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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ex-FBI Agent: "Stop Going Across The Border"

The FBI believes that the violent drug cartel Los Zetas have kidnapped a Texas man who recently moved to the border town of Ciudad Mier in northern Mexico to live with his father, and Don Clark, a former special agent in charge of the FBI's Houston office, is advising U.S. citizens "just stop going across the border" as reported by Fox 26.

Last year a record 111 U.S. citizens were killed in Mexico nearly half of them on or near the Texas border as reported by Dudley Althaus for the Houston Chronicle:

Many residents along the border have dual U.S.-Mexico citizenship. Some of the murdered Americans may have spent most of their lives in Mexico. Other American border residents frequently cross south of the line to visit friends and family in troubled Mexican towns and cities.

Of course, as the drug cartels increasingly take control over cities on the north side of the border, U.S. residents may be no safer by staying at home. For example, the "notoriously brutal group known as the Zetas have used family and personal connections to make the Dallas area into a sophisticated distribution point" as reported by The Dallas Morning News:

"Dallas is no longer a world away from the border," said Jeffrey Stamm, assistant special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration's Dallas office, describing the Dallas area as a key base for the Zetas and other cartels. "We are close enough to be the command-and-control center."

Source: Friends of Ours contributed to this report.


  1. 7000 lives??? Are you kidding me! more like 200-300 thousand life's!

  2. This is just fear sensationalizing at it's worst. Like Z's JUST crossed into Dallas last week.

  3. The U S A Is a political whore house you say 111 U S CITIZENS KILLED IN 2010, WHERE IS THE PAY BACK , who is getting a free ride?? The USA once was a proud agressive country, do you know who our Secretary of State is HILLORY CLINTON,Lets all light Candles, WTF. There are countrys that do not put up with B S Isreal comes to mind. By the way what does political correctness call for today ?? How should we refer to our latin dope smugglers ?? The U S A is frozen in politics to the extent that almost NOTHING HAPPENS just like the federal court system a F joke of all jokes arrigant lazy non functioning. We THE U S Need to kick the shit out of Mexico using all means available, maby they will clean up their paracite self.

  4. Brilliant analisis Detective.

  5. learn to spell first before going off to war, Semper WIFI MOFO!

  6. After everything goes back to normal, well if it ever does, there will not be one place left in Mexico to go have a picnic without smelling the odor of rotting corpses of the people murdered. Que lindo es Mexico!

  7. May 1, 2011 8:26 AM ...

    How many years did it take the Plain states to wash away the genocide comitted by U.S. troops?
    does it still smell?

  8. "U.S. residents may be no safer by staying at home"

    Ya, staying in your house in Dallas, or traveling over the border Tamaulipas, exactly the same. In fact I just saw 40 SUVs of guys wielding AK47s driving thru dallas.

  9. Were they on the SMU campus driving past Ownby Stadium, Anonymous?

    'In fact I just saw 40 SUVs of guys wielding AK47s driving thru dallas.'

    Or did you see them driving around White Rock Lake?

  10. yes mexico is in bad shape. as long as United States keeps using druags. no one is going to stop the trade of this druags. wen you snif or take a druag even if is prescrived to you. think that you are helping to add to the killing of inocent people.

  11. I'm sorry but Hillary Clinton is a bad Secretary of State. She only got the job just so the rift between her an Obama can be sealed. She is just not agressive enough like Madeleine Albright. We need someone like Albright.

  12. The Zetas don't have the traditional connections to deal in dope. They don't even grow the dope like the other traditional cartels. So they have to resort to kidnapping, extortion, stealing, and robbing. Plus they mostly hire Central American thugs who have been kidnapped while passing thru Mexico to get to the U.S. So they won't hesitate to say no to work for the Zetas. Others that don't, gets killed. Can someone or something please genocide the Zetas once and for all? Thank you.

  13. konda ardy//erny..was wondering where you was at..DING ROUND 39....JAJAJA... for real good to hear you old be nice ..jajaja


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