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Monday, April 4, 2011

Federal Police go after Los Zetas in Zacatecas

The February 7th, 2011 edition of the Proceso weekly news magazine included an article on the takeover of organized crime in the state of Zacatecas by Los Zetas and the impunity with which they operate in that arid central highland territory.

One of the startling revelations that highlighted that impunity was that of the Christmas “fiesta de posada” (a traditional Mexican Christmas celebration) sponsored and attended openly by the head of the Los Zetas criminal organization, Heriberto Lazcano Lazacano “el Lazca”.

The celebration was held in a hall seating 2,000 people in the municipality of Calera de Victor Rosales which borders the state capitol also named Zacatecas. Calera was reportedly cordoned off by Zeta gunmen during the festivities which had been announced by word of mouth and was attended by residents from surrounding municipalities.

During the festivities Lazcano was said to have personally handed out “aguinaldos” (a year end bonus of one month’s extra pay) to attendees of the fiesta.

On Sunday, March 3rd, Calera was the scene of a different type of fiesta.

This time it was Mexico’s Federal Police that mounted a major operation in the municipality that included approximately 300 officers, armored personnel carriers and up to 4 Blackhawk helicopters.

Sources within the SSP, the ministry that oversees the Federal Police, stated that the operation was the result of intelligence gathered by Mexico’s organized crime task force known as Siedo.

The operation was also a show of strength by Mexico’s latest Attorney General, Marisela Morales, the previous head of Siedo, who was appointed to the post after the resignation of Arturo Chavez Chavez.

Previously identified safehouses were raided and 12 alleged members of Los Zetas were taken into custody and flown to Mexico City.

According to media reports no shots were fired during the operation which lasted through the late afternoon.

It is not believed that Heriberto Lazcano was detained during the operation although it was reported that among those arrested was an unidentified high ranking member of Los Zetas.

Capturan federales en Calera a 12 sujetos
“Los Zetas” muestran el musculo
Photography courtesy of Osvaldo Martinez at


  1. Viva la Policia FEDERAL de Mexico!

    That's all I have to say!

  2. To arrive in a Cadillac with nice rims - the problem continues - they're embedded within the federales.

  3. I was wondering the same thing about the escalade in the video. Maybe this was taken after the raids and it was a seziure. I cant imagine some chump showing up to a raid in their own personal $50000 vehicle when they probably dont even make that in 2 years being a federal police officer.

  4. I agree with Anon 6:09.... those are the same vehicles they must use at night when they go work for the other guys!!

  5. All hat no cows,but at least it is some effort,even if it appears to be cosmetic. By now I am suspicious of EVERYTHING that happens in Mexico you can not trust anybody seems like there is an angle or hidden agenda to damn near everything that happens.

  6. that escalade was prolly well knowen in town and the fed's wanted to "showoff" who went down

  7. Glad someone actually did something.

  8. I wonder why no one was there but a few token casts offs.

  9. Calm down people, the Cadillac with nice rims was confiscated after one of the raids. What were they going to do just leave it there?

  10. Looking more and more like open conventional guerrilla warfare.

  11. That Cadillac is used for covert operations. Makes me sad that we all assumed the police in the Cadillac are embedded moles.. sigh.

    Now when we see a big police operation in the U.S. and officers pull up in a sup'ed up dodge truck no one says. Oh look some hicks and members of the kkk have embedded themselves with the police

  12. Kool they are there by orders del chapo, pretty clear.

  13. What a JOKE! Not a single shot fired! ya this was some "raid", why didnt they do it when they knew that Lazcano was there? To little to late...

  14. Call me stupid, but I don't understand the video...the helicopter lands in a dusty amusement park spraying and choking everyone with dust :-) and then a Pimped out escalade pulls up and armed Federales get out and everyone is just standing around. What were they doing? Raiding the cotton candy machine?

  15. I don't see ap problem with Feds using a confiscated vehicle, law enforcement does it all the time here in the states.

  16. What a waste of money, they should all be reprimanded and demoted for this bullshit act dog and pony show... Not a single shot fired and they arrest a few retarded look outs... How much money do you think it costs to bring in all 300 officers, armored personnel carriers and up to 4 Blackhawk helicopters?

    You know they knew that Lazca was there in that town at that festival why not come in then and really make an statement? This was a pathetic waste of time and money...

    HEY Marisela Morales - Keep saying to yourself CHAPO, LAZCA, COSS, Z40, Z42, M1 do not be afraid, do something that really makes a difference and stop going for the hats and go get some cows!

  17. Se les pelaron los ZETAS agarraron puro choriZo

  18. I must say that all their equipment seems nicely maintained, but the party did not look like much fun!

  19. Lazca would have to be a total idiot to have been in that town for a festival. Fairy tails, nothing more.

  20. I'mjustagirl...LOL...Maintained.....More like US tax payer hand outs!!! In Acapulco, all the Federales now have brand new Harley Davidson Softails at 22k each and those things suck in the heat!

    I think the deal was, the US will give you all the money you request Senor Mexico, but you will be mandated to buy US weaponry and vehicles...Even the Municiple police are sporting brand new dodge vehicles. Gotta keep those boys in the Detroit working :-)

  21. Ivan Velasquez Caballero,Z-50,is the "jefe de plaza" in Zacatecas,after "el ostion" was killed in 2009.

  22. Mexican police do not "go after" anything or anyone.

    There are no police in Mexico, there are only different cartels.

    The myth of their being some honest police officers in mexico is just that.... a myth.

    So this article should read sinaloa sends its forces against the zetas in Zacatecas.

    And now the sight of little boys bodies butchered and discarded.

    Mexico, what a nice place to go for your spring break, to get drunk and act like complete aholes.

  23. What about Fresnillo, don't you know this is the zetas' fortress?

  24. EL TEJANO MEXICANOApril 6, 2011 at 12:43 AM

    ha they pulled up in a escalade ext probably some capos truck after a raid.... real funny wonder how that dude feels when his workers and fam told him the feds were riding his shit getting off like big shots.... a cadillac n mexico is like a phantom in the US.... plus i bet is bullet proof as well or else they wouldnt b in it

  25. los zetas need to pago la mordida on time next time

  26. they never said who the 12 zetas were. Foken corruption will never end in Mexico.

  27. "12 alleged members of Los Zetas were taken into custody and flown to Mexico City."

    So let me get this straight... they bring a whole infantry of 300 plus federal police to Zacatecas. They arrest 12 guys, transfer them to Mexico City and then they never said who they had picked up. The Main Zeta bosses where parting in that area not long ago. Something is not right here.


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