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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Death Zone of San Fernando

In this town, a transit point for thousands of migrants looking to reach Texas, last year authorities found 72 migrants massacred, and this week they found 10 narco-graves with 72 deceased, presumably killed. 
The 2011 Tamaulipas massacre was the mass murder of at least 72 people, discovered in mass graves on April 6, 2011. These people were kidnapped from passenger buses. Is the second mass murder of its kind in the state of Tamaulipas since the massacre of the 72 illegal immigrants by the Mexican Los Zetas gang on August 24, 2010.

Tamaulipas .- The story repeats itself in San Fernando, last year in the township of El Huizachal 72 migrants were found killed, and this week they found 10 graves with 72 corpses. This time the incident occurred in the township of La Joya.

It is important to note that in order to reach the border of Tamaulipas, located 120 kilometers, and is necessary to pass through the municipality of San Fernando.

The map above shows the location of key points made.


  1. The complete absence of law and order shown by the described unbelievable crimes is made easy because the unrestrained criminals pose as,or may even be police and military personel. It is mind bogeling that a country the size of Mexico could have been so lazy,incompitent,corrupt and stupid to allow the undermining,of the credability of its own self. There is no greater BETRAYAL than for public officers to commit treason using their position for personal profit( sounds like US politicians). In war imposters posing in uniform are shot as spies, In Mexico every drug gang employs local police,state police,fed,and military,don't forget the elected ,the judiciary ,the prisons,you name it and it has been compromised, its just a question of how much. It is the fed and states that have allowed law enforcment to be a arm of criminal activity, and they can fix it. Baby steps,heres to you Mexico-GOOD LUCK

  2. sinaloa cartel is to blame for all of whats going on. if they werent so greedy and started moving into tijuana, juarez this would have never started

  3. 10:54 What how does the sinaloa cartel to blame for the crap the zetas do, dont you think Zetas are to blame for what the Zetas do.

  4. But did you guys know the the gulf was sending people in buses to different states to fight the Zetas??didnt think so.R8

  5. Re:R8 Cuanta gente inocente han matados ustedes, simplemente porque son hermanos, papa, tios,hijos, de algun sicario opuesto, que no tienen nada que ver con este conflicto, LLo personalmente conosco mucha genete desaparecida en "Frontera Chikita" M.A. Tamps simplemente porque hivan a ver la novia, ho estar visitando algun pariente.Oh cuantos matan de los sullos propios simplemente porque no se presentaron en armas contra la opocision? Mexico no tendra ahorita justicia, pero cuando dejes el cascaron I.E. cuando te mueras ay un Dios viviente "justo" que tendras que doblar rodillas; tendras lo mas profundo de el infierno reservado para ti, y todos como tu.

  6. 6:29 im not a zeta calm down im just saying im with you their fucked up but the gulf was doing that.

  7. actually CDG is to blame by employing the ex-JAFE members and then them looking at the drug trade as a military campaign and execute their plans accordingly. Completely changed the drug cartel business. Now everyone and their aunt have armed wing enforcement unit. To where be heading and dismemberment was in the past a rarity it has now almost become a standard. Everyone is trying to out do one over

  8. As long as Americanos keep buying drogas el guerra will continue


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