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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drug Violence transforms the Mexican Armed forces


U.S. report says drug violence has prompted the rapid transformation of the Mexican Armed Forces

The deteriorating security environment in the past three years and the growing U.S. concern about the stability of one of its most important allies and trading partners has driven the rapid transformation of the Mexican Armed Forces.

In a report named The U.S. Military engagement with Mexico: Uneasy past and challenging future has indicted this and was prepared by Graham Turbiville for the Joint Special Operations University.

The signing of a contract between the Government of Mexico and Boeing company for a billion dollars four months ago to acquire a network of three satellites, land bases, an acquisition of 12 CASA C-295 aircraft and the increase training of special operations troops in the United States all confirms this.

The 74 page document, notes that the expansion of drug violence, waves of refugees and other humanitarian emergencies, not only took the military relationship between Mexico and the United States to unprecedented levels, but also an understanding and willingness to confront common threats.

Slow military forces, with heavy structures, slow responsiveness and stagnant training has led to a building of a new Mexican Army based on the strength of the Green Berets, commando units, elite forces and assault troops, cites the report.

The report is based on a confidential document called Development Plan of the Mexican Army and Air Force. This document depicts what will be the Mexican Armed Forces of the 21st century

1. - Organization with small commando units, highly qualified, with higher levels of mobility, accuracy and effectiveness.

2. - Development of a real military intelligence system.

3. - To establish the creation of a future unified body, which in a nearby future coordinates the actions of the Air Force, Navy and Army.

4. - Capacity for joint operations by the Navy with other countries, suspended since 1964.

5. - Development of a better equipped Air Force, with modern aircraft.

6. - Purchase of more sophisticated weapons and equipment.

7. - Creation of squadrons of Special Forces, equipped with sophisticated weaponry and equipment for each military zone, particularly in the states of Guerrero and Chiapas.

8. – Eventually appointing civilians to the secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

9. - Radical redefinition in the concept of National Security, which traditionally has had a military hierarchy.

10.-Armed Forces, whose main objectives are to conduct effective anti-insurgency and anti-drug operations, similar to the Special Forces Airmobile Group (GAFES), previously created, which requires a centralized command and Special Forces school.

11.-And in the Navy, Amphibious groups of Special Forces (Ganfes).

From 1996 to 1999 over three thousand 200 Mexican military personnel were trained in 17 U.S. military facilities in air assault operations, interception and human rights.

The assistance of the U.S. Department of Defense to reach these goals came from visits of William Perry, Secretary of Defense, in October 1995 and General Gordon Sullivan, Chief of Staff of the United States Army, and others, where Sedena presented their plan of modernization.

Seemingly in this direction, Sedena, with the support provided by the U.S. Department of Defense through the Merida Initiative, has taken the first steps.

Recently the Mexican Air Force received two planes CASA C-295, from a fleet of four.

According to a letter signed by General Guillermo Galván Galván to Herve Morin, French Defense Secretary, this year Mexico will receive three new helicopters for special operations. The Euro Copter Cougar EC-725 Caracal, which will add to the six that it already possesses, of a fleet of 12, some of them will be used to help the civil population in cases of natural disasters and others to transport troops.

While Army and Air Force invested this year nearly two million dollars in an intelligence system named SPOT (Intelligence satellite surveillance system), a system developed by the French National Center for Space Research in collaboration with the European Space Agency, which provides images in near real time, from around the world in high resolution.

The Mexican Navy operates this system since 2004.

The Mexican government also signed a contract for a billion dollars four months ago with the Boeing Company to design and build a system consisting of: two satellites geomóviles Boeing 702HP, a satellite from the Corporation of Orbital Sciences Star TM 2.4, two terrestrial stations with networks for managing air operations and one more of communications.

The satellites will have a lifespan of 15 years and will operate in the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean. Ground control centers will be based in Mexico City and Hermosillo, Sonora.

The satellites will be operated by Mexsat, who is in charge of the National Security System and Communications Systems, at least for the next two decades.

This new equipment, along with the training of hundreds of Mexican special forces in the United States are solid steps towards the modernization of an army that more effectively responds to national threats and collaborates on regional threats with the United States and other nations in the region.


  1. I'm all for the "good" guys kicking the "bad" guy's arse...but how are they ever going to stop these trained killers from switching sides?...i hope they give them a first class lesson in "humanities" before they send them out with the skills of a human predator.

  2. when are we going to learn that we are training the next generation of highly skilled narcos? Giving other countries our best and brightest war fighters and tactics, is unsat. Why on earth do we continue to go down this path that leads to a better trained criminal?

  3. I was wondering how long it would take people to notice the rapid Military transformation taking place.
    My question is will the Right Wing fear machine in this country be able to handle living side by side with Mexico having advanced weaponry.

  4. @ to previous post

    Gangs in the US Military from Bloods/Crips to MS-13 to La Eme.

    According to a recently released FBI report, Gang-related activity in the US military is increasing and poses a threat to law enforcement officials and national security.....just saying

  5. So Drug Violence has caused the Mexican military to actually function,to do things, to perform missions, how about that,but I'm sure someone will see this as a bad thing,like criminal media.

  6. April 29, 2011 7:08 AM ,
    You arent giving anything to anyone for free.
    The War started with the Merida Innitiative,
    REpublicans have done everything in their power to hold up the Money in congress.
    Mexico has spent Billions of its own money to combat drugs and secure the borders, but with an outdated military Calderon got caught with his pants down.
    Republicans balked at selling Blackhawks so Mexico Purchased Eurocopters.
    Republicans balked at training, so Mexico went to Isreal for training and for UAV,s
    Mexico spent billions to Design and manufacture
    a combat vehicle based on the "SandCat" which to date have yet to be deployed.

  7. @April 29, 2011 7:08AM,

    To answer your question, simply money! The all mighty dollar...The American company Boeing is in it for a billion dollars! The French government has defense contracts with Mexico as well probably worth hundreds of millions of dollars. As far as the U.S. is concerned, all that training and funding will be pumped back to U.S. military private contractors, like Boeing.

    I agree with you...time and time again the U.S. has been embarrassed by training foreign troops and later having to combat the same troops they trained and armed. It's fucking me it's a national security issue/concern. It's time for the U.S. to mind its own domestic affairs and stop fighting other countries battles...get the fuck out of Iraq and Afganastan and by all means stay the fuck out the rest of the Middle East.

  8. Training any foreign powers in our military tactics is the height of stupidity. As someone else posted, this is just training the next version of the Zetas. Rampant corruption, low pay, and the 'lead or silver' paradox means that all the US is doing is training people who will turn around and use what they learned against the US and against innocent Mexican civilians.

  9. MEX special forces need higher pay to keep them from defecting. They should get greater risk pay from seized narco funds...

  10. Oh No, why would anybody ever think that more military running around in the world is ever a bad thing, Anonymous 8:38?

    'So Drug Violence has caused the Mexican military to actually function,to do things, to perform missions, how about that,but I'm sure someone will see this as a bad thing,like criminal media.'

    I just can't ever get enough military and uniformed Police State in my life! Whoopppeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    'The signing of a contract between the Government of Mexico and Boeing company for a billion dollars four months ago to acquire a network of three satellites, land bases, an acquisition of 12 CASA C-295 aircraft and the increase training of special operations troops in the United States all confirms this.'

    Oh thank God! Now Anonymous 8:38 can rest quietly at night! Whoopeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. "and the increase training of special operations troops in the United States"

    Good. The ranks of the Zetas have been depleted and need replinishment.

  12. @8:38

    the issue is that one of the biggest threats now WERE part of the mexican military! you want spec ops groups in every hard would it be for criminal groups with billions to find out who these guys are...who their families are...where they live...etc...

    If you're going to militarize to fight the narcos...then so be it....but for christ sake...teach these guys between right and wrong...human and inhuman...ethics..empathy...sympathy...

    They need to look back see where they went wrong with training some of these guys before ..they get released into the general mexican public.

  13. @DC
    "the issue is that one of the biggest threats now WERE part of the mexican military!"
    If you think that the Zetas are a big threat maybe you should go back and read this:

    Yeah 11 members such a big threat right DC? What a moron!

  14. @ Those posting against the US.

    The ones killing your friends and families are not the US or any of our forces. We are damned if we do and damned if we dont. Your citizens are the ones converting to the Narcos not our troops. The moment you start taking responsibility as a nation is the time you can start turning things around.

  15. @April 29, 2011 12:36 PM

    Who is posting against the US? Did you even read the comments? Get a clue their genius!!

  16. There's a big difference between reading about special forces tactics and learning them from the best of the best. I'm sure you can read a book on how to play baseball too, but somehow its better to have a coach,,,

  17. @Anon 12:08 PM

    And those 11 members formed what organization? Also how many members TOTAL are there now? I could go on with this...but I won't =)

    Please have something to say before you take a shot at my intelligence.

  18. Wouldn't it be funny if after all our traning of the Mexican Military, that it was actually used against the American public for anything from civil unrest, catastrophies, quelling anti-tax protestors, and anti-government protestors? Think about it, our government hates us freedom lovers, mexicans hate anybody toting gun-rights and lump us all together as tea-party members,(even though the tea-party movement has been hi-jacked by the Republicans). This would be a dream come true for our scum-bag leaders to see us pushed around by a bunch of half-wits sporting their North American Union insignias.

  19. Mexico doin good


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