 assault rifle, four bulletproof vests, radio equipment, cell phones, cash, and a machine to count currency.

At approximately 0300 hours sicarios arrived at the Soriana store located in the streets Juarez and Lerdo de Tejada, in the town of Guadalupe, and the sicarios deployed a fragmentation grenade against the store and fired several gunshots at the building.

Around 04:00 hours gunmen arrived at the Ford auto dealership Car One, and deployed a fragmentation grenade.

The attack occurred at the intersection of Alfonso Reyes and Lazaro Cardenas, where they also deployed grenades at the auto dealership of Land Rover and Jaguar.

The attack on the dealerships damaged several vehicles and the building.

So the terrorist acts are increasingly and becoming more frequent in several of the northeastern border states, Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon. So far the government can't provide an explanation of the increase of violence in the area and have been unable to prevent it.

Mexican Marines Operating in Tamaulipas
Today the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico issued an official statement revealing that on April 20 the Mexican marines managed to capture several sicarios in two actions in the state of Tamaulipas.

The first incident occurred in the municipality of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, where the marines managed to capture Edgar Oswaldo Silva Padilla and Juan Pablo Boca Negra González, and in addition they also seized an SUV that had been previously reported as stolen.

During a search of the stolen vehicle the military also found three firearms, five magazines from different calibers, 303 rounds of ammunition of different calibers, three kilograms of Marijuana and 24 strips of spikes used to flatten vehicle's tires.

IN the mean time in the neighborhood of Universidad Poniente in Tampico the marines stopped another stolen SUV that was occupied by Ricardo David de la Cruz Anguiano and Carlos Enrique Clemente.

Review by EFE
Three people died in a string of gangland incidents across the northern border states of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, Mexican authorities said Friday.

A laborer was killed and a restaurant waiter was wounded when assailants wielding assault rifles shot up business establishments on a main square in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, the State Investigations Agency said.

Thursday night’s shooting spree came two days after federal police and soldiers arrested 40 Cadereyta municipal cops on suspicion they were colluding with drug traffickers.

Shortly after midnight Thursday, attackers hurled Molotov cocktails at three auto dealerships in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon’s capital and home to some of Mexico’s leading corporations.

In the neighboring state of Tamaulipas, one gunmen and one soldier were killed Thursday in a three-sided battle involving the military and members of two rival drug gangs.

Troops intervened as contingents from the Gulf and Los Zetas cartels exchanged shots in a commercial district of Miguel Aleman, the defense department said in a statement.

The soldiers captured 11 gunmen, seizing 20 rifles, two handguns, eight grenades, 7,693 rounds of ammunition and four vehicles, according to the statement.

Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas have been rocked by a war among drug traffickers cartels for control of smuggling routes into the United States.

The violence has intensified since the February 2010 appearance in Monterrey of giant banners heralding an alliance of the Gulf, Sinaloa and La Familia drug cartels against Los Zetas.

The cartels arrayed against Los Zetas blame the group’s involvement in kidnappings, armed robbery and extortion for discrediting “true drug traffickers” in the eyes of ordinary Mexicans willing to tolerate the illicit trade as long as the gangs stuck to their own unwritten rule against harming innocents.

A total of 15,270 people died in drug-related violence in Mexico last year, and more than 36,000 people have died since President Felipe Calderon declared war on the cartels shortly after taking office in December 2006, deploying tens of thousands of soldiers, marines and Federal Police officers across the country.


  1. Wow!! I know this has been out of control but this is just unbelievable!! years and years of corruption at all levels have finally bared its fruit, things will get much worse from here, Mexico will become another Afghanistan sad

  2. What an absolute waste! Put all that destructive energy into something positive for Mexico. Like a genuine say ten step restructuring government and armed forces anti-corruption stance for starters. And I wouldn't care if El Kilo ".disappeared" (whoops"!!.

  3. Pero inche guerkillo cagado!

  4. Anarchy in Mexico , headline should read in every paper, funny how the rest of the world isn't watching , to painful ? No it's knowing that the goverment sanctions the actions due to unabated corruption , and for this the good people of Mexico must suffer in silence.

  5. Its so scary.. can't even visit family in Sinaloa. To muc violence :(

  6. You guys and gals at Borderland Beat are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

  7. As long as stupid Calderon and his government keeps Mexicans from getting guns these things will keep happening.. I am willing to bet many of these families and civilians are more than willing to start their own militias and fight these thugs off.

  8. Who and why, this makes no sence what so ever Gulf trying to setup Zs? Zs gone mad. Wild attack on Capitalism ?? Here again if there was relevant law enforcment these cats would have been challenged maby some killed,to bad.I'm sure Mexican authoritys will do a better job, next time HA HA.

  9. living in damn

  10. These small time losers are part of a small Zeta cell in Monterey. Look at the losers, poor equipment, and lack of organization. They had orders from another Comandante Kilo type leader to heat up the plaza in Monterey. They are feeling the heat aren't they. Hell, their plaza boss in Padres Negress came to the US to avoid CDG. Lol, he ripped the Zetas off too.

  11. Pretty puzzling, I dont see any reason for Zetas so heat up Monterrey so my bet would be Gulf trying to capitalize on perceived weakness of Zetas due to recent events.

  12. It truly is sad and definitely the years of corruption have come home to roost. It won't be long, all of us that study history, we know what is the next step for the corruption and it is the political take over from the cartels and setting up a dynasty of corruption which the country will be stripped of any and all things. There will be hundreds of thousands murdered and the U.S. will sit back and no intervene, we will send money to the corrupt government and our politicians will turn the other way as the violence continues to climb. Does the average American realize that the Mexican citizen cannot even travel on buses in fear that they will end up in a mass grave like so many others, has Obama even bothered to mention those victims when Calderon recently visited, no he did not. End Game. Mexico, sorry for all that is happening, your ONLY hope is God.

  13. I truly feel sorry for the innocent people in Mexico that are caught in the cross fire of these gangs, however Since the Mexican Government has unjustly decided to go after Americans that obey the law and attack our rights to have arms than I will do nothing to show my support for your governments fight against these Cartels.
    Your Government knows all to well were these weapons are coming from, China and many other Nations south of Mexico, and the US Government,
    Whom were given these weapons to rebel fighters and Drug agencies, only to allow them to fall into the hands of these Cartels.

    You should sue the US Government, not us honest folks that would never give anyone a Gun we were not sure was honest and passes muster.

  14. This kind of reporting is so important. BB is doing a great job. Please don't stop. Shine the light on the actions of everyone involved.

    The major Mexican media is reporting as little as possible and you know when they are challenged on it they will use the "agreement" as an excuse to not report anything unpleasant.

    Go BB!!

  15. Why do you think "they" had been following several police cars? Were they working together, or stalking the police?

  16. That's not an Uzi on the front seat, it's a Tec-9.

  17. So the terrorist acts are increasingly and becoming more frequent in several of the northeastern border states, Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon.

    At least we are finally labeling as it is, Terrorism.

  18. I love the title..heating up? they have been on fire for more than a year. It is frustrating to see all the focus on Juarez..and the media ignores an entire state that for all intens and purpose narcos control, entire cities taken over and who knows how many are in clandestine mass graves.

    Durango also is coming on strong with violence


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