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Friday, April 22, 2011

Coahuila has less police nationwide

Arturo Estrada

Analysis reveals that the state has the fewest police per thousand inhabitants.

In the most recent assessment conducted by the National Executive Secretary of Public Security (SNSP), Coahuila does not rank well.

In agreement with the document “State of the Force of State Police Corporations”, our state ranks in last place, to have the least number of elements per capita of inhabitants.

The study counted the ministerial, state, municipal police, guards and even included private security.

In Coahuila, for every thousand inhabitants there are 2.05 police, which is the lowest number. Other states with low rankings are Querétaro, Nuevo León, Zacatecas, Guanajuato, Veracruz and Michoacán.

However, the states with most amounts of elements of security per inhabitant are Federal District (10.25 police for every thousand inhabitants), South Baja California (5.56), Tabasco (4.64), State of Mexico (4.48), Colima (4.47), Guerrero (4.27) and Quintana Roo (4.23).

Over all the country has a total of 490,896 elements operating among the states, of which 40 percent are state police, 34 percent are policemen, 13 percent are private security, 7 percent are ministerial and 6 percent are guards.

Recently the head of the Ministerial Office of Investigation and Police Operation assured that more than 200 applications from candidates have been received for the 100 positions that are being offered by the State Police, and so the deficit will be covered partially.

The document underpins observations exposed by the preliminary results of the Diagnosis of the Police Corporations elaborated on by the SNSP.

This study indicated that 30 percent of Coahuila police have passed a confidence control examination and that the police structure is insufficient. The SNSP put the red light on the organization, professionalism and equipment of the State Police; as well as the plan to implement a police career ladder in regard to the regulatory framework.


  1. O great more police in Coahuila now I will have to pay more mordeda when I travel in Coahuila.

  2. It's not the amount of police that's important. It's the amount of them that are not corrupt that needs to be increased.


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